Plies Says Young Black Males Have A Skewed Idea Of What’s ‘Lame’

Plies has shared his thoughts on how young Black men have been led astray by the allure of looking cool, which oftentimes results in poor life choices.

On Wednesday (February 7), the Florida native took to Twitter and share his thoughts about the ways in which he feels pop culture is influencing kids’ attitudes about higher education.

“80% Of Kids Are Now Making Their College Football Decision Based Off What Looks The Biggest On Signing Day!,” he wrote. “70% Of Those Kids Will Find Out Very Quickly They Made The Wrong Decision. Perception Has Taking Over The Culture. It’s Like A BBL It’s Become All About Fooling The Public!

“How Can U Expect A 17-18yr Old Kid With Little To No Guidance. From A Single Parent Home With A 2.1-2.3 G.P.A To Make The Right Career College Decision? Parents Never Been To College Or Finished. An Relatives/Friends Given Them Advice Who Are All In Financial Binds Themselves!”

He added: “I’m Watchin Kids Turn Down IVY/Patriot League Educations. To Walk On To P5 Schools Just To Look Cool On Signing Day! What In The HELL IS WRONG WITH US MAN! Do U Know What The Elite Is Willin To Do For These Educations? We Passing Them Up To Look Cool On Signing Day. GOD HELP US!

“Most Black Smart Kids (Especially Young Males) Are Ashamed To Be Smart Nowadays. The Knuckle Heads Have Convinced & Fooled Them That Anything Look Or Appears Smart Is Officially LAME! The Ones That Can Block Out The Noise Will Be The Ones Succeed!!”

The 47-year-old MC has never held back from expressing himself and sharing his thoughts, especially when it comes to guiding the younger generations.

Last year, he condemned disciplinary aggression by calling out youth coaches who are too tough on players by pointing out that it has negative effects in the long run.

Plies Reminds The World Taylor Swift Did Not Start 'Swag Surfin' Trend

Plies Reminds The World Taylor Swift Did Not Start ‘Swag Surfin’ Trend

In a post shared to Instagram over the summer, he criticized those who’re unnecessarily aggressive on kids while teaching them a craft. The rant was the result of a video he saw online in which a sports instructor could be seen roughing up the athletes under his care.

“If you gotta put your muthafuckin’ hand on somebody children,” he began. “Fuck, n-gga, you need to be doin’ something else! Mad at these muthafuckin’ children, n-gga, ’cause you done failed that life.

“And you wanna act like you makin’ them muthafuckin’ tough. 40, 30, 50-some muthafuckin’ years old talkin’ to these littleass kids — 9, 13, 15, 16 years old — like they muthafuckin’ grown.”

He added: “You that muthafuckin’ mad, fuck n-gga, go join the army! Go join the army, n-gga. ’Bout a muthafuckin’ football game. And all you muthafuckin’ doin’ is passing down muthafuckin’ trauma, n-gga, that you had when you was muthafuckin’ playing.”

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