PlayStation Could Really Use A ‘Gamer CEO’ Like Phil Spencer

ApocalypseShadow5h ago(Edited 5h ago)

No. I want a CEO that leads like a good CEO that strikes a good balance and is knowledgeable of what makes gaming fun. Makes the company money that in turn, allows them to produce more content and take side risks. While taking into account what gamers want. No matter how much bullshit is thrown at Jim, he did a good job holding the torch compared to Phil who lies, misleads and misdirects on a continuing basis.

He launched PS5 during a pandemic. Not knowing what direction the economy was going to go. People out of work. People dying from a virus. What did he do to balance out a new launch with an uncertain future? He decided to continue making games for PS4 that printed money. That was 100+ million sold. That sold millions of copies of games. Makes sense as a CEO would do for a business. Keeping them in the black.

Jim didn’t create inflation. He just adjusted to it. If everything else is going up, taxes, utilities, job salaries, game development, etc, where is that money going to come from? Investors aren’t going to say go ahead and cut profits to make some gamers happy. Some will say if they were in that position, that they would cut profits to gain more brownie points. But I’d know that was a lie. That would actually get you forced out faster.

It’s also funny that Jim isn’t getting recognized for launching a great system that doesn’t break. Not recognized for giving away a PS5 collection of games for buying the PS5 at launch. For launching all these games from GOW, Horizon, Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man Miles Morales, GT7, etc. Not recognized for FF exclusivity. He’s not being recognized for putting his stamp on giving a free game with the console with Astrobot. He’s not given recognition for giving away games with the Stay at Home initiative during the pandemic for 2 years in a row. A great list of quality games. He’s not recognized for launching PS VR 2 which is a risk in itself. Not recognized for the headsets standard features like eye tracking and foveated rendering, HDR, haptics, new Controllers, etc. And having full games like Horizon and GT7 for launch. Not recognized for paying for exclusivity of RE8 on PS VR 2. Not recognized for paying for RE4 Remake VR exclusivity. He’s not recognized for getting Fire Sprite, Insomniac, Bungie, etc that will add greatly to PlayStation game development.

Instead, he’s getting blasted for not being a “Gamer.” That friendly CEO that’s just one of the boys you can eat pizza with and wears gaming shirts. Plays games instead of coming up with new ways to make money for a business that expands Sony’s portfolio. For all the nonsense thrown, not one GaaS game has released. But he’s being tried and convicted for trying to launch a few online games, that gamers asked for, that have longevity. Yeah. You can make an online game and add nothing extra to it. But most online games today add more maps, more characters, more items, to keep gamers engaged. Any game from GT7 to free games like Rocket League can be considered GaaS games. Because they keep adding and adding content. Some items are free. Some you have to pay money for. But again, him hasn’t launched one yet to get this much vitriol from. No facts given that the company moved away from single player AAA that’s their bread and butter. Just a whole lot of rumor bullshit. And gamers eating that shit up for breakfast lunch and dinner.

I just want a CEO that can do the job. Make money. Then invest back into the platform. I don’t need to like him or act like he’s my friend. I don’t go around acting like my bank CEO or my car maker is my friend. All they need to do is keep my money safe and sell me a great car.

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