Pet Sematary Bloodlines Filming Locations: Where Is The Supernatural Horror Movie Filmed?

What if your return causes a killing spree, and you have to band together with your childhood friends to confront the ancient evil behind the killings? What if you have no other choice but to confront the evil surrounding you and your loved ones?

Directed by Lindsey Anderson Beer, the supernatural thriller movie titled “Pet Sematary Bloodline” focuses on Jud Crandall and his childhood friends banding together to confront the ancient evil looming over the town of Ludlow. Written by Lindsey Anderson Beer, the movie is based on a novel by Stephen King titled Pet Sematary.

Released this fall season on October 6, 2023, the movie stars Jackson White playing Jud Crandall’s role, the film protagonist ready to confront the ancient evil, Natalie Aly Lind playing Norma’s role, Forrest Goodluck playing Manny’s role, Isabella Star playing Donna’s role.

pet sematar
Timmy’s Dog Acts Strangely [Credits – Paramount+]

Henry Thomas plays Dan Crandall’s role in the lead. The film’s supporting cast stars Jack Mulhern playing Timmy Baterman’s role, David Duchovny playing Bill Baterman’s role, Samantha Mathis playing Kathy Crandall’s character, and Pam Grier playing Majorie’s role. Viewers felt the film failed to expand on the existing world of Stephen King’s novel and have shown gore more than horror.

The film has mistaken gore for horror and was lost in a substandard storyline. The movie’s prime focus is on Jud Crandall, a young lad dreaming of escaping from his small town until he discovers the secret of what is buried in a cemetery.

The film confronts a haunting family legacy that will forever connect Jud to the small town, and after his return, he bands with his childhood friends to confront the veil plaguing the town of Ludlow with its inception.

Pet Sematary Bloodlines: Premise

The film focuses on a young Jud desiring to leave the small town of Ludlow, but certain things hold him down to the small town. The prequel centers around Jud, a young man living in Ludlow, Maine, with his family and girlfriend in the year of 1960s.

The film’s backdrop is set with the ongoing Vietnam War, with Jud having no intention of going to the war; instead, he wants to leave Ludlow with his girlfriend to join the Peace Corps.

Jud’s dad also wants him to be out of Ludlow for hidden reasons. Things take a turn when Jud and Norma find their friend Timmy Baterman’s dog on the road.

The dog was acting strange and dirty, but they managed to get the dog back to Timmy’s house. Meanwhile, Jud and Norma learn that their friend Timmy just returned from Vietnam and isn’t doing well.

pet sematary
Still From Pet Sematary Bloodline [Credits- Paramount+]

Timmy badges and confronts Judd for not serving the country in the war, and well Timmy’s dog attacks Norma the moment the pair start to leave Timmy. Timmy acts strangely in the presence of Jud and Norma, who need to get hospitalized after Timmy’s dog attacks her.

Jud isn’t the only one Timmy bothered for not serving in the war, but he continues to harass and make a scene at Mnny and Donna’s house during a party.

After Jud goes to his home, he goes off on his father and tells him about knowing that he was hiding something from him. Jud demands to know about the strange events occurring surrounding Timmy and his pet.

The viewers soon learn that Timmy was traumatized by the events of war and continued to suffer from PTSD after his return and hung himself, unable to cope with the trauma.

Timmy’s distraught father has to bury his dead son in the Pet Sematary, but now he is back alive. The thing is, Timmy is no longer behaving like himself, and a few locals, including Major Washburn and Dan Crandall, knew what was going on as they have seen it happen before, thus Dan’s desire to get his son out of Ludlow.

A flashback occurs detailing the events from hundreds of years before to the town’s namesake, Ludlow.

Jud and Manny head to a local church to figure out the reason behind the events occurring today, and the pair get handed some unearthed diaries.

The pet Sematary was built as believed by the tribe that the spirits of the animals would protect them, and Timmy’s dad buried him to make the spirits turn him alive. It is revealed that the pet Sematary and the Wendigo spirits have the power to turn back everything alive after it gets buried at the Pet Sematary.

Ludlow was buried at the cemetery after dying to return as a zombie before people had to put him down. Jud learns about everything through the mention of it in old diaries, but it might be too late.

Meanwhile, a turned Donna arrives at the hospital where Norma is admitted and kills several people before kidnapping Norma.

Jud, with a few locals, and his dad arrive at Timmy’s dad’s place to end Timmy’s life permanently and rescue Norma. Billy is heartbroken by the turn of events and doesn’t want his son to die again, but he relents after realizing the gravity of the situation. Once inside the house, Donna attacks Dan and kills him by stabbing him with a rifle before being shot by her brother.

Meanwhile, outside, Timmy takes care of Majorie and other townspeople while Jud rescues Norma, who was kept hidden in a tunnel. Manny can end Timmy’s life after he drags the former into a pond.

The film ends with Manny leaving the small town and flipping it off before driving out of the town, but Jud stays behind. Jud decides to stay back in town to pick up his dad’s slack as everyone who could have protected the town in the future died.

Pet Sematary Filming Locations

The filming of the supernatural movie started in August of 2021, with Montreal as the prime location.

1. Montreal

Known for its rich heritage, culture, and scenic beauty, a beautiful city in Quebec, Montreal, was used by the production crew for the filming of the entire movie. Some locations used for filming include John Abbott College and Arena Macdonald at Maple Street.

Filming Location: Montreal [Credits – Paramount+]

The location was ideal for filming as it consists of flat landscapes and exposed mountain terrains. Montreal was used for the filming of the entirety of the supernatural movie. It is suspected that the scenes, including the death of Timmy and Norma getting attacked, were also filmed at this location.

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