Peroxide Trello, Discord, & Game Page Links

Peroxide is an experience developed for the Roblox platform! If you’re looking for more details and information on the game, we’ve got a link to the Trello and all of the other pages that will help you learn more about it!

The Peroxide Trello covers all of the details about Soul Reaper Progression, Shikai Moves, Bankai Moves, Hollow Progression, Resurrections Moves, Segunda Moves, Quincy Progression, Hollow, Cybernetics, Items, NPCs, Locations, Raids, Crystals, Training Equipment, and more!

Peroxide Trello & Important Links

If you’re looking for the Roblox Peroxide Trello here’s the link along with other important pages:

Peroxide Trello FAQ

What are the steps to become a Hollow, Soul Reaper, or Quincy?

To transform into a hollow, you must first die as a human and become a Soul, then extract your soul chain by hitting the G key. If you wish to be a soul-reaper, you need to die as a Human and engage in conversation with Kisuke under the NPCs category. To adopt the Quincy form, approach Gunther in the NPCs section as either a Human or Soul, or alternatively, speak with Yhwach in the NPCs area as an Arrancar (holding a positive Wandenreich reputation) to become a Quincy attached to a Hollow clan, provided you are at least level 100. Your stats and level will be retained.

How can I access and upgrade abilities?

Abilities become accessible every three levels, as indicated by the gear icon above your health bar turning orange. By clicking on it, you will reveal cards representing different abilities. Selecting a card will unlock the corresponding ability, including clan and Shikai/Res/Schrift powers. Subsequently, selecting the card for an already unlocked ability provides a chance to enhance your proficiency with that ability.

What are the limitations on stats?

Utility stats like Agility and Reiatsu are capped at 140, and can be extended to 154 after achieving Bankai/Segunda/Vollstandig. Combat-related stats such as Vitality, Strength, and Spirit are restricted to 490 after conquering Bankai/Segunda/Vollstandig, and 350 before that stage. A soft cap alters the experience requirements for each stat, depending on your progression level.

Why am I unable to level up?

Your inability to level up is likely due to reaching the level ceiling or the requirement for additional potential/limitbreak. Limitbreaking can be achieved through defeating various NPCs or participating in events. Potential is determined by the average of all your stats. For instance, having 20 in each stat will set your potential at 20, and your maximum level will be your potential plus 5. The rules differ for Arrancars.

How is stat scaling implemented?

Stat scaling is directly proportional to a player’s level. The scaling commences at level 1, where, for example, 2 health is allocated per 1 stat point assigned to vitality, and caps at level 60, at which point 4 health is designated per 1 stat point assigned to vitality.

What is the mechanism behind Dual Scaling?

Dual Scaling operates with 90% of your most substantial stat, meaning it relies on your highest stat for damage rather than the sum of both stats. This ensures that Duo Scale moves will inflict the same amount of damage whether built on max strength or max spirit. However, Duo Scale can adapt to 60% of both stats if the combined value (e.g., 60% of strength + 60% of spirit) surpasses 90% of your dominant stat.

More Roblox Trello Links

That’s all you’ll need to find the Peroxide Trello. Be sure to head to the Roblox section of our website for more great information about games on the platform.

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