Payday 3 – Are Servers Currently Down?

As Payday has already shown us, robbing banks is never an easy task. First, you need to make sure the plan is solid while taking into account the amount and types of tools needed to get in and out safely. The most important thing is getting the number of personnel correct, both for your team and the security personnel. But with all that being said, it seems like the team over at Starbreeze Studios failed to take that last point to heart, as the servers are currently buckling under pressure.

Issues like these are normal for big releases, so the gaming world is quite used to this happening to online-only titles. This, of course, is a potentially great thing, as the game is bound to capture an audience that’s into criminal sims and first-person shooters. When issues like these occur, it’s always good to know where to go to find out what’s going on. Before jumping into the game, here’s what you need to know about checking the Payday 3 server status.

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How to Check Payday 3 Server Status

Image via Payday 3 YouTube

On September 21, 2023, many players noticed the game failing to authenticate after the launch of Payday 3 on Xbox’s GamePass. They are currently running into a “Nebula Connection Error” message when logging into the servers. According to the developers, the matchmaking services are down, which is causing the brunt of the issues for players looking to get into matches. They are hard at work, trying to get everything up and running.

At 5:20 PM PT on September 21, the developers provided an update stating they were still working on this matchmaking issue.

At 7:30 PM PT on September 21, an update was deployed to fix issues with matchmaking, however the developers have noted that there are still problems that they are investigating and continuing to work on.

At 6:20 AM PT on September 22, another update was tweeted out confirming the return of full functionality for the multiplayer servers.

At 1:38 PM PT, the developers are once again facing some trouble keeping the servers up. There are many complaints from players after the developers requested updates on whether the servers are working for them. The replies include tweets mentioning long load times, matchmaking errors, and threats of refunding the game if there’s no offline mode in the works. It’s been three days since Gamepass owners were granted access to the game.

As of today, there isn’t a dedicated site that monitors the server status for Payday 3, most likely due to its release very recently. There is, however, a Payday 2 server status detector via the Downdetector website. This is looking like a great alternative due to the status of Payday 2’s server being down as well. If one is down, it’s pretty likely that they are sharing server space with the other, but this is only a temporary solution.

Another great way to check is through the official X account (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit, where players are posting entire threads dedicated to monitoring the server status of the game. Unfortunately, Payday 3 doesn’t have an official forum, but there is an official support page for the Payday franchise that can list any ongoing issues. They’ve been very responsive on X so far, so it’ll be a good idea to check in every thirty minutes or so.

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This problem was unsurprising but unexpected due to the low-key nature of the game. It didn’t receive much hype pre-release, outside of a few promotions on Twitch and Steam. It’s always good to see multiplayer games having success and players having fun playing together online. Let’s just hope that this issue is fixable, aside from hoping that players lose interest.

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