Palworld’s Latest Patch Hilariously Now Allows Pals to Sleep In Any Bed, Including Yours

It’s no secret by now that Palworld has become one of the most fascinatingly unexpected phenomenons in modern gaming.

Its devoted player base, which in less than two weeks has now grown to a staggering 19 million players and counting, has been embarking on an exciting (and very addicting) survival adventure across the strange world of Palpagos, collecting every Pal there is to find and building bases to suit every need.

A huge factor that has helped make Palworld‘s experience all the more enjoyable is the tireless efforts of the team at Pocketpair, who have been releasing patches for the game virtually non-stop since release day. They’ve definitely done a lot to help smooth over various aspects of Palworld’s gameplay, from addressing crash issues to bringing much-needed server stability, and of course refinements to Pal behavior, particularly those crafting and hauling at bases. I think many of us can relate to the bemused aggravation of our base Pals getting stuck in every imaginable spot and glitching in ways that look like they’re literally losing their minds, or ‘sanity’ if you will.

Palworld what are the current issues with base Pals
Image Source: Pocketpair via Twinfinite

Though as many of us know by now, when it comes to patches for any considerably big game, there’s often a tradeoff of some kind where one problem gets fixed and subsequently a new one appears. Sometimes it’s something annoying that can throw a wrench in your character’s routine, other times it’s something so unexpectedly hilarious that it only adds to the game’s charm.

That turned out to be the case with Palworld’s latest patch (1.4.0), which was released just a couple of days ago and provided a long list of eagerly welcomed improvements that were noted on their official Discord server. The biggest section pertained to various fixes for ‘Base Issues’, and while the decreased range and speed of fire spread on wooden structures undoubtedly stood out as a huge relief for many players (especially beginners), the biggest comical relief came as more of a surprise.

Several issues with base Pal behavior were addressed, but thanks to a bewildered player that saw fit to share their experience on Reddit, it seems a new one has now popped up. Going by the name ‘ashrensnow’, they posted a picture of what looked to be a Blazamut sleeping on their character’s bed rather than on a designated Pal bed. The nerve.

Image Source: ashrensnow via Reddit

‘Pathing issues’ are a problem that’s been ongoing in Palworld, as players have gotten exceptionally creative with their base construction skills, but often they have to adapt their designs because Pals of all sizes have issues navigating certain things like stairs, doorways, and many versions of multi-tiered structures with production points built in them. Keeping things relatively simple is the common solution to get Pals to behave and stay on task, but even then, sometimes they still take matters into their own hands…or paws.

Whether this happened to be a one-time fluke or an actual newfound bug, we’re not exactly sure yet, but it certainly is nonetheless entertaining. Thankfully, sleeping (ironically) isn’t imperative to your character’s survival in Palworld; as long as you at least have a pile of berries to endlessly munch on day and night, you’re set.

However, in light of this discovery, we can only imagine those who happen to have a Lovander or two at their base are going to be watching their sleeping quarters vigilantly, for better or worse.

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