Paleo Pines update out now (version 1.2.2), patch notes

Paleo Pines update 1.2.2

Paleo Pines has gone live with a big version 1.2.2 update on Switch. We also have the lengthy patch notes from Modus Games and Italic Pig.

Various improvements, changes, and fixes are included here. Things such as more places to sit in Veridian Valley, enhanced GPU performance of the Dapplewood terrain, and added tutorials are a part of the update.

Here’s the full rundown:

Paleo Pines update version 1.2.2 patch notes

  • Fixed crashes when saving if the total data size exceeds 1 MB. And we all breathe again.
  • Fixed incorrect spring onion model being used when the player holds it in their hand.
  • Changed the Pachycephalosaurus animation used for smashing rocks.
  • Fixed incorrect compression settings for Oviraptor’s pattern, causing it to appear solid.
  • The credits are now played at the end of the main quest.
  • Fixed certain rare Styracosaurus colours changing for the duration of the cutscene after befriending one.
  • Removed a rogue ghost rock from Dapplewood. (I wanted this left in for spooky season but Rob said no.)
  • Fixed Psittacosaurus and Deinonychus running in circles. Were they scared of the ghost rock? Not any more!
  • Fixed a soft lock when attempting to befriend special dinos you tracked by following footprints.
  • Fixed equipping non-tool items (e.g. produce) triggering the quick equip tutorial. This should also prevent it appearing during taming.
  • Fix for fertilising a seed in any stage other than seeding causing the crop to lose its correct soil status on ripening.
  • Removed the bounce animation from sandstone.
  • Speculative fix for the player very rarely sinking into steep slopes, e.g. in Pebble Plaza.
  • Lucky will no longer run out of a cutscene near the end of the game. That was really her way of making sure the game didn’t end!
  • Added more places to sit in Veridian Valley. Always welcomed by Katy and Yazz.
  • Adjusted position for one of the hiding spots.
  • Fixed SFX when petting.
  • Tweaked conditions for some dino spawners. I first thought this said dino sweaters.
  • Improved Load Game slot UI layout, particularly in non-English languages.
  • Fixed reversed day/year in Russian date strings.
  • Fixed an obstacle in Veridian Valley being passable on foot when it shouldn’t be.
  • Fixed errors when using a dino’s watering skill on tiles just as a small dino planted or harvested them.
  • The large food pile will now last for 3 days rather than 2.
  • Planks are now crafted from 5 forest wood rather than 10 normal wood.
  • Fixed flickery falling water in the ranch fountain decor.
  • Mari’s Styracosaurus hints after seeing the boulder now only play if you haven’t tamed a Styracosaurus yet.
  • Fixed a brief janky tail animation of the Coelophysis in the main menu.
  • Fixed produce getting stuck to a small dino’s head.
  • Fixed dinos sinking when coming out of a small sleeping patch.
  • Fixed the mounted dino spawning in a position intended for dino followers.
  • Fix for Mari/Owynn arcs 3 through 5 not updating journal page count in quest log when receiving a page from Mari.
  • Fixed mounting animation issue when feeding.
  • You can no longer name the player or a dino with only whitespace.
  • Fixed the saddle tutorial being skippable by saving during the morning report just before it would be triggered.
  • Owynn’s Parasaurolophus hint can now be triggered at any location, and Owynn will actually write in his journal instead of just saying he is.
  • Fixed a softlock when dismounting + using a dino skill at the same time.
  • Fixed MariArc11 clearing other quests’ NPC location overrides.
  • After clearing the path to Dapplewood, Marlo and Granny now spend the rest of that day at home.
  • Fixed misaligned rotate arrows in character customization in some screen resolutions.
  • Fixed a case where the pause menu could be shown without the game actually being paused, if the player pressed pause right at the end of a loading screen.
  • Fixed the player character staying in the main menu after overwriting a save slot, then backing out of customization.
  • Marlo is no longer shown on the map when he’s supposed to be missing.
  • Fixed sorting issues between soil, water, and flute bubbles.
  • Fixed merchants giving away free rocks and things because as kind as this world is, there is still an economy.
  • The dino care tutorial now actually checks that the dino you’re inspecting is the Gallimimus.
  • Fixed the mounted dino not following after visiting Pebble Plaza.
  • Fixed an error in the quest log when loading older saves with certain town board quests.
  • Reduced Gallimimus river spawn range so they don’t interfere with Mari during the tutorial.
  • Fixed large dino followers crowding the player, because they need personal space.
  • Fixed controls occasionally being permanently locked by the dino care tutorial.
  • Fixed a softlock on Wisdom Day where the game would attempt to mount the player on a dino with no saddle.
  • Dino follower UI should now hide itself when the saving icon is present in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • Improved LODs for various trees.
  • Fixed a case where dinos could go missing on the ranch.
  • Reduced memory consumption of grass colormaps.
  • The town board and message boxes now react to the ‘Larger Text’ and ‘High Contrast’ settings.
  • Fixed Lucky appearing in the follower UI during the intro.
  • Fixed occasional errors in dino AI based on Unity crash reports.
  • Improved GPU performance of the Dapplewood terrain.
  • Fixed a bug where a dino could get stuck after being fed a treat.
  • Fixed awkward text overflow of the ‘favorite treat’ section of the roster.
  • It should no longer be possible to trap yourself when placing or upgrading a building on the ranch. Always a plus.
  • You can now access ranch storage during the farming tutorial, in case you put the pond and storage unit into storage.
  • Dismounted dinos in the ranch will no longer automatically follow the player. That was getting awkward.
  • Fixed Bongo being present in two places at once during MariOwynnArc3. Again, perfect for spooky season.
  • Fixed a few animation bugs where the player would drop through the saddle.
  • Removed grey exclamation mark on dialogue chat option for suppressed quests. This used to mean something but is no longer important.
  • Fixed villagers getting stuck animating near the town board in Pebble Plaza.
  • Fixed crazy Gallimimuses trying to path through Mari during the taming tutorial.
  • Fixed being able to enter taming mode in places which would cause poor pathfinding.
  • Fixed getting the smashing tutorial multiple times (once per species of smashing dino).
  • Changed Avery quests to unlock an actual recipe rather than just the recipe set. This way the player will see an alert that the new recipe was added.
  • Fixed Pippin arc 10 being triggerable immediately after completing arc 9.
  • Made it impossible to drop (rather than place) items into the food pile and lose them.
  • Tweaked the watering can holding position.
  • Interaction with the ranch storage unit is now blocked during the intro, to match it being hidden in the ranch menu during that time.
  • Fixed Mari arc 10 sending quest items to ranch storage on full inventory.
  • Fix for Marlo Arc 9 dialog not triggering when the inventory is full.
  • Mari/Owynn arc 3/4/5 lost pages are no longer sent to ranch storage.
  • Fixed Granny Arc 11 preventing the player from handing in town board quests to Granny.
  • Fix for Bongo never properly appearing at his home location (and specifically for being in the wrong place for Owynn Arc 9).
  • Fixed the ranch house in Veridian Valley, which is just about visible, not being upgraded or repainted.
  • Reduced quality and improved performance of grass on Low graphics quality.
  • Optimized models for dreamstones, crystals, and compass fragments.
  • Fixed a trough with no collision in Veridian Valley.
  • Fixed some incorrectly positioned puddles in Veridian Valley.
  • Fixed Parasaurolophuses staying in the desert forever (replacing Carnotaurus).
  • Carnivore dinos will no longer emote Hungry when they see herbivores.
  • Debris is now treated differently to obstacles and will not prevent the joining of pens.
  • Fixed the MariArc11 picnic table being baked into the navmesh.
  • Dino hub assign labels now indicate the specific hub type. (E.g. “help me with planting” rather than “help me with this”.)
  • Added new tutorials for quick equip, historic object discovery, and planting trees.
  • Fixed a buried dreamstone and various navigation and clipping issues in Ariacotta Canyon.
  • Further rebalancing of Pebble Plaza town board quests.
  • Biomes will no longer appear in the dinodex until the player has discovered at least one dino from them.
  • Rebalanced town board quests rewards and requirements.
  • Fixed an error when opening the journal stats with a runaway dino being the player’s ‘favorite steed’.
  • Show an alert when dinos return to the ranch due to a sleepover.
  • Fixed the morning report showing over the house upgrade cutscene when loading from a new day autosave.
  • Added a warning when loading save data which is too new.
  • Apple trees in the wild now flower during Jurassos (note: other fruit trees still do not flower correctly in the wild).
  • Removed fertiliser from the ‘tools’ ranch storage category, since there’s a ‘seeds & fertilizer’ category right next to it.
  • Fix for repetitive lines in Mari/Owynn Arc 4 due to no room/repeat logic.
  • Changed item to feed Lucky in intro from a poppin to a carrot.
  • Granny now gives the player seeds even if they’ve already farmed before the tutorial.
  • Fixed Owynn budding day menu logic.
  • Fixed a typo in a foraging tip (‘these roots’).
  • Fixed being able to chat to Marlo out of turn in Pippin arc 9, which broke the quest.
  • The autosave indicator is now positioned in the corner except when making a manual save.
  • Fixed some windmills not turning after being repaired.
  • Fixed dialog choices sometimes being misaligned.
  • Added a special temporary follower slot for the player’s current steed, so followers aren’t lost when dismounting.
  • Fixed tool carry position not resetting for hoe etc if animation is cancelled early.
  • Fixed clicking interact button while mid poop shovel causing an alert to appear for no inventory space.
  • The player will now move off resource projects they are attempting to repair/upgrade, so they don’t get stuck.
  • Added a large dreamstone in the forest to bring the count back to the intended 45.
  • Added large text size and high contrast support to various text in the journal and journal passive UI.
  • Replaced the Desert Picnic Green Table Icon.
  • Added Zara to the journal friendship tracker.
  • Replaced resting emote with tired emote for wild, lazy dinos.
  • Fixed dinos getting teleported into unreachable areas during taming.
  • Fixed obvious pop-in of Wuerhosaurus.
  • Fixed obvious pop-in of Conicosia flowers.
  • Fixed obvious pop-in of Forsythia bushes.

All players on Switch can download the Paleo Pines version 1.2.2 update now.


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