Paleo Pines update out now (version 1.2.10), patch notes

Paleo Pines update 1.2.10

Another update has been released for the Switch version of Paleo Pines, and the patch notes were posted on the official Discord channel.

A big addition this time around is the ability to control how quickly time passes. Other improvements, adjustments, and fixes are also a part of the update. One such example is that out-of-memory crashes have been addressed with memory optimizations.

Here’s the full update rundown:

Paleo Pines update version 1.2.10 patch notes

  • Added a setting to control how quickly time passes in game.
  • Changed main menu lighting to daytime when entering character customization.
  • Memory optimizations to fix out-of-memory crashes, especially with larger save files. THANK YOU ROB
  • Fixed ‘invisible walls’ on the ranch after clearing certain types of debris or placing fenceposts.
  • Fixed trees not blocking the placement of buildings (and dino poop) on the ranch. It did take us a while to realise the poop was under the trees.
  • Fixed broken cooking tutorials when loading saves from before 1.1.18.
  • Moved the blur setting to the Video category, and added a new ‘reduced’ setting as well as on/off.
  • Freya now sells a cooking pot so you can cook on the ranch.
  • Made steeds more obedient after dismounting. They’ll now always resume following if they were following before, and they won’t run away when dismounted on the ranch.
  • Fixed broken follower icons for some Troodon patterns.
  • Fixed tomato soup boost values.
  • Increased the respawn chance of logs which drop forest wood.
  • Harvest boosts now apply while mounted.
  • Stamina now slowly regenerates when sitting.
  • Changed the flute prompt layout used for controllers to make it more intuitive.
  • Fixed biome tiles on the ranch not updating/erasing correctly when modifying pens.
  • Biome tiles will no longer overwrite path tiles.
  • Mari’s dino records are now sorted by species.
  • All ‘weekday’ dinos are now ‘rare’. Previously most were ‘uncommon’ but one was ‘ultra rare’, which was incorrect.
  • Dinos discovered via tracking will now have an alert (!) to make them easier to spot.
  • Dino notes can no longer be so long the text becomes unreadably small.
  • Fixed Lucky only accepting 0 star mangoes for the ‘cheer Lucky up with a mango’ task.
  • Fixed Psittacosaurus getting stuck when interacting with cushions on the ranch.
  • Fixed Coelophysis cheeks staying visible when they sleep in an upgraded sleeping patch.
  • Fixed small dinos stealing extra seeds (one from each stack) from seed hubs. Sneaky little things.
  • Fixed an error causing dinos to be able to spray water infinitely outside of the ranch.
  • Fixed ranch storage filters behaving strangely after adding items to the ‘all’ category.
  • Fixed Owynn’s legs moving strangely after skipping quickly through dialog when meeting him and Mari on day 1. Owynn did not like this happening one bit.
  • Fixed Owynn being partially offscreen during a cutscene with Mari in Pebble Plaza. He was also angry about this – he likes to be fully seen.
  • Fixed errors and lost items when sweeping a trough or hub with the broom.
  • Fixed soil disappearing and/or duplicate seeds if you interrupted a small dino at work.
  • Dino tilling fixes – hopefully you should no longer be able to escape the ranch!
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to study desert dinos for a town board job.
  • Fixed a crash when loading into the ranch if the entire thing is one huge pen.
  • Improved performance when placing various objects on the ranch or picking them up.
  • Fixed a place where the player could fall into Marlo’s creek and get stuck.
  • Changed ‘yippee’ and ‘yawn’ SFX to the voice volume group.
  • Fixed infinitely respawning tutorial saddle when loading older saves.
  • Fixed distant LODs of the sandstone wall reverting to normal grey stone.
  • Fixed an exploit to get infinite items from compost machines and windmills.
  • Owynn’s first visit dialogue is now triggered by interaction with him at his house rather than when you get near. Owynn really causes a lot of problems.
  • Changed Pippin’s dino companion icon in the journal to the Dimetrodon. Glad this is cleared up because that was confusing.
  • Fixed the pear tree giving the player a pear rather than a sprout when dug up. Without a partridge in sight.
  • Fixed various dino toys where the dino was unable to reach the interaction point.
  • Fixed dino animations getting stuck if they were interrupted while interacting with a toy.

All players on Switch can download the Paleo Pines version 1.2.10 update now.


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