Our Biggest Unanswered Questions After ‘Invasion’ Season 2 Finale

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for Invasion Season 2.

The Big Picture

  • Is Caspar an alien in Season 2 of Invasion? His strange telepathic connection and alien-like transformation raise questions.
  • What happened to Mitsuki? After opening the portal, she collapses unconscious. Is she dead? How will Trevante exit the hive mind?
  • Why did the hive mind allow Trevante inside? Carrying the alien shard, will the aliens try to retrieve it from him in Season 3?

The finale of Invasion Season 2 entitled, “Old Friend, New Frontiers” left our heads spinning as co-producers Simon Kinberg and David Weil brought the crisply paced batch of 10 episodes to a close on AppleTV+. Many of the questions that the showrunners had set up over the course of the season were answered, but there are still a handful of questions that we wanted to address that either weren’t answered or need to be addressed immediately in the third season of the science fiction drama. Most of them have to do with the four main characters that we have been following for two full seasons now and their storylines and character arcs have finally begun to dovetail into one another as we see Caspar (Billy Barratt) and Mitsuki (Shioli Kutsuna) team up inside the hive mind of the alien brain while Trevante (Shamier Anderson) and Aneesha (Golshifteh Faharani) crossed paths at the hidden military base in the middle of a cornfield in the small town in Oklahoma where the whole thing began in the pilot episode of the show. Trevante convinces a desperate Aneesha to free him from his jail cell and trust him with her weapon as they try to find her daughter Sarah (Tara Moayedi) who was taken in the previous episode. And Caspar and Trevante re finally reunited in the finale leaving Mitsuki as the only other main character that hasn’t interacted with Trevante. But Our biggest questions are pretty obvious, so let’s dig in.

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Earth is visited by an alien species that threatens humanity’s existence. Events unfold in real time through the eyes of five ordinary people across the globe as they struggle to make sense of the chaos unravelling around them.

Release Date
October 22, 2021

Golshifteh Farahani, Shamier Anderson, Billy Barratt, Shioli Kutsuna

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Has Caspar Been an Alien the Whole Time in Season 2 of ‘Invasion’?

Billy Barratt as Caspar Morrow in Invasion.
Image via Apple TV+

In the last few scenes of the finale, Trevante takes the alien shard and enters the portal in Oklahoma that has been opened up by Mitsuki’s telepathic connection with the alien hive mind. Once inside with the mysterious shard that has been used to neutralize the alien forces on the ground, Trevante is startled by a manifestation of Caspar who has seemingly entered the hive mind using his strange telepathic connection to the hive. He seems like the old Caspar that Trevante got to know in Season 1, and when he instructs Trevante to follow him, the Navy SEAL doesn’t think twice as he has followed Caspar’s sketches to get him all the way to this point. But when Caspar turns, a tight shot of his face reveals his eyes cloud up and go completely white while making an alien squishing noise.

This is the biggest question heading into what we hope will be a third season of Invasion. Is Caspar an alien, and has he been one ever since he came out of his coma midway through the season? Monty (Paddy Holland) has been saying all along that Caspar isn’t the same guy he was before he “died” and Jamila (India Brown) has also hinted at it. Is Caspar a manifestation of the hive mind being used as an agent for the aliens in order to lure Trevante into a trap whereby they can take back the shard that Luke (Ahzy Robertson) has been using so effectively against the aliens on the ground during battle? These will be the most prominent issues that will need to be addressed immediately at the beginning of Season 3.

What the Heck Happened to Mitsuki?

Shioli Kutsuna as Mitsuki Yamato in the Invasion Season 2 Finale.
Image via Apple TV+

There was a lot of time dedicated throughout Season 2 to what Mitsuki was doing as a part of the team in the Brazilian Forest to understand the technology and hive mind of the aliens so that humans could mount a counterattack. For most of the final season, we saw her preparing herself both emotionally and physically to take on the hive mind along with Caspar and fight the aliens from the inside out. Dr. Maya Castillo (Naian Gonzalez) has become very close with Mitsuki and has taken every precaution she can to make sure that Mitsuki doesn’t get lost within the hive mind. When she uses her abilities to open the portal door in the Oklahoma town, we may have been expecting a larger role for her in the finale. But after she engages in the psychological operation of opening the door to allow an armed Trevante inside the hive mind, the final shot we get of Mitsuki is of her collapsed and unconscious on the floor. Is he dead? If she is and Caspar is not really Caspar, then how is Trevante supposed to exit the hive mind?

Does the Hive Mind Allow Trevante Inside Because He Has the Shard?

Shemier Anderson as Trevante Cole in Invasion.
Image via Apple TV+

Once Trevante has made his way into the mind, it is revealed that he is carrying the alien shard as he holds it up against one of the many translucent walls of the vast expanse that is the alien hive mind. There is no reaction from the aliens when he does this. But we have seen Luke use this mysterious piece of alien technology to neutralize the ever-evolving alien species month ground that are now much bigger and faster than the velcro-like balls that initially infiltrated Earth to begin the process of terraforming. The new alien this season has four legs and tends to run in stampeding groups. They are far more intimidating and aggressive than their predecessor. But they can clearly be stopped by the shard that Luke and Aneesha have had for most of the first two seasons. Have the aliens allowed Trevante and only Travante to enter their hive mind because they are trying to get it back? If the humans don’t have the alien piece, that would free up the foot soldiers to attack freely without as much resistance.

Will We Meet Sam Neill’s Character Sheriff Jon Bell Tyson in ‘Invasion’ Again?

Sam Neill in Invasion on Apple TV+
Image via Apple TV+

As the second season comes to a close, the audience returns to the small town where the pilot was shot in season one and Sam Neill plays the town sheriff who is preparing to retire. In the finale, Trevante, Rose (Nedra Marie Taylor), and Aneesha come upon many of the local townspeople who had disappeared and have since been returned. The military is keeping them isolated in a room, but they are completely catatonic. Whatever was done to them by the aliens has left them in some sort of persistent vegetative state and showrunner Simon Kinberg recently offered up his thoughts in an interview with Collider on Sam Neill’s involvement in Invasion and whether we might see him again in a potential Season 3. The previews and premier made it appear as if the show would be a Sam Neill vehicle, but in the first of several startling twists, he is seemingly killed off very early. Now that we know that many of the locals were “returned” by the aliens, is Sam Neill’s Sheriff John Bell Tyson one of them? Or could he be returned at some point? This would be a terrific twist as we love Neill in other great science fiction work like Event Horizon and obviously in the awe-inspiring Jurassic Park films.

Invasion Season 2 is now streaming on Apple TV+ in the U.S.

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