One Piece Chapter 1104 Spoilers: Kuma Finally Did That

This week brings the release of One Piece chapter 1104, along with the first round of spoilers about what will happen in the new chapter. While nothing is official until the chapter is published, these early spoilers have been reliable in the past.

The spoilers indicate that the Straw Hat crew is able to rejoin the fight, thanks to Bartholomew Kuma. He finishes what he started in the last chapter by beginning a battle with Saint Jaygarcia Saturn. This likely signals the start of the climax for this story arc.

Summarized spoilers at bottom

Fans are eagerly discussing these exciting developments. Kuma’s actions allow the Straw Hats to jump back into the fray. His fight with Saturn probably marks the beginning of the arc’s thrilling conclusion. One Piece followers can’t wait to see the events unfold in chapter 1104.

The latest One Piece chapter 1104 spoilers start by revealing the title – “Thanks Dad.” This comes from the trusted leaker @pewpiece on X.

The title likely refers to a moment between Jewelry Bonney and her father Bartholomew Kuma. Pewpiece included some artwork seemingly showing Kuma placing his hands on a crying Bonney’s back.

So it seems Bonney will say “Thanks Dad” to Kuma at some emotional point in chapter 1104. This father-daughter scene will be a big moment.

One Piece Chapter 1104 Spoilers

The chapter title and accompanying art are just the beginning of the leaks. But they already hint at a touching interaction between Bonney and her father Kuma. Fans are eagerly anticipating how this family dynamic will play out in the new chapter.

Kuma’s Surprising Strike

The spoilers indicate Kuma’s punch does land on Saturn, to everyone’s surprise. The chapter likely shows the reactions of the Straw Hats, Vice Admirals, and Dr. Vegapunk as they see Kuma appear.

Chinese One Piece Fans Accidentally Receive Kuma Spoilers from Skyscraper Promotion
Bonney, Saturn, Kuma | One Piece (Credits: One Piece)

Saturn also probably gets a chance to speak after being hit by the punch. The spoilers say he is severely hurt, even losing one of his spider-like limbs from the damage. However, this is likely one of his non-human limbs in his transformed state, not his actual arm or leg.

So Kuma succeeds in attacking Saturn, injuring him greatly. The onlookers are shocked to see Kuma suddenly join the fight. And despite losing a limb, Saturn survives to give some sort of response after the blow.

One Dead One Piece Character Is Set To Return
Bartholomew Kuma | One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

Fans are thrilled to see Kuma land this big hit on Saturn to turn the tide. The reveal of everyone’s reactions and Saturn’s words after being struck will be highly anticipated moments in chapter 1104.

The Admiral Resumes Attacks on the Straw Hats After Kuma’s Intervention

The spoilers also reveal that Admiral Kizaru wakes up and is able to move again, likely roused by the commotion of Kuma’s attack. Kizaru promptly begins targeting the Straw Hats once more.

15 Strongest One Piece Characters Luffy Can Defeat Now
Kizaru | One Piece (Credits: Eiichiro Oda)

This seems to disprove theories that Kizaru was the one who gave Luffy food earlier and that he might have switched sides. While still possible, Kuma’s arrival was probably the prime opportunity for betrayal if Kizaru planned to do so.

Instead, he resumes attacking the Straw Hats upon waking up. So Kizaru remains firmly on the Marines’ side for now. His renewed assault dashes hope he might turn against them.

Is Luffy Strogner Than Kizaru? Explained
Is Luffy Strogner Than Kizaru? Explained (Credits: Toei Animation)

Fans are eager to see the full context when the chapter is released. But based on the spoilers, it appears Kizaru stays loyal despite Kuma’s game-changing actions. The Admiral jumping right back into the fray adds extra intensity to an already exciting chapter.

Luffy’s Rematch with Kizaru and Bonney’s Emotional Moment with Kuma

Fortunately, with Saturn injured, the Straw Hats are able to move and counterattack again. The spoilers don’t specify the matchups yet, but a likely one is a rematch between Luffy and Kizaru.

Bonney probably doesn’t jump back into the action just yet. Instead, she likely takes the opportunity to have an emotional moment with her father Kuma while she’s free to do so.

One Piece Egghead Island Opening (Credits: Toei Animation)

So while most of the crew resumes fighting thanks to Kuma’s intervention, Bonney hangs back for a touching father-daughter scene. This explains the “Thanks Dad” chapter title related to her and Kuma.

Buster Call Threatens Egghead Island as Kuma Faces Saturn’s Resilience

The spoilers take an ominous turn, mentioning the Marines are preparing to destroy Egghead Island. Earlier in the arc, the Marine fleet was described as larger than a Buster Call, specifically using that term. Stussy also hinted a Buster Call was coming by comparing Egghead to Ohara.

So it seems a Buster Call is indeed imminent for Egghead, just as feared. This lines up with the foreshadowing earlier in the arc.

The spoilers conclude with Saturn regrowing his lost limb and recovering to continue fighting Kuma. It’s confirmed again there will be no break after chapter 1104’s release on January 22nd.

Fans are anxious about the foreshadowed Buster Call destruction approaching Egghead. But also eager to see more of the Kuma versus Saturn battle, with Saturn healing to resume the face-off.

While a looming threat, the Buster Call builds tension for future chapters. Meanwhile, Kuma and Saturn’s ongoing fight will thrill readers in chapter 1104 itself. The series marches on with no break in the action after this release.

One Piece 1104 Spoilers Chapter 1104 “Thanks Dad”

  • Kuma’s punch lands on Saturn.
  • Everyone is surprised to see Kuma.
  • Saturn got hurt severely by Kuma’s attack and lost a limb as a result of the damage.
  • Kizaru wakes up and is able to move again. He starts attacking the Straw Hats.
  • The Straw Hats can move because Saturn got damaged, and they attempt to fight back.
  • The marines prepare for the destruction of Egghead.
  • Saturn regrows his limb and recovers.


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