One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers: The Awakened form of Saturn’s Devil Fruit!

One Piece Chapter 1094 is the next one for the series, which will return in the 45th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It will be released on Monday, October 9th, 2023, at midnight JST. With the upcoming One Piece chapter being a week away from its release, the weekly ritual for the spoilers of the series has started.

The initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1094 have come out, and these spoilers lay out an amazing detail about what this chapter will be about. So far, from four to five lines of spoilers, this week’s chapter will be very exciting, featuring something we had hoped to see for a long time.

The current situation at Egghead Island is very intense, with many fights taking place, and the major fight that the fans have been waiting for years, Kizaru VS Luffy, has finally taken place.

Luffy was already in his Gear Five, trying to stop Kizaru from killing Vegapunk. Kizaru does not intend to fight Luffy, as his main goal is to kill Vegapunk. Meanwhile, there are other matters, such as Zoro vs. Lucci, as we saw in the previous chapter; however, the main result of the previous chapter was that Saturn Jay Garcia, one of the five elders, is about to make a move.

This has excited the fans for One Piece Chapter 1094, and the initial spoilers reveal many details about what Saturn might do. In addition, it is also revealed that there won’t be any break following the release of this chapter. So, let us provide you with the initial spoilers for the upcoming One Piece chapter. Here, we bring you the latest One Piece manga series.

One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers: “Jay Garcia Saturn”

The Initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1094 begin by revealing the title of the chapter, and as mentioned, the title of the chapter will be after Staurn’s whole name.

Given that the title includes the name of the Elder, it indicates that the whole chapter will be about this mysterious older adult. In addition to this, One Piece manga will also feature a double-spread that is going to be about something that Oda created a lot long time ago.

The double spread will feature “Monster,” which was one shot by Oda to commemorate the upcoming anime based on it. 

Kizaru Vs. Luffy

Moving back to the spoilers, as many of us expected, the initial spoilers also reveal that we are going to see the fight between Luffy and Kizaru continue.

There aren’t any spoilers regarding how the fight will be going, but since it is mentioned, Kizaru will be doing well against Gear Five Luffy; otherwise, it would have been a huge announcement by now if he wasn’t holding out Gear Five Luffy.

One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers
Luffy and Kizaru (Credits: Oda)

It wouldn’t be surprising if we also saw some panels about Lucci and Zoro’s fight. But since the initial spoilers did not mention it, there is a chance that we might not see it.

The Awakened the form of Saturn’s Devil Fruit!

However, the main spoilers that the leakers reveal feature the awakened form of Saturn’s Devil Fruit. It is something we have seen before. However, it was covered in shadows as Oda usually does before revealing it.

But the spoilers confirm that we will indeed see the awakened form of Saturn’s Devil Fruit in this chapter. So far, this is all the initial spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1094 have to say.

It does not reveal whether we will see Saturn’s Zoan transformation at the end or the start, but it will be featured nevertheless and will see the amazing fight with one of the Elders eventually.

One Piece Chapter 1094 Spoilers and raw scans
Luffy and Saturn (Credits: Oda)

Since Luffy is busy fighting with Kizaru, Saturn will probably move towards Vegapunk to kill him. It is the priority that Saturn has. Since Luffy is busy, other characters will meddle to stop Saturn, and we can highly hope that it would be Sanij, Jimbei, and the other straw hats.

More spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1094 will be released later, and we will also update this article. So, bookmark this page to come back to. 

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