Ole Munch’s Origins In Fargo Season 5 Explained By Director

The article contains SPOILERS for Fargo season 5 finale, “Bisquik.”


  • Fargo season 5 finale director reveals that originally the sin eater was going to be Munch’s ancestor before making the change.
  • As a sin-eater, Ole Munch has carried the burden of immortality and wanders the Earth, seeking vengeance against Dot and others.
  • The director credits the actor Sam Spruell for bringing the immortal character to life, exuding mystery and complexity.

Fargo season 5 introduced one of the most bizarre characters, with the show’s director breaking down his origins. The anthology show is based on the 1996 movie of the same and tells the various stories of different criminal mysteries in the Midwest. The most recent season features Jon Hamm’s Sheriff Roy Tillman as he hunts down Dot Lyon (Juno Temple). Along the way, Dot encounters the mysterious Ole Munch (Sam Spruell), who only reveals his origins at the end of Fargo season 5.

In an interview with Inverse, director Thomas Bezucha went into detail about the peculiar nature of Ole Munch and the way that Spruell brought him to life. He revealed that the original idea was that the sin eater would be Munch’s ancestor, but the creative team decided that it should be Munch himself, making the complex character at least 500 years old. Read the full quote below:

“There’s the thing in Wales, the Sin Eater. I think it was originally meant to be an ancestor of Munch. But part way through the season we decided maybe it is Munch and that he could be 500 years old. And if he’s 500 years old, he can’t die and he is cursed. You see it in the writing and Sam’s performance. He speaks about himself in the third person. He doesn’t say me or I, he says “a man.” There’s this dissociative quality to his presence on the Earth. He can disappear. He can appear. I loved him. He’s sort of the Anton Chigurh, or who’s the guy on the motorcycle in Raising Arizona? He’s just this elemental force that’s blowing through this landscape. I adore Sam Spruel. He’s a brilliant actor, but I don’t think that was the easiest space to occupy for as long as he had to with that crazy haircut. I think it was pretty lonely.”

Who Is Ole Munch In Fargo Season 5?

Ole Munch looking off-screen in Fargo season 5

According to the character, Ole Munch lived a cursed life as a sin-eater. Forced to bear the burden of immortality, he is left to wander the Earth for over 500 years. As the flashback scene illustrated in episode 3, “The Paradox of Intermediate Transactions,” his curse came after agreeing to eat the sins of a man who died so that the other man could earn the right to ascend to Heaven. Munch has been living in eternal torment and debt ever since, which turned him into a bitter and cruel creature. He was eventually hired by the Tillmans to kidnap Dot, leading to the eventual encounter.

While not often done in a modern context, employing sin-eaters actually is a part of Welsh culture, though those sin-eaters have not gained immortality from the act.

In the final episode, “Bisquik,” he still wants payback against Dot because she injured him and killed his partner as they attempted to abduct her. In a season that literally and metaphorically emphasizes the theme of debt, Dot’s lesson eventually gives Munch a change of heart. The self-proclaimed sin eater was faced with this conflict, revolving around his inability to forgive himself and others. However, Dot asserts that even “debts should be forgiven.” This is exemplified when she offers him a biscuit made with love, purging the bitterness of his curse. The final scene ends with Munch taking a bite and smiling in satisfaction.


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By forgiving Dot in the final episode, he realizes he can live a more peaceful and accepting existence. His curse is finally broken, leaving the 500-year-old man in peace for the first time since he ate another man’s sins centuries ago. Fargo season 5 is about forgiveness and debt, and Munch exemplifies those themes better than anyone else. It also provides one of the best and most fulfilling conclusions to a mystery character, who has become the highlight of season 5.

Source: Inverse

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Fargo is a Black Comedy Crime Drama television series that is based on the film of the same name, which was originally created by the Coen Brothers. The TV adaptation was developed by Noah Hawley and follows an anthology format for each of its seasons, taking place in a different time period or location within the “Fargo” universe. So far, the series has seen big-name stars like Billy Bob Thornton, Ewan McGregor, Chris Rock, and Kirsten Dunst.

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April 15, 2014

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