No Man’s Sky Omega Update Release Date & Expedition 12 Details

Hello Games is usually pretty tightlipped on game files and updates, but the No Man’s Sky Omega Update was revealed to players ahead of its release. This has sparked all sorts of questions and speculation regarding the game’s future.

When it comes to No Man’s Sky, the only indication that something is about to hit the game is when the founder of developer Hello Games, Sean Murray, starts posting on social media. However, the Omega Update is different, with news and files for it having been released ahead of time. This has caused players to speculate about what this update means for the game, such as whether it’s the last one and what will be coming to the game, if anything, after it.

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Understanding When the No Man’s Sky Omega Release Date is

Screenshot by Gamepur

The release date for the No Man’s Sky Omega Update isn’t known at the time of writing, but it’s thought to be at some point before February 20, 2024. The Omega Update was added to the experimental branch of No Man’s Sky on February 9, 2024, and since then, players on PC using it have been able to access it.

Then, on February 10, 2024, Sean Murray posted the omega letter from the Greek alphabet. He only posts cryptic messages when they relate to a game that Hello Games is working on, and this one seems too coincidental not to be referencing the Omega Update.

With this in mind, fans believe that the Omega Update for No Man’s Sky will be released at some point in the week following the experimental branch update. In the UK, where Hello Games is based, that week is a national school break, so it would make sense for the developer to push the update live during that time and give younger players something to engage with.

New Features in the No Man’s Sky Omega Update

Image via Hello Games

The new features players have noticed in the No Man’s Sky Omega Update on the experimental branch on Steam include new recipes, a brand new way to engage with Expeditions, and more ships. Every update brings new items for players to collect, such as ships and gear, so seeing new ones isn’t surprising.

What is surprising is the way players pick up Expedition 12 Omega. Instead of loading a new save file for it, they pick it up from The Anomaly. This could always change for the final release, but it’s interesting that it’s there because it shows that players may be able to access all Expeditions over time thanks to a rotating Expedition offering.

At the end of each year, Hello Games reruns four Expeditions for players to immerse themselves in, so it would make sense if it added all 12 to a roster that changes every few weeks in The Anomaly. This feature won’t be completely ironed out until release, though.

When it comes to cooking, some No Man’s Sky players noticed new recipes such as GekNip Cookies. We’ve never seen these before, and would be interested to see an overhaul to the cooking system in the game so that players might even be able to open a restaurant.

Everything We Know About No Man’s Sky Expedition 12: Omega

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Expedition that arrives with the No Man’s Sky Omega Update will be Expedition 12: Omega. We know this because several content creators have already visited The Anomaly in-game in the experimental branch and have found the Expedition, which they can start.

Unlike previous Expeditions, Expedition 12: Omega can be started from The Anomaly. Players must choose which resources they’ll start with, and they have five days to complete it. Of course, this is an experimental build, so it could be adjusted for the major release to allow players to start in the usual way from the game’s menu.

There are some fabulous rewards on offer from Expedition 12: Omega, and many players want to get the Omega Starship. After players start the Expedition, their save file is split between the Expedition and their normal game, allowing them to swap between them while the Expedition is active.

Why No Man’s Sky: Expedition 12 Omega Could Be the Final Expedition

Screenshot by Gamepur

The reason that fans believe No Man’s Sky: Expedition 12 Omega could be the last one the game ever gets is because Omega is the final letter in the Greek alphabet. Hello Games is also working on Light No Fire. This ambitious project could be taking up more of the developer’s time, which is another reason why players believe Expeiditon 12 Omega will be the last Expedition No Man’s Sky ever receives.

Light No Fire is a massive fantasy world where players can build their own kingdom, tell their own stories, and even ride dragons. It’s colossal, as is No Man’s Sky, and will take all the time the small development team has to come to fruition. Hello Games hasn’t made any comments about dropping support for its space exploration title, which could come at the same time as the Omega Update.

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