Nicki Minaj Sparks Concern With Rant On Joe Budden’s Stream

Nicki Minaj has some people concerned following what they feel was an incoherent rant while talking to Joe Budden.

The Queens rapper went live on Twitter Spaces with the popular media personality on Wednesday (January 31) to discuss her ongoing beef with Megan Thee Stallion.

In one clip that surfaced online, Nicki Minaj switches her voice multiple times as she reiterates her stance that Meg was never shot, while also coming for producer Lil Ju for “bragging” about not clearing her diss record, then accusing Roc Nation of paying people $250 to tweet that they don’t like her while also employing bots and ads to promote “Hiss.”

Nicki also says in the clip that the beef isn’t really coming from Megan but more so the “machine and a bunch of different machines” (as in record labels and companies) that are transpiring to bring her down.

“Between the YouTube bots and the Twitter ads and the paid for TikToks and the paid for tweets to the point where people got they little $250 for the tweet to say something bad about Nicki Minaj and the next day was like, ‘Bitch yeah, I’m listening to ‘Big Foot.’ Why would [Roc Nation] want to prove everything I’ve been saying true?” she said.

“This is a dialogue between me, the machine and a bunch of different machines having to come together constantly using different people. When one fails, let’s go somewhere else and try. It never works but that’s the point that I wanted the world to see and that it’s going to be sympathy again and it’s going to be nonsense again.”

Responses to Nicki Minaj’s rant varied, but many once again accused the rapper of being on drugs or at best, playing victim.

“I think it’s fair to say Nicki has completely lost it,” one person wrote, while another said: “Is Kenny keeping her doped up for his gain.. chile.”

“Nooo, you released a wack track & got the response you deserved. And what company in their right mind would send money to make hate tweets without NDA’s? Especially to barb pages,” another comment read. “See what happens when you constantly make yourself the victim

Additional comments included: “Oh, yeah, her coke is laced,” as well as: “I’m not sure what Nicki thinks she is doing, but it’s not good for her legacy. It’s all very sad, tbh.”

After spending the better part of this past weekend disparaging Megan Thee Stallioon  on social media, Nicki Minaj faced suggestions that she was on drugs, with one Twitter/X user accusing her of being on a “coke rant.”

In response, Nicki shut down the claim and clarified that she has “never done coke in [her] life.”

“Whenever you see the words ‘coke rant’ you know they mad,” she wrote. “If y’all hear how loud I’m laughing [laughing emojis]. I’ve never done coke in my life. But if I did, I’d do it proudly.”

This isn’t the first time that the “Roman’s Revenge” spitter has been accused of using cocaine. Back in 2021, people couldn’t help but notice her constant sniffles during an Instagram Live session, prompting rumors of drug use.

Azealia Banks, who’s never afraid to speak her mind, was among the many wondering if Nicki had done cocaine prior to her broadcast.

“Girl, if you sniffle one more time on this muthafuckin’ Live, sis,” Banks said. “The Barbz, y’all need to check her on that. No, we have to talk about that sniffling, Nicki. You not low. Please stop sniffling, sis.

“That shit is not even cute no more. Cocaine is not even cocaine no more. Once they locked El Chapo up, bitch, the original formula is gone.”

Nicki responded: “I don’t know if it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be embarrassed about any fuckin’ drugs I did. That’s why I talk about the muthafuckin’ drugs I do in my muthafuckin’ music. Always have, always fuckin’ will. If I’m off ’em, I’m off ’em, child.

“But I want to make this clear so open everybody’s ears, clear them ears out. I have never, ever in my life with my hands on Jesus Christ — and y’all know how I feel about my Lord and savior — never in my life, ever, not even once sniffed coke. Ever.”

Joe Budden Thinks He Caught A Stray On New Megan Thee Stallion Track 'Hiss'

Joe Budden Thinks He Caught A Stray On New Megan Thee Stallion Track ‘Hiss’

Late last year, the Young Money hitmaker revealed that she did briefly struggle with an opioid addiction.

Speaking to Vogue, whose December issue she covered, Nicki detailed how she was prescribed Percocet for menstrual pain and quickly became hooked.

“No one told me that this was a narcotic and this was addictive. Luckily I was able to ground myself. But — once an addict, always an addict,” she said.

“I feel like if you’ve ever experienced addiction to anything, which I have, you always have to think twice and three times about the choices that you make.”

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