Naozari Dungeon Chapter 9: Release Date & Recap

Wawaloud brought together his disciples to combine the five towers in the previous chapter. Readers are curious to find out if he would successfully manage Mocha and his partners in Naozari Dungeon Chapter 9.

Wawaloud wondered why his disciple was not there because he needed him as his apprentice. He was ready to forgive him. Wawaloud was still talking about it, and Mocha told him he talked a lot.

Mocha reminded him that whoever he was talking to was not there. Mocha told Kiriman he could see through his mind.

Mocha told him he did not even ask that, and Kiriman informed him it was a scrying spell that mages often used to communicate.

Kiriman told Mocha to let him talk to him and mentioned that was his condition. Mocha told him there could not be a condition and mentioned that he should assess the situation as he had already cornered him.

Naozari Dungeon Chapter 9: Release Date & Recap
Naozari Dungeon (Credits: Comic Rush)

Kiriman told Wawaloud to give him a minute if he wanted to talk to the one who had teleported her. Mocha was not sure what Wawaloud was trying to do.

Kiriman explained to him that Wawaloud had been planning it for ages. He mentioned that it looked like Wawaloud could cast a massive forbidden spell.

He told Kiriman that they should let him try. Mocha told Wawaloud he should not entertain the idea that he would let him walk away from there without a scratch.

Kiriman suggested to Mocha that he should not taunt Wawaloud. Mocha urged Wawaloud to fight if he had any other secret attacks that he had been keeping from him.

Mocha told him he was not planning to stop anytime soon. Wawaloud decided to show Mocha just a fraction of his forbidden power, and Kiriman detected a large amount of mana seeping out of the generator.

Kiriman knew that Mocha was using his very location to forward his plans. Mocha told Wawaloud to calm down a bit and admitted that he would let him talk to his disciple.

Kiriman thought that it was too late. Wawaloud told his disciples that it was time for them to combine the five towers.


It was finally time for him to fulfill his destiny. None of the disciples could believe that they were finally doing it. They thought it was soon, while others realized that there were only four towers.

They spotted a tidal wave of mana, and everyone had to bail because they knew that the flimsy ship was not going to last. Blueman showed them how to ride the waves and mentioned that the ship was fine.

Meanwhile, the wave that was aimed at the tower did not even scratch it. Esprit received the signal wave, and everybody’s life was bound.

In the service of Wawa Loud, they were ready to do it as one. However, there were only four towers. Without the fifth, they could not complete the five-pointed star.

Naozari Dungeon Chapter 9: Release Date & Recap
Naozari Dungeon (Credit: Comic Rush)

Somehow, it linked up a fifth tower. Meanwhile, Blueman was calculating the angle of the light. There was a new tower to the southwest.

They went near the territory of the bunny hopper house. Kain and others decided to chase the light, as they were sure the prey was there.

They finally spotted that the light was pointing at a huge tower. Kain warned Falco to be careful of the guards, but they did not doubt that the tower had some kind of treasure.

But after reaching there, they found out that no one was there. Unfortunately, the tower was abandoned, but nobody cared because they had more for them.

However, there was no fifth disciple, so he knew that the tower would not stand without it. Blueman had heard that many people had put too much effort into building their tower. As they had to build it from scratch, they were given a sign when all four towers were complete. 

Release Date & Where To Read

Naozari Dungeon Chapter 9 is expected to be released on Thursday, January 18, 2024, at 8:30 PM Pacific Time. The international schedule is as follows:

  • Canada Time: 11:30  PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2024
  • Pacific Time: 8:30 PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2024
  • Australian Time: 3:30 PM on Thursday, January 18, 2024
  • Greenwich Time: 4:30 AM Thursday, January 18, 2024
  • Japanese Time: 1:30 PM on Thursday, January 18, 2024
  • Central Time: 10:30 PM on Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Readers can find Naozari Dungeon Chapter 9 Raw on Comic Rush.

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