My Hero Ultra Rumble: Top Tips for New Players

My Hero Ultra Rumble is a high-speed, combat-focused battle royale that features all the punching, kicking, and voice lines in the series. From the voice actors to how the battle royale is laid out, almost everything you can find is a nod to the manga and anime that started the show.

If you’ve never played a battle royale before, or even if you have, My Hero Ultra Rumble can be a high-speed game to approach with any degree of skill at first. Besides just practicing and trying again, there are a few things to remember when getting used to how the game, in general, and each character feels to use. This guide offers a few tips and tricks that new My Hero Ultra Rumble players should know before jumping in.

Create Custom Keybinds

Image via Bandai Namco

As you play My Hero Ultra Rumble, you’ll notice that the keybinds for attacks, whether you’re playing on a keyboard or gamepad, are laid out in their default fashion during the tutorial. While the tutorial is immensely helpful in covering all of the basic gameplay mechanics, sometimes a minor adjustment can be just what you need to get used to a mechanic more soundly. For example, the default key for dodging is Ctrl, which takes your hand away from the movement buttons if you don’t have a long reach with splayed fingers.

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To make it more convenient for my personal gameplay, I switched the dodge button to a custom key on my gaming mouse. Adjusting your keys how you like, including the sensitivity for your mouse or joystick, is one of the first steps to getting comfortable in any high-speed, action-oriented game. Because when the enemy is on top of you, you need to think about where they are, not about how difficult it is to control your character. Once your controls become extensions of your hands, with each movement natural to you as you think and multitask, then you know you have your key bindings set just right.

Try Out Every Character

Image via Bandai Namco

The second step you can take towards getting good at My Hero Ultra Rumble is testing out each individual character as you play. While you may only have so many characters passes to try out characters still locked away, there are plenty of villains and heroes that you can use to see which ones have move sets that work best for you. For characters with both range and combat ability, consider characters like Deku or Bakugo. For those who can navigate like the world is a road made just for them, consider characters like Iida or Ochakao.

Each character in My Hero Ultra Rumble has unique benefits and drawbacks, each falling into a class that generally defines their strengths and weaknesses. Understanding the difference between Striker, Technical, Support, Rapid, and Assault categories can help you learn which characters in each class you like and which you’d rather not continue learning.

After taking the tutorial and playing a few rounds, take a deep-dive look at the character selection screen, in the Skill Details menu for each character. You’ll notice many abilities level up more significantly at the Level 4 and Level 9 stages, but some may differ. Understanding which characters differ can help you prioritize different abilities, learning how they work together, and when to prioritize what as you hunt the map for resources.

Learn to Combine Moves

Image via Bandai Namco

Once you’ve memorized the basic moves of your favorite character and adjusted the keybindings of those moves to your liking, it’s time to begin learning combos. If you run into someone who understands how to play Iida very well, you may get juggled around like a rubber ball, kicked into the air before being kicked again, even further into the air, or off to the side. That’s because that player understands how Iida works and that if you time each of your special moves correctly, you can juggle most unsuspecting people with ease thanks to your well-timed kicks. Every hero and villain has a niche they fall into concerning combos, some relying on quick, close combo work to get the job done, while others rely almost completely on the damage they can deal from afar.

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If you like to get up close and personal, consider characters like Toga and Kirishima to be some of your best bets. If controlling the field is something you want to do, characters like Kaminari, Dabi, and Ibara are great options. For carrying your teammates in a more literal sense, your options would be Deku, All Might, and Iida, since they all have that special capability. If raw damage is what you’re after, consider the disruptive powers of violence that belong to characters in the Big Three: Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto.

Carry Allies, When You Can

Image via Bandai Namco

Some characters have the ability to carry others. While this seems like something every character should be able to do, the unfortunate truth is that only specific characters have this ability: All Might, Deku, and Iida. Carrying downed allies is an important role in the team as one of these three, as it can change the course of any confrontation between teams if you’re quick enough. When a teammate is downed, try to eliminate threats first before you carry them away, as running away from active enemies may only leave damage raining down on your back. Iida may be fast, but he can’t outrun bullets.

Learn Which Cards Belong to Who

Image via Bandai Namco

Cards are one of the most important items in My Hero Ultra Rumble since they level up your abilities and build upon your passive stats depending on which cards you decide to pick up. Picking up cards that are the same classification as you (Striker Cards for Striker Characters, Assault Cards for Assult Characters) will level up your abilities at random. This means that when you work on a three-person team, marking cards that are the same classification as other teammates can be helpful. This helps ensure that your comrades are as leveled up as possible so that everyone can be prepared to fight when you run into enemies together.

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