My Hero Academia Chapter 401 Spoilers & Raw Scans: All For One Defeats All Might And Stain!

My Hero Academia Chapter 401 will be featured in the upcoming issue of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine, and as the release day of the chapter draws nears, fans are excited for the spoilers for My Hero Academia. Luckily, we have the spoilers and the raw scans for the out already.

The previous chapter of the series saw an amazing hope for the conclusion of the fight between All Might and All For One as we saw Stain making his appearance on the battlefield and licking the blood to freeze AFO. He had an unexpected appearance and had arrived at the time when we needed him the most.

Stain freezing the blood of AFO surely gave all the hope to the fans that All Might would have won this fight for sure, and we were hoping to see All Might using the move of the remaining students that is Bakugo’s and will put a good stop to All For One for good. 

However, that wasn’t at all, as the spoilers for the latest chapter of the series reveal a lot of things and see the battle going south instead. The fight took an unexpected turn, and we are drawing near to the conclusion of this battle and possibly also of All Might’s character. But for now, let us present you with the spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 401 and a few raw scans along the way.

My Hero Academia Chapter 401 Expectations
All Might And Stain (CC: Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia Chapter 401 Spoilers And Raw Scans

As per the spoilers, My Hero Academia Chapter 401 is titled “The Lunatic,” and it is in English and not Japanese. The chapter begins with a flashback of Stain getting to the current place where he had deduced what was going on from the conversation that he had overheard from Ingenium, Todorki, and All Might. 

As he got closer to the current place, he saw more debris and blood everywhere and wasn’t sure whose blood it was until he remembered the scent of All Might from the Kamino and licked All For One’s blood once after being sure.

Back to the present, Stains hopes that All Might has learned the reason for his own existence. Before Stain and All Might go to launch an attack on AFO, Stain’s monologue reveals that he said all of that to All Might because he wanted him to value his own life and fight to death. 

As they reach to attack AFO, Stain yells, “I am here,” much like All Might but in an informal manner. However, AFO uses “forced activation” + “phlebotomy,” which removes the blood from his body and splashes around, and AFO adds that he knew Stain would go against him as he was the only one who did not help him after leaving Tartarus.

AFO Overpowers All Might And Stain

Stains says that even though he had gone out of the freezing, he only needed to lick his blood again, but he did not anticipate that AFO would use antigen modification to change his blood composition. AFO remarks that fleeing a scene without any evidence is how he has lived all these years, and after this, his mouth appears from his back, which bites Stain.

AFO then mocks Stain and even says that he has cooled down after he has changed his own blood and throws Stain over the area as All Might yells Stain’s name in worry. Stain is knocked down in a center game, and AFO starts to go to him to get his quirk.

AFO says that Stain was important for the development of the League of the Villains. However, his role comes to an end as he approaches him while All Might tries to get closer to him.

Stain says that he learned a lot from All Might even though he wasn’t a student and tells All Might to Win as AFO punches Stain very hard. AFO turns around to attack All Might, who seems to be protected by Hercules, who also tells All Might to live before being destroyed by AFO.

The next page sees All Might dreaming about Nana and Nighteye and concludes that it is just his imagination telling him to fight. The last page of My Hero Academia Chapter 401 sees All Might crawling on the ground to approach All For One, saying that he is not dead, while the latter is close to Shigaraki and the others.

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