My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers: All Might Gets Help From Stain!

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 is the next one for the manga the series is finally hitting the four hundred mark and it is a very big achievement. The chapter is scheduled to be released in the upcoming issue of the weekly Shonen Jump magazine and it has the fans very excited for what is come next. 

Since the chapter is only a few days away and we are at the middle of the week, the spoilers for the upcoming chapter have come out and the chapter sees an amazing development in it with the fight between All Might and All For One.

It seems like the end of this battle is finally coming to an end as All For One gets even smaller and smaller. We surely did not expect to see All Might holding up on his own against the monster using only a support item and he is playing a role that is as important as everyone else if not even a bigger role. All For One surely is indeed the main villain of the story and All Might is keeping his reputation and fighting the villain as he has done for decades.

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Is Insane

Let us provide the spoilers for the upcoming My Hero Academia Chapter 400 in this post and we will also include a few raw scans for the chapter as we do it. With that being said, here we bring you the latest My Hero Academia manga series updates.

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers And Raw Scans and Summmary
All Might and Stain (CC: Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia Chapter 400 Spoilers And Raw Scans

As per the spoilers My Hero Academia Chapter 400 is titled “The World” and the chapter begins with Aoyama and Hagakure the former sees the latter naked and it makes her run away embarrassedly but then she starts to remember that Aoyama was discovered as a traitor and then her face becomes partially visible.

She thinks that the adrenaline on the battlefield is causing her to glitch. But she quickly reminds them that they need to take care of the flowers that are still blooming even though Kunieda is unconscious.

Aoyama asks Hagakure to use her light to burn the roots of the flowers and plants growing inside them and even though Aoyama is having a problem with his stomach, he says he will be giving his all since it is his last day at U.A.

All Might vs. All For One Continues

The narrative then switches to All Might vs. All For One and the former is planning to use the navel laser to cause a huge damage and meddle with the latter’s abilities to regenerate. AFO tries to make an escape but using the Earphone jack, All Might pull him in.

The next page then shows that All Might uses the Tentacole and the thrusters to escape from AFO and protects himself from the laser with the armor’s Invisible Girl optical resins. 

All For One punches All Might however, the impact is reduced by Tailman and only the lower body has taken much damage. But AFO does his best to get out of the predicament and the black tendrils start to come back and even attack but All Might turn parts of his armor into spheres with “Armor Morphing: Creati” and those spheres stick AFO’s hands to the ground, “Grape Juice”.

Even though All Might is in pain, he remarks that the joy of putting AFO at bay is numbing the pain. The spoilers then see an old lady and a child witnessing the fight on a T.V. in a foreign country. The child asks the old lady about All Might but she does not know him and says that it won’t matter who wins, however, the child says that he cannot stop rooting for All Might.

Stain Comes To Help

Coming back to the back, the car that had been shooting laser explodes making AFO free and he emerges like a child while he is glowing. AFO then begins to attack All Might and something starts to come out of his back however, then he suddenly freezes.

It is revealed that it is Stain and he licked AFO’s blood from the debris and says that “Everyone’s blood is equally red”. My Hero Academia Chapter 400 will come to an end with Stain also rooting for All Might.

This chapter gives hope for All Might’s survival and the defeat of All For One for good. The next chapter will be released next week without any break and it will be very crucial.

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