My Happy Marriage: The Most Romantic Scenes

The following contains spoilers for My Happy Marriage, now streaming on Netflix.My Happy Marriage is an anime that’s taking the shojo scene by storm. Romance fans are all over Reddit and social media to passionately celebrate the anime’s amazing nature. There are even staunch fans of the original My Happy Marriage light novel that think the new show is a wonderful adaptation.

My Happy Marriage‘s Kudo is often cited as one of modern anime’s best love interests, who is right up there with Claude from I’m the Villainess, So I’m Taming the Final Boss and Yamada from My Love Story with Yamada-kun at Lv999. My Happy Marriage‘s Miyo has a lovely, pure-hearted personality and the austere Kudo is almost immediately taken with her. Kudo treats Miyo like the gift that she is and becomes a wonderful fiancé, but their touching love story is full of many romantic moments along the way.


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10 Kudo Convinces Miyo To Go On A Date with Him

Episode 3, “Our First Date,” IMDb Rating: 8.1

Kudo and Miyo on their first date together in My Happy Marriage.

Kudo isn’t very used to flirting with, or courting, women. He doesn’t really flirt at all, as a matter of fact. Between his kuudere personality and Miyo’s unassuming habits, she misunderstands Kudo when he asks her to come to town with him.

Miyo hedges away from the offer and assumes that she will just be in Kudo’s way. Kudo thoughtfully takes his time to explain to Miyo that not only will she not be in his way, but that he genuinely wants her to come and have her company. It’s as sweet as it is awkwardly comical. It’s also a lovely example of someone who relearns what it means to feel safe around someone who will give them patience and honesty. The episode only gets sweeter from this endearing starting point.

9 Miyo’s Handmade Gift To Kudo

Episode 4, “The Gift,” IMDb Rating: 8.6

Kudo gets a gift from Miyo in My Happy Marriage.


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Kudo is so generous with Miyo and she doesn’t quite know what to make of all of his kindness. Miyo wants to give Kudo a gift, as a way of saying thank you and showing her gratitude. The only problem is that Kudo is fairly affluent and Miyo doesn’t have much money, due to a wealthy family that doesn’t care much for her.

The housekeeper, Yurie, tells Miyo that she doesn’t have to treat Kudo to a lavish present in order to give him something that he will love that also highlights her sincerity and gratitude. Miyo flips through a book of crafts and decides to weave him a hair tie that Kudo goes on to devotedly wear in his hair at all times in My Happy Marriage after he receives the gift. It’s a nice reminder that not all gifts need to be expensive and that it’s always, ultimately, the thought that counts.

8 Kudo Can Tell Something’s Wrong With Miyo’s Upbringing

Episode 2, “About My Husband-To-Be,” IMDb Rating: 7.7

Miyo embraces Kudo in episode 2 of My Happy Marriage.

Kudo and Miyo’s relationship doesn’t develop in a vacuum. Kudo’s not afraid to consult someone who he trusts about his prospective bride’s history and well-being. He wisely goes to the kind Yurie and asks her to keep an eye on Miyo and to tell him if she notices anything distressing in her behavior.

Kudo’s priorities are very telling here, even if they’re only quietly expressed through this action. Kudo doesn’t let Miyo’s pain fester and he takes action in an attempt to better understand her. Kudo is thoughtful and studies Miyo’s actions as he gains a greater understanding of her personal tragedy. My Happy Marriage‘s empathetic care and attention to detail in this episode just brightens the heart.

7 Kudo Showers Miyo In Gifts & Beautiful Clothes

Episode 3, “Our First Date,” IMDb Rating: 8.1

Miyo tries on new clothes in episode 3 of My Happy Marrriage.

Kudo’s assertion that he needs to do some shopping for himself is a thinly veiled excuse to spoil Miyo for the day. Kudo observes that Miyo’s current wardrobe is threadbare and doesn’t make any sense to him. In Kudo’s eyes, everyone deserves good clothes, especially his fiancée.

Kudo brings Miyo to a kimono atelier and the shop owner can immediately tell that Kudo is head over heels for Miyo and takes full advantage of this. It’s crafty salesmanship, but it turns out to be to everyone’s benefit. The owner gets good business and gives careful suggestions, Kudo gets to make his bride happy, and Miyo gets a whole new wardrobe of thoughtfully-gifted clothes. Kudo’s gesture also helps karmically balance the scales to some extent, since Miyo’s clothes and accessories from her mother were brutally taken from her when she was a child.

6 The Great Chivalrous Rescue From Kaya Saimori

Episode 6, “Determination And Thunder,” IMDb Rating: 8.9

Kudo rescues Miyo in episode 6 of My Happy Marriage.


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Kaya Saimori, Miyo’s younger sister, is a fascinating My Happy Marriage character who could only remain silent for so long before she becomes an obstacle to Miyo and Kudo’s love. Kaya arranges to abduct Miyo not long after Kudo tells Miyo’s father that he wants to make the engagement official.

Kaya tries to force Miyo to renounce her engagement to Kudo, but Miyo valiantly refuses, even as she’s bound and beaten. Miyo is not forsaken because Kudo is hot on Kaya’s heels. Kudo crashes through to save Miyo and carries her away to safety like a bride who’s being taken across the threshold. Miyo’s salvation further affirms that she’s not destined for tragedy and that just because her family treats her cruelly doesn’t mean that she’s resigned to a painful future.

5 Miyo’s Nightmare Gets Interrupted

Episode 5, “Ripples,” IMDb Rating: 8.0

Kudo wakes Miyo up from a nightmare in episode 5 of My Happy Marriage.

Awakening a love interest from a terrible nightmare is a time-old trope and yet it never gets old. Kudo wakes Miyo from her nightmares, which is a moment that’s not only romantic, but it drives the plot further regarding Miyo’s difficult past. This also is when My Happy Marriage begins to unpack more of Miyo’s hidden gifts.

For so long, Miyo’s life has been one long nightmare. Her mind still isn’t ready to rest even though she’s found safety and support in Kudo. When Miyo sleeps, she taps into a dormant part of herself that sets off alarms in Kudo’s mind. Kudo wakes Miyo up and reassures her that she’s safe here with him.

4 Kudo Makes The Engagement Official

Episode 4, “The Gift,” IMDb Rating: 8.6

Kudo proposes to Miyo in episode 4 of My Happy Marriage.

Miyo and Kudo have already been through quite a lot in their short time together at Kudo’s house. During most of this time, Miyo worries that Kudo will reject her and that she’ll be left to scramble through life with an uncertain future. Despite Miyo’s fears, there’s little risk that Kudo will break off their engagement, since he utterly adores Miyo’s sincerity and kindness.

Kudo needs a little convincing when it comes to making their engagement official. Miyo confesses to Kudo that she doesn’t have a psychic gift–to her knowledge–and waits for her love to reject her. However, Kudo doesn’t run away. On the contrary, Kudo doesn’t want to play games with Miyo’s heart and so he makes his intentions plain and clear. This milestone gives Kudo and Miyo a whole engagement ceremony to get excited about as their love gets celebrated. After so much strife, it’s nice to see the couple have something sweet in their futures.

3 Miyo Saves Kudo With Her Dream-Sight

Episode 12, “Light in the Darkness,” IMDb Rating: 8.0

Miyo uses dream-sight to protect Kudo in episode 12 of My Happy Marriage.


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Kudo has saved Miyo countless times from people who want to keep her downtrodden. Yurie and Kudo are instrumental in rebuilding Miyo’s confidence and self-esteem so that she can have the life that Miyo’s mother always wanted for her daughter. It’s through these intense feelings and strife that Miyo finally unlocks her unique, psychic powers.

As Miyo unlocks her Dream-Sight, she realizes that she can help Kudo when he needs it most. There’s little hope for Kudo, who’s currently comatose, until Miyo steps in to help. Miyo’s presence in Kudo’s dreams is enough to bolster his strength and touch his heart. My Happy Marriage really stresses how love can heal and strengthen the spirit. Acts of appreciation, gratitude, and love come in many forms.

2 Miyo & Kudo Reaffirm Their Feelings For Each Other

Episode 12, “Light In The Darkness,” IMDb Rating: 8.0

Kudo and Miyo renew their vows in episode 12 of My Happy Marriage.

After so much pain and personal development, it makes sense that Kudo would propose to Miyo again, now that they’re both in better places. Miyo’s no longer plagued by nightmares and Kudo realizes that he has someone who will look out for him, too.

Miyo and Kudo successfully grow together as a couple and the odds are positive that they will continue to further bond as a loving unit. In the peaceful aftermath of their respective tragedies, Kudo proposes to Miyo and once again asks if she’ll do him the honor of marrying him. My Happy Marriage affirms that feelings are in constant flux and that there’s no harm in doing something again if it will still bring bliss. The ways in which Miyo and Kudo check in with each other are both healthy and romantic.

1 Kudo Senses Miyo’s Pain & Loneliness

Episode 9, “Drowning in Dreams,” IMDb Rating: 7.6

Kudo soothes Miyo's pain in episode 9 of My Happy Marriage.

In My Happy Marriage, Kudo begins to stay late at work, partially to research what’s going on with Miyo’s family history. He doesn’t tell Miyo this and she’s left to guess why he’s so busy, as she studies in earnest. Miyo’s education is sorely lacking and she has a lot to catch up on.

Miyo and Kudo start to feel lonely and Kudo, in particular, can pick up on Miyo’s sadness and fatigue. Miyo’s used to feeling overworked and overlooked, so it’s easy for her to fall into that sort of emotional state. Kudo doesn’t let Miyo linger in her depression and instead seeks a deeper connection with her. Kudo is incredibly sincere with Miyo as he tells her that she needs to reach out to him if she’s ever lonely or in pain. Miyo does admit that she’s lonely, which is a really poignant confession for her. After all, sometimes the most human emotions become the hardest ones to share.

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