My Happy Marriage Episode 8 Review

It seems as though we’re largely entering the Usuba Arc, now that Miyo is free from the clutches of her family!

Episode 8 is titled Nightmares and Ominous Shadows.


We get some narration in the beginning, explaining that with the crypt opening, “Grotesqueries” would be let out into the world, causing mass death and panic. How nice!

Kiyoka, being the military man he is, is pulled aside by another military man (either a peer or higher up, it seems) and told about how absolutely horrible it would be if these Grotesqueries came out. As they walk to an unnamed location, they run into the older brother Tatsuishi, the new head of Kouji’s family after the controversy with how they tried to kidnap Miyo. He wasn’t involved with any of that, and he generally seems to have a very easygoing temperment.

my happy marriage episode 8 review 0008 kazushi smile
Kazushi Tatsuishi, the new head of the Tatsuishi family

The three of them all go to meet Prince Takahito, one of the noblemen of the land. Tatsuishi bows and thanks Takahito for allowing him to speak with the Prince despite the wrongdoings of his family Prince Takahito seems benevolent and tells Tatsuishi that it must be difficult due to his family’s actions. We learn that Takahito is Mikado’s son — Mikado is the current King, who is bedridden — also that this family’s supernatural abilities allows them to see visions of the future.

Takahito warns Kiyoka that a great tragedy will befall Miyo, but that if they’re careful, it’ll all turn out all right.

my happy marriage episode 8 review 0007 takahito
Prince Takahito

As we know, Miyo is from the Usuba family, but Kiyoka makes sure to narrate to us how hated and feared the Usuba family are.

my happy marriage episode 8 review 0006 kiyoka stare

We get this really cool scene of Hazuki, Kiyoka’s sister, asking Miyo to refer to her as “onee-sama” instead of “Hazuki-sama” so that they seem closer. Miyo, however, is traumatized by the way Kaya always called her “Onee-sama” with a snyde tone, so she finds it difficult to say. We get a mini-jumpscare actually, reflecting how sudden Kaya’s words reverberate in Miyo’s mind. I wish we got more scenes like this.

my happy marriage episode 8 review 0005 hazuki and miyo
Hazuki and Miyo, having a sisterly moment

Arata Tsuruki is the name of a man we’ve only caught glimpses of before now, who is connected — although we’re unsure how — to the Usuba family. Perhaps he knows more about the grave being unsealed. Regardless, he meets with Kiyoka. Arata tells Kiyoka that they found the grave unsealed and corpses around the area. They’ve only been able to capture 20% of the Grotesqueries, and are lacking manpower.

Kiyoka inquires who the hell this man is, and he claims that he is not technically affiliated with the state, but sometimes takes oddjobs like this on their behalf. Vague, much?

my happy marriage episode 8 review 0004 arata and kiyoka
Arata and Kiyoka

At the gravesite, the military and the new head of the Tatsuishi family discover one of the men who unsealed the grave — he’s unconscious, but with a pulse. We learn that every single one of these men who they’ve found are the same; unconscious, but alive, with a visible curse on his hands, and unwaking. We learn the new head of the Tatsuishi family has the ability to dispel curses on living victims; but since this man is between “alive” and “dead”, he’s unsure if it’ll work.

The Tatsuishi head attempts to dispel the curse but immediately panics upon seeing these abominations:

my happy marriage episode 8 review 0003 monsters
The Grotesqueries

and quickly tells us that this curse is not something he can handle whatsoever.

my happy marriage episode 8 review 0002 kazushi tatsuishi scared
Kazushi, horrified at the curse

So, two things begin happening at the same time; firstly, Kiyoka is in the woods investigating the Grotesqueries, along with some military men; and they encounter some and are attacked. Secondly, Miyo is having another nightmare that seems oddly more surreal than the ones she’s been having every night, where beings that look near identical to these Grotesqueries (she doesn’t know what they are though). She wakes up in a panic, crying.

my happy marriage episode 8 review 0001 miyo bed
Miyo waking up crying

Meanwhile, the next morning, Arata touches a Sakura tree and says “We’re so close.” A random old man comes up to him and says “The awakening is almost near.” Arata says he’ll “protect her” because that is “his role.”

Excuse me, what?

Well, we get a semi-explanation when Miyo faints in public next to Hazuki due to exhaustion. Arata randomly shows up and catches Miyo while she faints. She initially hallucinates that Arata is Kiyoka (“Danna-sama”) but eventually comes to when Arata says “Are you all right, Miyo?”

my happy marriage episode 8 review 0000 arata miyo
Arata catching Miyo in public

Opinions / Analysis

I’m getting really annoyed. This “Arata” character has been hinted at for 2-3 videos now and all we’re getting is the same bit of information over and over; that he’s somehow related to Miyo, and something to do with the Usuba household.

None of that is new info. So ultimately, this episode told us nothing new about him.

The only interesting thing is that the tree Arata touched looks eerily similar to the tree Miyo’s mother had before she died.

Am I being cynical here? This overall just seems quite… annoying. We aren’t being given enough info to be interested.

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