My Happy Marriage Episode 11 Review

Episode 11 is titled My Mother’s Legacy.


The episode delves deep into the past, beginning with Grandpa Yoshiro recounting the circumstances surrounding Miyo’s mother, Sumi, and her marriage into the Saimori family. Amidst a financial crisis, the Usuba family was compelled to marry off Sumi to the Saimoris in exchange for monetary relief. Despite her family’s objections, Sumi accepted the proposal, leading to her estrangement from the Usubas.

my happy marriage episode 11 review 0000 sumi married
Sumi, Miyo’s mother, as she’s being married off

In a surreal moment, Miyo is transported into the past upon touching the glowing Sakura tree outside the Usuba residence. She witnesses her parents’ wedding, her own birth, and the cold indifference of her father post-birth. The revelation that Sumi sealed Miyo’s abilities into a Sakura tree, fearing the Saimori family’s exploitation of her supernatural abilities should they discover them. This clarifies the origin of Miyo’s recent supernatural experiences, because she sealed them in the same tree that would later be burnt down in front of the Saimori residence. Overwhelmed by these revelations, Miyo is consumed by disbelief, drawing Arata’s sympathy.

my happy marriage episode 11 review 0001 sumi and miyo baby
Miyo being held by Sumi

The episode shifts to a battle scene, where Kiyoka, alongside Godo and others, fiercely combats the Grotesqueries.

my happy marriage episode 11 review 0003 kiyoka fighting
Kiyoka fighting on the battlefield

Back at the Usuba residence, Miyo’s growing homesickness and longing for Kiyoka become evident. Her confrontation with Arata reveals a chilling Usuba tradition: she’s expected to marry within the family to preserve the bloodline, aka, marry Arata. Arata’s insistence, coupled with his ominous demeanor, hints at potential dangers lurking — or at least, something he’s not fully telling us.

my happy marriage episode 11 review 0002 miyo and arata
Miyo begging Arata

As Kiyoka’s group continues their battle against the Grotesqueries, in a heroic act, Kiyoka saves Godo but falls victim to a curse, leaving him incapacitated on the battlefield.

Miyo’s heartfelt conversation with her grandfather, Yoshiro, delves into the essence of family. Yoshiro’s regrets about his estranged relationship with Sumi and his reflections on the true meaning of family resonate deeply with Miyo, since both Yoshiro lost Sumi at a young age, and Miyo never really had a family.

my happy marriage episode 11 review 0004 miyo and grandfather yoshiro
Miyo and Yoshiro have a heartfelt moment

In a mystical sequence, Miyo once again connects with the Sakura tree, fully unlocking her supernatural abilities and sharing a poignant moment with her late mother. Upon awakening, she learns of Kiyoka’s dire condition, and how he won’t awaken.

my happy marriage episode 11 review 0005 miyo sad
Miyo crying

The episode’s climax reveals Arata’s secret pact with King Mikado — Prince Takahito’s father — to confine Miyo to the Usuba household. However, prioritizing Miyo’s well-being, Arata agrees to escort her to Kiyoka’s side to keep her safe. As Miyo reunites with her loved ones and sits beside an unconscious Kiyoka, the episode concludes with the hope that her newfound powers might hold the key to his recovery.

my happy marriage episode 11 review 0006 miyo next to kiyoka
Miyo by Kiyoka at bedside

Opinions / Analysis

Can you feel the tension brewing?! I can! Next episode will probably hold a dream sequence where she has to delve into Kiyoka’s mind as he’s sleeping with her “Dream-Sight” and cure him.

I doubt it’ll take the whole episode, so it’s likely we’ll get that dream sequence as well as a sweet reunion between the two. What do you all think?

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