My Happy Marriage Episode 10

The episode begins with Kiyoka, in a rush of concern and anger, carrying a weakened Miyo towards Arata’s residence for some kind of explanation. As she regains consciousness in his arms, Miyo expresses her confusion and insists on walking by herself. The duo soon arrives at Arata’s home, where the sight of a Sakura tree, reminiscent of one associated with Miyo’s mother, captures their attention.

my happy marriage episode 10 review 0006 miyo and kiyoka
Kiyoka and Miyo spotting the Sakura tree

Upon their arrival, Arata greets them with, “Welcome to the Usuba house,” a statement that leaves Miyo puzzled. The episode then delves into revealing Arata’s true identity as Arata Usuba, Miyo’s cousin. He suggests that their visit might be related to dispelling Miyo’s recurring nightmares, which he attributes to her now awakening supernatural abilities.

my happy marriage episode 10 review 0005 arata smile
Arata “Tsuruki”…aka, Usuba.

Miyo’s world is further shaken when she meets her own grandfather, Yoshiro Usuba, her mother’s father. Yoshiro presents Kiyoka with a daunting choice: to save Miyo, he must relinquish her to the Usuba household. He elaborates on Miyo’s unique “Dream-Sight” ability, which allows her to peer into others’ dreams. This power, while potent, poses a grave danger if left unchecked, potentially leading to fatalities.

my happy marriage episode 10 review 0004 miyo and kiyoka surprised
Kiyoka and Miyo inside the Usuba Household

Kiyoka vehemently opposes handing Miyo over. Arata counters, accusing Kiyoka of failing to protect Miyo and alluding to unresolved issues, including an unsealed grave. When Miyo expresses her uncertainty about her desires, Kiyoka is visibly hurt.

my happy marriage episode 10 review 0003 miyo eyes
Miyo unsure

The tension escalates as Arata challenges Kiyoka to a duel, with Miyo as the prize. The stakes are high: if Kiyoka triumphs, Arata will reveal a cure for Miyo’s nightmares. The ensuing battle is intense, with Kiyoka wielding a katana and Arata a gun. Despite Kiyoka’s initial advantage, Arata’s apparition ability turns the tide, allowing him to deceive and ultimately subdue Kiyoka.

my happy marriage episode 10 review 0002 kiyoka arata gun
Arata pointing the gun at Kiyoka

With Kiyoka forcibly ejected from the Usuba residence, Miyo is left isolated. Back home, Hazuki chastises Kiyoka for abandoning Miyo. Kiyoka’s internal conflict is evident; he believes Miyo might be happier at the Usuba house, but Hazuki suggests Miyo’s indecision stemmed from her fear of burdening Kiyoka.

Kiyoka’s challenges compound when he receives a call to fulfill his military duties. He resolves to prioritize his nation’s safety, believing that Miyo would want him to do so.

my happy marriage episode 10 review 0001 kiyoka
Kiyoka, getting a verbal lashing from his sister

Elsewhere, Prince Takahito senses a disturbance, and the King experiences a foreboding vision of impending doom. Arata, too, receives alarming news: the Grotesqueries are advancing on the city.

The episode concludes with Arata and Yoshiro enlightening Miyo about the magnitude of her powers. Yoshiro reveals a poignant detail: Miyo’s mother, Sumi, had sealed away Miyo’s abilities before her death, explaining the late manifestation of her powers.

my happy marriage episode 10 review 0000 arata and miyo
Miyo and Arata

Opinions / Analysis

I appreciate this episode but I feel like Miyo is lacking so much agency that it’s annoying. Like sheesh, can you do something on your own for once? I mean, you’ve been working so hard to “better” yourself, but how much is that actually doing? She couldn’t even say she wanted to stay with Kiyoka…

Maybe I’m being nitpicky. I dunno. What do y’all think?

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