Moon In The Day Ending Explained: The Fate Of Do-Ha & Kang Young-hwa’s Story

There’s no shortage of historical romances in the K-drama world, but ENA’s Moon In The Day is another great addition to the genre. Starring Pyo Ye Jin and Kim Young Dae in the lead roles, this drama series has been adapted from a webtoon written by Hye Yoon. 

Moon In The Day revolves around Kang Young-hwa, a firefighter who tries to save everyone, and Do-ha, a man who is stuck in time after being killed by the woman he loves. Hang Young-hwa happens to be the reincarnation of Han Ri-ta, Do-ha’s wife & his murderer. 

With 1500 years between them, Do-ha and Young-hwa unfold their bitter past feelings and work towards solving a betrayal that left both of them with heartbreak.

Besides Kim Young-dae and Pyo Ye-Jin in the roles of Han Jun-oh & Young-hwa, the rest of the cast of Moon In The Day consists of On Joo-wan as Han Min-oh, Jung Woong-in plays Seok Chul Hwan and Lee Geung-young portrays the role of So Ri-bu.

What Happens In The Final Episode?

Now, in Han Jun-oh’s body, Do-ha could finally hold Young-hwa again and tell her what he had been feeling for her all this time. They go to a market and buy rings for each other, but Jun-oh’s body isn’t able to handle another soul, and the bruise from earlier becomes darker.

Do-ha keeps remembering the words that So Ri-bu told him, that both of them would die if they went forward with the fight. Seeing Young-hwa happy is all he wants, so Do-ha decides to hide his fate from her. 

Since So Ri-bu had always killed Young-hwa before her 30th birthday, the events repeated themselves until she was reincarnated once again. Do-ha and the others gather to celebrate her birthday at the house, but they are interrupted by So Ri-bu, who shows up with an axe. 

Moon In The Day Ending Explained: The Fate Of Do-Ha & Kang Young-hwa's Love
Young-hwa and Do-ha enjoy their short time together (Credits: ENA)

After a chaotic fight, Do-ha finally manages to kill So Ri-bu, but this also means that he will have to leave this world for good. As the curse kept repeating itself, every time Young-Hwa would reincarnate so that Ri-bu would kill her, and Do-ha couldn’t do anything about it. 

This one time, Do-ha could finally do something as he had Jun-oh’s body with him. The only thing that kept Do-ha tied to this world was the urge to keep protecting Young-Hwa. With So Ri-bu gone, his goals were complete, and Do-ha vanished as well. 

Han Min-oh holds a funeral for Han Jun-oh, but he comes back to life once again, this time just as himself and not a 1500-year-old ghost. He doesn’t have any memory of what happened between him and Young-hwa. 

A while later, Jun-oh’s curiosity leads him to meet up with Young-hwa and return the pics that he had found of them posing together. Jun-oh also gives her a letter that Do-ha had left for her. Young-Hwa realizes that Do-ha is gone for good and fulfills her dream of working in Antarctica. 

Moon In The Day: Ending Explained

While life goes on smoothly for Kang Young-hwa, a few decades later, she is reincarnated once again. We see a young teenager touring around an ancient structure and taking photographs of the area. The new Young-hwa accidentally trips over the rocks but is saved by a young boy who happens to look exactly like Do-ha/Han Jun-oh. 

Moon In The Day Ending Explained: The Fate Of Do-Ha & Kang Young-hwa's Love
The centuries-old lovers are reincarnated once again (Credits: ENA)

This confirms that Han Ri-ta and Do-ha had been reborn, with no memories of the centuries of relationship between them. While Young-hwa may not have been able to end up with her timeline’s Do-ha, her future self was now going to be living a normal life filled with love and connection. 

When Do-ha died, he still loved Han Ri-ta even though she betrayed him. This love is what kept him alive all those 1500 years. His only task was to protect Young-hwa from So Ri-bu and tell Han Ri-ta/ Young-hwa that he loved her instead of feeling any sort of resentment. 

Possessing Han Jun-oh was the one-way Do-ha could protect Young-Hwa before she was killed on her 30th birthday. After killing So Ri-bu, Do-ha’s work was now over, and he had to go back to the spiritual world. 

Although Young-hwa was devastated to lose Do-ha, keeping him in this human world would have been a wrong choice. She tried to find a hint of love in Han Jun-oh, but once he talked to her after coming back to life, Young-hwa finally got the closure she needed to move on. 

The fate of Do-ha and Han Ri-ta’s love story proves that if things don’t work out in this lifetime, soulmates will always come together in the next one. The ending is just the beginning of Young-hwa and Do-ha’s true relationship.

This ENA show might seem a bit dragged at times, but the intriguing storyline and the wholesome ending to Young-hwa’s relationships are what makes Moon In The Day a good watch. All episodes of Moon In The Day are now available to stream at Rakuten Viki.

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