Monster Hunter Now – Best Armor Sets (Ranked)

Armor sets have been pretty straightforward in the Monster Hunter series for a while now. With there being relatively few changes to the sets as games have come and gone, you still need to know which monsters have made the cut.

If you’re new to the series, you may wonder which armor you should be on the lookout for in Monster Hunter Now and which you can skip. In this article, we’ll be showing off which armor sets are the best in general, including specific benefits they have over other sets in Monster Hunter Now.

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15. Jagras Set

Image by Capcom

The Jagras set is the first armor set you’ll craft yourself. Aside from the default armor you get at the beginning of the game, this armor is the most flimsy. It’ll help get you through the beginning monsters, like Jagras or Kulu. Other than at the beginning of the game, the Jagras set isn’t very useful. Firm Foothold is a nice ability to have on your set, which can be beneficial for low-class monsters if you take the time to create the full set.

14. Kulu Set

Image by Capcom

Jagras and Kulu armor are almost identical in scope. They can protect you to a certain extent but it is very frail in comparison to any armor set down the line, with zero natural resistance to elements. I think you’re better off using Jagras armor if you can help it, because the difference between it and Kulu armor is almost entirely aesthetic. It does have Guts as an armor perk though, which sets it apart from the Jagras set by a small margin.

13. Pukei Set

Image by Capcom

The Pukei set is another armor set that is for those at the beginning of the game. It is meant to be a good set of basic armor, and one that is very good against Rathian. Poison resistance comes in handy against powerhouses like Rathian. Just make sure to upgrade the armor as you go along so you don’t get trampled by bigger beasts.

12. Barroth Set

Image by Capcom

If you’re after armor with water resistance, the Barroth set is the way to go. It may look like water does damage to this guy because of the material it’s made of, but that’s actually the opposite case. Barroth is where armor sets start getting serious, and defense becomes a real priority as you start taking on more elaborate fights. Just be careful around fire, since Barroth armor has a weakness to it. That means no Rathalos hunting for you.

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11. Girros Set

Image by Capcom

If you need resistance to poison gas (not poison, different category entirely) then you may want to hunt down a handful of Girros as soon as you can. While it doesn’t have proper Poison resistance, it does provide immunity to poison clouds, which can be helpful for getting through certain areas. Although the defenses are nothing to write home about compared to other armor sets on this list, the armor looks very cool, which nets it some points. After all, if you’re a good hunter, sometimes the armor looking stylish is what you want far more than utility. Not getting hit in the first place is better than any armor, which is why Earplugs and Sneak Attack can be helpful abilities if you’re going for a dodgy character instead of one who tanks everything.

10. Paolumu Set

Image by Capcom

The Paolumu armor set is another step up in defense, beating others like the Girros and Barroth set easily. The only downside to Paolumu armor is that it doesn’t have any special resistance. This makes it a little plain in comparison to other armor sets, with no real reason to use it once you hunt something a little tougher, like a Kadachi or Anjanath.

9. Kadachi Set

Image by Capcom

Kadachi is a good armor set if you want to start going after monsters that have electricity among their move sets. The thunder res that you can get from a Kadachi set of armor is valuable, and the defensive stats are great as well. The only drawback is that Kadachi cannot handle water, so if you’re wearing a Kadachi armor set, you can’t either. Luckily, Monster Hunter Now doesn’t contain Mizutsune, so you’re at least safe from that beast while wearing the hide of a Kadachi.

8. Jyuratodus Set

Image by Capcom

Jyuratodus is a mud-fish-looking monster who’s hard to subdue, but the water resistance makes all the difference once you obtain the Jyuratodus armor set. Much like the monster you fought to get the Jyuratodus armor set, the hide is tough, having good defenses along with water resistance that can help you against bigger monsters down the line. The only issue is the fire weakness, which is something you’ll want to counter as you progress to more airborne and desert-dwelling individuals.

7. Anjanath Set

Image by Capcom

Those who need fire resistance to tackle the rest of the big names in the Monster Hunter world only need to start hunting for an Anjanath. With fire resistance on the Anjanath armor, you can finally start looking toward Rathalos with a sharpened weapon, unafraid of the fires it causes to take you down. The reason we rank Anjanath armor on our list is that it allows hunters to get into the higher tiers of monster wrangling, being a big milestone in the size of beasts you take down.

6. Legiana Set

Image by Capcom

Legiana armor has ice resistance, meaning you can use it to take on elemental monsters with that type. Having a full set of Legiana armor in Monster Hunter now also helps steady your character, with Windproof being a major skill that you can get from the full set. Reload speed gets a substantial buff when you use the Legiana Vambraces, making the entire set convenient for the cost of taking down a few feisty Legiana.

5. Diablos Set

Image by Capcom

While the Diablos set may not have any resistance, that’s not the strong suit of Diablos armor. Hunters who wear Diablos armor aim for high defenses, which is exactly what Diablos gives out. If fighting one is any indication, you’ll notice quite quickly how hard it is to take one down. The Diablos armor in Monster Hunter Now comes with Slugger and Offensive Guard perks, both things that can help you stand your ground, reduce stagger, and stand up to monsters bigger than you.

4. Black Diablos Set

Image by Capcom

The Black Diablos is an upgrade from a regular Diablos and with it all the bolstered defensive stats you need to progress even further against the likes of Rathalos and Rathian. The only major difference between Diablos and Black Diablos is that Black Diablos is angrier, more powerful, and can strike you down quicker if you let it. That being said, the Black Diablos armor is more resilient, with perks like Firm Foothold and Lock On that help make it a more impressive shell of armor for your tanking needs.

3. Rathian Set

Image by Capcom

For an armor set that resists fire and promotes poison, I consider you take a look at the Rathian set. Bringing down a Rathian may be difficult, but the rewards you reap are just as beneficial as the trial is hard to overcome. Rathian armor provides just the fire resistance you need to take on Rathalos, or anything else that likes to deal fire damage. In addition to having defenses against fire, Rathian armor also promotes poison damage, which can be useful if you have a weapon that appreciates those inclinations. If you want to fight a monster weak to poison, this armor set will help promote a satisfying win.

2. Pink Rathian

Image by Capcom

If you liked Rathian, there are actually two in Monster Hunter Now. Pink Rathian is a lot like Black Diablos: an upgraded version of the same monster with a new color to signify the change. This version is angrier and tougher to crack, but the benefits definitely come through once you get the armor set. While Pink Rathian lacks the same poison chops that Rathian is known for, these abilities get replaced with astoundingly useful ones, like Critical Eye on both the braces and the coil. Dragon Attack and Special Boost are there too, across the greaves and helm of the set.

1. Rathalos Set

Image by Capcom

No matter what Monster Hunter game you’re playing, Rathalos armor is one of the most reliable armor sets to have in the game. With satisfyingly good stats, natural fire resistance, and a bolster to your fire attack, the only trouble with Rathalos armor is getting your hands on the entire set. Attack Boost and Weakness Exploit are both great quirks to have on an armor set, one that can make repeat monster takedowns a breeze in comparison to taking them on without such sturdy and attack-centric plating around yourself.

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