Mineko’s Night Market update out now (version 1.0.4), patch notes

Humble Games and Meowza Games have started distribution of a new version 1.0.4 update for Mineko’s Night MarketThe official patch notes have also been released.

There’s a whole lot here, much of which is based on community feedback. There are a bunch of improvements, adjustments, small additions, fixes, and more.

Here’s the full rundown:

Mineko’s Night Market version 1.0.4 patch notes

  • Fixed HQ Floor 2: fly-in camera, main camera, lockers, vents, restarts
  • Nerfed prices of later game craftbenches and tools
  • Nerfed prices of Night Market items
  • Fish booth at market was selling old crab item
  • Tweaked some (inaccurate) papercraft base costs
  • Tweaked NPC bartering rates (used to have a low rate of purchasing higher tier items)
  • Extended BlackScreen/Loading UIs to ensure it covers entire screen
  • Fixed the Dock quest to properly end if the Cat Counter is at 0
  • Removed the old Crab (bugged) inventory item from the game
  • Fixed a <tag> showing up in dialogue
  • Added visible note to empty bottle icon
  • If player accidentally loses the Tool Belt (key item) another one will appear where the previous one was found
  • Fixed an issue with the Bean/GardenPlot quest starting over again
  • Fixed Journal entry to Sugihara looking for 5 Machine Parts, not 4
  • Fixed missing transparency on deco item in General Store
  • Fixed a bug where an NPC that’s supposed to be missing is still showing up in the Night Market
  • Fixed colliders in the Village
  • Increased chances of Beetle Brand Ramen showing up in the General Store
  • Fixed the stuck bottle in The Gardens (you can now take it)
  • Bobo’s Mom won’t mention Art Craftbench if it’s not actually for sale
  • Added Inventory category for Fish (Fish/Squeezed Fish)
  • Inventory Auto-sorts to not leave blank spaces with hidden items below the scroll
  • Fish Museum now only accepts the proper crab item (Old donated crabs will still be honored)
  • Ruby now spawns mostly around the Village, fixed her key item RNG, and now offers two different items per day: one in the Day, one in the evening
  • Fixed Rio’s relationship randomly resetting
  • Added player switch tip to Beach quest intro
  • Fixed Rockin Rolls not being donatable to Market Food Museum
  • Fixed issue of a minigame window that sometimes gets stuck on the screen on the end of Metal Rock mining minigame
  • Fixed a certain NPC not appearing in Village after that NPC was discovered safe
  • Removed bush decorations that were crowding the front of the Food Museum entrance
  • Re-ordered “Display items” (new default) and “Call customers” buttons in Market bartering to avoid accidentally button mashing to call customers too early
  • A memento now appears in Mineko’s room upon completion of the main story
  • Fixed Market Bus cutscene interrupting end game cutscene if completed on a Saturday
  • Digging minigame now rewards 2-5 Clay/Sand per successful hit
  • Fixed resource booth showing up before Cliffside cleared
  • Properly unload Reward UI on digging minigame ends
  • Fixed Rockin Rolls not being donatable to the Market Food Museum
  • Fixed Nikko Follower mentioning wrong season during cutscene
  • Typo fixes
  • Balance: Lowered Energy cost of Mining, Axe, and Hairball picking
  • Bug: NPC Gifting now accepts a combination of regular and perfect versions of crafts if the player has a combination that would make the yield. It will prioritize taking regular versions first
  • Bug: Fixed Granny’s house upgrades not showing up
  • Bug: Fixed an annoying bug where hotspots (magnifying glass interactions) would sometimes stop working for a second or two immediately after closing the Inventory menu
  • Useless cabinet in the room now acts as a Fav Item Display storage box
  • Bug: Planter Boxes are now properly categorized in the Crafting tab of the Inventory
  • Bug: Fixed a specific NPC missing from the Village when they were supposed to be un-missing
  • Bug: Gem Museum now accepts Sparkly Rock
  • Fix for Octogame Freezing

The team says it will continue to improve the game, with loading times and audio hitching “actively being worked on for the next patch”. Keep an eye out for that update soon.


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