Minecraft Legends update out now (version 1.18.11153), patch notes

Minecraft Legends update 1.18.11153

Minecraft Legends has received what’s said to be the game’s biggest content update yet.

Some of the highlights include the Frog Mount available in campaign and versus, potion-wielding witches, cauldron structures, and the clanger. Players can also access new custom options, new settings, improvements, and fixes.

Here’s the full rundown:

Minecraft Legends  version 1.18.11153 update patch notes

New Features and Content:

  • Frog Mount:
    • The fearless frog is now available in both campaign and versus. It can be found in swamps and along rivers
    • The frog’s jump gives it the highest possible jump height of the mounts, makes navigating tree tops a breeze, and even allows you to change direction mid-air
    • A swim speed bonus allows the frog to move faster in bodies of water than on land. Use this to your advantage!
    • Reduced fall damage makes a fall from high up not as punishing as it otherwise would be
  • New player content to take into Battle!
    • Witches & Witch Huts:
      • The witch is a new, powerful ranged unit that throws potions, which apply poison to all units in an area. Instead of being spawned at spawners like other mobs, they are spawned from witch huts
      • In campaign, witch huts are spawned as part of villages but cannot be used until you earn the witches’ trust
      • In versus, the witch hut is a neutral structure that activates periodically throughout a match. When players interact with an active witch hut, they can spawn witches for their team
      • Custom settings allow you to disable witches entirely, change how they’re built, or change the timing of the witch hut event in versus
    • Cauldron:
      • Cauldrons are special structures that enhance nearby allied mobs, increasing their damage and adding knockback to their attacks
      • The buff from the cauldron applies automatically to nearby units and even lingers for 20 seconds once you leave its aura of influence
  • New Piglins to battle!
    • Piglin Clanger:
      • The clanger is a disruptive piglin with an area of effect attack that knocks back and stuns player mobs
      • They are fast moving and deal very little damage, but they are a serious threat when combined with other piglin units and structures
    • Piglin Air Chopper:
      • The air chopper is a giant fan that allows the piglins to more effectively spread spores into the Overworld
      • This structure rotates to face incoming player mobs and will blow them away while applying spore damage to them
  • Hero Select Update: You are now able to sort any owned Heroes by rarity

New Custom Game Options:

  • General Improvements:
    • A player’s last used custom settings will be used for their next game session
      • Players still have the option to reset it, but especially helpful for versus matches
    • Campaign and Versus can have their own default setting per mode
      • This is helpful for things like setting starting resources
    • Setting changes are communicated in the lobby
      • Now when the host changes a setting, it will appear in the lobby chat, only updating after a delay to prevent spam
      • If the host closes their settings and cancels their changes, that is communicated too
  • New Settings (All Modes):
    • World Seed
      • Enter a 10-digit seed to create consistent world terrain generation. This does not necessarily guarantee dynamically spawned things, like bases, will be in the same place
    • Knockback Resistance (player/mob/piglin)
      • Allows players to granularly set how much knockback that the player, their mobs, or piglin units take
      • For example, you could set knockback very high, but increase the player knockback resistance to have everything except players get knocked back really far
    • Water is Lava
      • Instead of generating a water block, the world will instead generate lava, making the world a lot more treacherous
    • Hazard Damage
      • The amount of damage applied when touching hazards (not the lingering damage they apply like poison)
    • Hazard Density
      • The density of hazards and buffs in the world
    • Starting Build / Gather Allays
      • How many build and gather allays the team starts with
    • Allay Chest Density
      • The frequency of chests generated in the world
    • Allay Chest Yield
      • The amount of resources obtained from allay chests found in the world
    • Player Health Regeneration
      • Modifies the players health regeneration stat
    • Automatically Buffed Towers
      • When enabled, towers will automatically come with the buffs from the kaboomery, spyglass, and battle drum
    • Mob / Structure Build Cost
      • Modifys the cost to spawn mobs or build structures
    • Tiger / Frog / Bird / Beetle Mount Enable / Disable
      • By default all mounts are enabled and can spawn in campaign worlds and may spawn in versus worlds. If they are set to disabled, their homesteads will not generate and their spawners will not be active
    • Cauldron Tech Enable
      • Enables or disables the cauldron from being built, same as the other tech unlock settings
  • New Settings (Campaign Only):
    • Power Tower Density
      • The number of power towers generated for players to collect
    • Roaming Piglin / Mob Density
      • The amount of roaming piglins and vanilla mobs found in the overworld
    • Llama Damage
      • Sets the damage of llama animals
    • Starting Power Tower Cores
      • The amount of power tower cores you can start with, to help players shortcut building these
    • Village Chest Yield
      • The amount of resources generated by the villagers each day
    • Stable
      • If enabled, will spawn any enabled mounts (those not disabled by the other custom setting) at villages as if the player had unlocked them
    • Witch Hut Placement
      • A meaningful change to the witch experience with a variety of options:
        • Standard – Witch huts work as they do in a regular campaign
        • Disabled – Disables witch huts, witches, and cauldrons, similar to playing the game before the November update
        • Village Buildable – Instead of witch huts being generated in the village and players unlocking them, witch huts cost resources and can be built in villages, but can be destroyed
        • Freeform Buildable – Same as above, except the witch hut can be built anywhere in the world
    • Warrior Spawner Placement
      • Same as the witch hut experience, but with warriors:
        • Standard – Warriors are unlocked via campaign progression. Once unlocked, they spawn for free, automatically in villages
        • Village Buildable – No more warrior unlock and free spawns, but you can build their huts in villages for a cost and they can be destroyed
        • Freeform Buildable – Same as above, except the warrior spawner can be built anywhere
    • Warrior Count
      • If Warrior Spawner Placement is set to standard (e.g. the original), then modifies the # of free warriors that spawn at villages
    • Invasion Pacing
      • How quickly the piglin invasion ramps up. Will influence the max amount of actions piglins can make, the composition of roaming piglins, etc.
    • Invasion Activity Level
      • The max number of actions that piglins can take. By default will ramp up naturally, but can be influenced by the above setting
    • Village Attack Strength
      • Changes the distribution and weighting of how strong attacks will be against villages
    • Village Attack Auto-Resolve Strength
      • A modifier to the amount of damage that piglins deal to players when they are not there to defend village attacks in person
    • Piglin Personality
      • The types of actions that each piglin horde will prefer:
        • Attack – prefers to attack villages, homesteads, wellhouses
        • Upgrade – prefers to upgrade their bases
        • Expand – prefers to build bases and outposts
        • Passive – doesn’t make any actions
    • # of small / medium / large bases & outposts
      • The starting and max # of bases and outposts that each horde has
  • New Settings (Versus Only):
    • Mirror World
      • Generates a world where each team’s starting location is the same and the terrain is made symmetrical for a more balanced experience
    • Day Night Cycle
      • By default, there is a day / night cycle in versus matches. During the night, roaming piglins appear and their attack waves are more deadly
      • Players can keep the cycle consistent (default setting) or they can lock it to only day or only night
    • Flames of Allegiance
      • The amount of starting flames of allegiance that a team starts with, governing how many mobs they can spawn. The more starting flames, the less Flame of Allegiance improvements that can be built
    • HQ Zone Immunity
      • Makes the HQ and any surrounding structures invulnerable for a specified amount of minutes. After the duration expires, the immunity wears off and everything is vulnerable
      • Players can use this to prevent rushing and build up their base for a specific duration
    • Damage Escalation
      • Versus matches have a natural damage escalation that increases player mobs and the redstone launcher. It typically occurs at 40 / 50 / 60 minutes, but this setting lets you modify when it occurs
    • Witch Hut Placement
      • Similar to the campaign settings, players can choose to modify the witch experience:
        • Standard – Witch huts spawn as an event and activate periodically throughout the match
        • Disabled – No witch hut spawns on the map, so very much a “classic” experience
        • Village Buildable – Like warrior spawners in PVP, players can construct the witch hut in their HQ and spawn the units for a cost
    • Witch Hut Activation Time / Variance / Duration
      • If players have left the above setting to standard, they can modify how often it occurs, whether there is any randomness, and how long it lasts for
      • Some settings can be set to zero, making the witch hut always active, or permanently active after an initial delay, etc.
    • Piglin Aggression
      • Changes to how piglins spawn at barracks and what waves they send. This can result in more frequent waves or piglins that are totally passive

General Game Improvements:

  • Pathfinding improvements:
    • Focused on fixing pathfinding issues, like creepers not detonating on walls when given an order to a non-pathable location and certain ranged units’ closing distances
  • Type Select improvements:
    • Overhauled the Type Select interface by moving it down to the hotbar location. Unit types are separated by category. Options are now clearer in terms of selecting all down to selecting a specific unit type
  • Bannerview Improvement:
    • Added a visual indicator in the Bannerview mode on how to exit the mode
  • Unit RPS and Difficulty Tuning (Campaign and PVP) improvements:
    • RPS Combat Balancing
      • Continued mob and piglin combat balancing to improve the strategic decision-making and reward players when they choose correctly – and better communicate when they choose a bad mob composition
        • At Fabled difficulty, if players choose a favorable mob composition vs the piglins, they will be more readily rewarded and win a battle quicker than before while losing fewer mobs
        • At Fabled difficulty, choosing an unfavorable mob composition is a bit more punishing now, and rewards strategic thinking, so make sure you are paying attention to which mobs are good vs specific piglins!
      • PvP combat matchups have also been updated to provide a more balanced experience, and to build off the work above
    • Difficulty Tuning
      • Fabled difficulty (the standard difficulty) has been updated by the unit RPS changes above
        • The changes make Fabled difficulty more strategic than at launch (you will need to pay closer attention to counters and have a mixed mob composition)
      • Updated higher difficulties (Mythic & Legendary) that require more strategic decision-making from players and intensify when players choose a favorable or unfavorable mob composition
        • If players enter a battle with an unfavorable mob composition (eg: Plank Golems vs Blaze Runts), they will lose that battle a lot faster
        • If Players enter a battle with a favorable mob composition (eg: Plank Golems vs Mace Runts), they will more easily win that battle a lot faster
      • Updated Storied difficulty so that players are not required to pay close attention to the combat balance and can have a fun, relaxing experience
  • PVP Updates & Improvements:
    • Reduced the Protector Tower cost to make it a more competitive option in defending
      • Stone cost reduced from 450 to 300
      • Iron cost reduced from 200 to 150
    • PvP hotbars will now have the Abundant Allays upgrade placed on them by default
    • Grindstone Golems now take a bit less damage from Skeletons so they can more easily close the distance and counter Skeletons
    • Warriors can now be refunded in PvP when next to a spawner
    • Public PvP matches will now require only 4 players in a lobby before the game starts instead of 6
    • Witches in PvP
      • The witches are available to be recruited onto your team during a repeating in-game event
      • The Witch’s Hut will unlock at certain moments in the match and allows either team to spawn them on their team
      • Either team can acquire Witches from the Witch’s Hut as long as you have the resources
      • Witches in PvP cost Diamond and Coal to spawn
    • Frog mounts have been added to PvP worlds in a few different biomes in the world – see if you can find them!
    • Piglin bases have been updated to include new Piglin content of the Clanger and Air Chopper
      • Clangers have a chance to spawn later into PvP matches as a powerful foe against your mobs!
      • Air Choppers can also spawn in place of destroyed Piglin Arrow Towers, which makes gathering Prismarine a little trickier!
    • Deconstructing a structure in PvP will now allow you to be over your resource cap, so your team doesn’t lose out on potential resources
    • Mount homesteads are now shown in the World Map so players can more easily find the mount they want
    • Pinging a piglin outpost in the world map will now show a Prismarine icon next to the chat log entry (helping let your team know you are going to get Prismarine)
  • Gameplay Updates & Fixes:
    • Fixed some structures only being partially affected by Stone Mason buff while in range of Spyglass/Kaboomery/Battle Drums (MCLG-133)
    • Fixed the HUD staying transparent if the player is pushed off a Redstone Launcher (MCLG-312)
    • Enemies can no longer fire projectiles backwards or through themselves (MCLG-304)
    • Deconstructing the Flame of Creation upgrade no longer refunds too many cores of creation (MCLG-386)
    • Fixed a rare case where duplicate Firsts could appear in Campaign (MCLG-446)
    • Improved handling of “out of data storage” error (MCLG-106)
    • Improved displaying the game at resolutions higher than 1080p with non-100% DPI settings (MCLG-34)
    • Fixed the Hero’s texture missing for a moment after entering the Switch Hero screen (MCLG-149)
    • Piglin bases that have upgraded no longer show their old icon on the compass (MCLG-317)
    • Fixed an issue where the Portal Guard would not attack player walls if there was a tower behind the walls
    • Arrow Towers
      • Arrow Towers now have an arc shot where they can shoot over obstacles such as walls
      • Arrow Towers shoot a bit slower now, but each shot deals more damage to maintain its DPS
      • Arrow Towers now target larger Piglin units primarily
    • Scatter Towers
      • Scatter Towers now shoot double the arrows they did before, but each shot does lower damage to maintain its DPS
      • Scatter Tower targeting will now prioritize groups of smaller units
    • Fixed an issue with Zombies so that many Blaze Runts can counter them better than before
    • Fixed issues with camera speed settings so FOV changes are less drastic when taking damage or sprinting
    • Fixed an issue where some mobs could try and target bone walls in Piglin bases that they shouldn’t have been able to target
    • Fixed issues with ranged mobs so they can more reliably attack units that they should be able to attack
    • Players can now build overtop existing walls with other structures, which refunds the wall segments that were removed

Check out the patch notes for the Minecraft Legends version 1.18.11153 update now.

Update Trailer


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