Mayra and Donnie Break Up: Are they Still Together? Answered

Donnie Wendolyne, the American musician and actor, is best known as the lead vocalist of a highly popular boy band. He took on the role of lead singer and was an original member of The New Edition, a pop and R&B group established in 1980.

Mayra was actually born in Los Angeles on November 9, 1984. You know, it’s funny how things work out in life. After she turned 17, she noticed she was a bit bigger than her friends, and that got her curious about fitness, weight loss, and low-carb diets. Starting at 315 pounds, she’s managed to shed over 150 pounds over the years.

She used to live in Los Angeles until she met Don, this older guy, and they just clicked. Next thing you know, she’s saying “I do” and moving to Laguna Beach with him.

In 2012, they welcomed their daughter Nati into the world. Mayra’s on a mission to change lives by teaching people how to eat in a way that’s both sustainable and healthy.

Mayra and Donnie Break Up: Are they Still Together? Answered
Mayra and Donnie Wendolyne (Credits: @mayraanddonnie/Instagram)

Now, here’s where it gets even more interesting. Mayra and Donnie, they’re like glued to each other, can’t seem to get enough. And get this, there’s a whopping 34 years between them! Donnie Scott, who’s now Mayra’s main squeeze, was silently cheering her on from the sidelines.

People started spotting him in her Instagram stories, and you know how the internet is, questions started flying. Mayra spilled the beans, saying he was her boyfriend and, oh yeah, he’s 34 years older.

Of course, not everyone gets it, and they’ve had to put up with some pretty rude comments and nosy questions. People even wondered if it was all about the money or a green card.

Despite all that, they have received a ton of support, and their relationship across the age gap has struck a chord with many. You can catch glimpses of their lives on Instagram—trips, meals, playing with viral trends, and answering questions about their relationship.

And guess what? Mayra and Donnie are still going strong. Yup, they’ve been a couple for a good while now, and they seem genuinely happy together.

But here’s the plot twist: despite being together for seven years, they haven’t tied the knot. Rumor has it they’ve got something big in the works for their wedding, and we’re all eagerly waiting to hear about it.

These two are all over the virtual entertainment scene, and they even dropped the engagement bomb on their YouTube channel. It’s like they’re joined at the hip, doing everything together. It’s quite a ride they’re on!

Are Mayra and Donnie Still Together?

Absolutely. They have been going strong for a long time, rocking a happy relationship. Even after seven years, they’re still joined at the hip.

Despite the years together, marriage hasn’t happened yet. There’s probably something big in the works for their special day, and they promise to spill the details soon.

Active on virtual platforms, they even announced their engagement on their YouTube channel. These two practically do everything together.

Did Mayra and Donnie Break Up?

Mayra and Donnie as of recent, have not said a word about their breakup. People are kind of in the dark about whether they are still a couple or not that is because there are no pictures of them together lately, and they have not brought up their relationship in a while.

Did Mayra and Donnie Break Up?
Mayra Wendolyne and Donnie Wendolyne (Credits: @mayraanddonnie/Instagram)

So, Mayra and Donnie are keeping things hush-hush about where they stand in their relationship.

And if you’re trying to dig up details about their wedding, good luck! Even though Mayra is all over social media, there’s no sign of wedding updates or a peek at her in a wedding dress. Last we heard, they got engaged, but they’re not spilling the beans on the wedding deets. The mystery continues!

Mayra Wendolyne, the food blogger and social media influencer, is actually related to Donnie Wendolyne. These two have been going strong for a good number of years, and from the looks of it, they’re still together and pretty darn happy.

Believe it or not, they’ve been a couple for a decade now, and to top it off, they’re engaged! The wedding bells haven’t rung just yet, but we’re crossing our fingers for some epic plans for their big day.

They are super active on social media, keeping everyone in the loop about their engagement through their YouTube channel. These two are practically joined at the hip, doing everything together.

Scroll through their Instagram, and you’ll see constant posts about each other. Their well-wishers absolutely adore them as a dynamic duo.

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