Marvel Snap’s 2024 Roadmap Teases Customizable Borders, Cosmetics, Clans, & More

New year, new Marvel Snap roadmap. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a solid development roadmap update from Second Dinner, and the developers are starting the year off strong by showing players what’s coming up in the pipeline. Most of these features were teased in the last roadmap update, but seeing a few things get bumped up to the Coming Soon column lets us know they’re not too far off from official release.

Some of the headlining features coming up include customizable borders and new infinity splits, with the former being a much-requested feature from players. The last big patch also introduced albums, where players could unlock new cosmetics and even Spotlight Keys by collecting variants, and Second Dinner promises to improve the feature even further going forward.

Here are the big changes we can expect in the coming months:

  • Album Improvements
  • In-Game Events
  • Character Mastery
  • Selectable Borders
  • Selectable Card Effects
  • New Infinity Splits
  • Collectible Reactions

What are Album Improvements?

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on our new Album feature in December. We’re actively making improvements that include more albums, easier to complete albums, albums with various sizes, and more ways to collect emotes! Imagine a Dan Hipp “Parent Album” that combines all of the Dan Hipp albums and rewards you for progress on each of the many Dan Hipp albums. Keep the feedback coming and stay tuned as we continuously improve this feature.

What are Selectable Card Effects and Borders?

One of the most requested features in the game since beta has been the ability to pick your border and set it up with the best Infinity Split combo you have unlocked on your favorite variant. Guess what? It’s coming soon! Gone are the days where you had to leave a card at a specific border or regret upgrading a card past a border you liked more. Now with Custom Card, you will be able to keep upgrading a variant as much as you want to chase even cooler combos while setting your Custom Card to your current favorite border and Infinity Split combo.

We are also preparing for a second phase of Custom Card you may see in the In Development section called Collectible Borders. Collectible Borders will be a brand new cosmetic type with new, never-before-seen Card Borders that you can acquire and apply to a character to unlock that border for that character’s Custom Card. If you think the current borders are great, wait until you see what is cooking!

What are In-Game Events?

On Snap, we aim to keep the game fresh every week, so in 2024, we’re introducing in-game events. Over the year, we will gradually add new and varying types of events. The first one looks like it’ll be something we’ve tentatively titled ‘Leagues.’ When a League Event is active, you will be matched up against a small number of other players near your skill and collection level. During the event, you will compete to see who can earn the most cubes to earn awesome rewards. Do you have what it takes to win your League?

We hope this is the first of many different types of events we’ll introduce over time. During and after each event we will take in your feedback and make adjustments for new events and iterations of existing events. Make sure to share your feedback with us on Discord and fill out our posted surveys!

What is Character Mastery?

Has your love of friendly sharks caused you to collect every Jeff variant? And how perfect does that Ink split with black Krackle flare look on your Chibi Jeff? Well, now is the time to show off your mastery of playing and collecting each character in Marvel Snap! After Character Mastery launches, every cosmetic you collect for a character will contribute towards unlocking brand new Splits and exclusive rewards. If you thought Gold, Ink, and Krackle were fun, we have even more fun on the way! Earned your 4th Iron Man variant? Gain Iron Man Mastery. Earned your 3rd Gamora avatar? Gain Gamora Mastery. Split Venom for the 157th time, gain Mastery. As your Mastery for a character goes up, you unlock new and cooler Splits and eventually a brand new cosmetic type, Reactions. Exclusively available as a Mastery reward for each character, reactions are the fun emoji you can show off on cards and locations. What if your reaction was Goose or Wolverine? Your opponent will immediately know your dedication and love for that character when you show it off.

In its current Design, every few levels of Character Mastery you gain unlocks a Mastery Milestone. Each character has unique Mastery Milestone challenges for you to complete! Imagine reaching Deadpool Mastery 10 and unlocking a challenge to have Deadpool be over 100 power in a match. Completing a Mastery Milestone will earn new rewards for that character potentially including new Split unlocks, a new Collectible Border, or currencies to help you continue to increase your Collection Level. This is the current design, and it may change by the time we launch it, but we can’t wait to share it with you!

Going beyond that, Second Dinner has also confirmed that a clans feature is currently in development for Marvel Snap, allowing players to form guilds and become even more social within the game. They’ve also confirmed that a new game mode and new game boards are further along the pipeline, but that they’re looking to gather player feedback on those in the meantime.

Marvel Snap is now available on PC and mobile devices, and the Planet Hulk season is currently underway.

About the author

Zhiqing Wan

Zhiqing is the Reviews Editor for Twinfinite, and a History graduate from Singapore. She’s been in the games media industry for nine years, trawling through showfloors, conferences, and spending a ridiculous amount of time making in-depth spreadsheets for min-max-y RPGs. When she’s not singing the praises of Amazon’s Kindle as the greatest technological invention of the past two decades, you can probably find her in a FromSoft rabbit hole.

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