MARK OSEGUEDA: KERRY KING’s ‘From Hell I Rise’ Album Will ‘Surpass’ Fans’ Expectations

On February 5, it was revealed that SLAYER guitarist Kerry King will release the debut album from his long-awaited solo project, “From Hell I Rise”, on May 17 via Reigning Phoenix Music. Joining King on the record are drummer Paul Bostaph (SLAYER),bassist Kyle Sanders (HELLYEAH),Phil Demmel (formerly of MACHINE HEAD) on lead guitar, and Mark Osegueda (DEATH ANGEL on lead vocals. Working with producer Josh Wilbur (KORN, LAMB OF GOD, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, BAD RELIGION),the vast bulk of King‘s solo album was recorded at Henson Recording Studios (formerly A&M Studios) in Los Angeles, California, a location that birthed classics from THE DOORS, PINK FLOYD, RAMONES and SOUNDGARDEN, among others.

In a new interview with Uruguay’s The Dark Melody, Mark stated about how he feels about being part of Kerry‘s band (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “Yeah, I’m thrilled about it. That’s how I feel about it. I’m excited as hell. I worked hard to get that gig — very hard to get that gig — and since I did, I worked very hard in the studio. And then the recording experience of the record was incredible. We went to the studio with Josh Wilbur and the recording went great. It went great. And I think Kerry assembled a band of people he knew could pull off the vision and what he heard in his head. And one song has already been released, ‘Idle Hands’, from the record. The record is called ‘From Hell I Rise’. It comes out May 17th on Reigning Phoenix Music. And the album, it’s a beast. It’s a savage. It is. And people are gonna be wholeheartedly — I can’t say ‘surprised’, as they’ll be gratified. You know what I mean? It’s gonna surpass their expectations. And I’m very excited about it and every bit of news that comes out. I have a lot of touring ahead of me with that as well. We’re gonna start touring for that in May, and that’s gonna pretty much go all the way through August for now. And, yeah, we’re all very excited about it. It’s something we’re very much looking forward to and something I’m thrilled to be a part of. I really am.”

Earlier in the month, Mark told El Planeta Del Rock about how he landed the gig in Kerry‘s band: “It wasn’t an overnight thing. It was a long process. Me and Kerry are friends, for sure, but that’s not the reason I got the gig. By no means did I get the gig because we’re friends; it was definitely a lot of hard work.

“He’s an institution unto himself as his, as is SLAYER, and when SLAYER announced that they weren’t gonna go any longer, he made it known to everyone that he was far from done,” Mark continued. “And when that was announced, it was quite a few years ago. It was probably during the pandemic that I just gave him a cold call out of the blue, or a cold text rather, just saying, ‘Just so you know, I heard you’re doing this, and I’m just throwing my name into the hat, into the ring, or throwing my throat into the ring rather.’ And he was, like, ‘Hmm.’ He’s a very to-the-point guy, and he said, ‘Okay.’ And I know he’s very serious about everything he does musically.

“It was a lot of hard work, I’ll tell you that — a lot of going back and forth,” Mark repeated. “I did quite a bit of demoing with him, and nothing was a sure thing ever. I know he had other people in mind for every for every position in the band. I think Paul was the shoo-in right off the bat, and then after that… Kerry knew his vision. He knew what he wanted. He knew what he heard in his head, and he wanted a lineup that could deliver it. And after a lot of hard work, one day me and him were out together — and it was plain simple as that. But quite some time had gone by and a lot of work was put into it, and he just said, ‘If you want the gig, it’s yours.’ And I, of course, I just looked at him, like, ‘Ah.’ Pretty much, ‘Fuck yeah.’ And I gave him a huge hug, and from then on it was just even more hard work. As hard as I worked to get the gig, once I got the gig, it was even more hard work just concentrating on the songs and getting what I was gonna do to deliver in the studio. Once we got in the studio, we went in with Josh Wilbur, who produced it, at Henson Studios in Hollywood, and we didn’t mess around. We got in — I think loaded in, two weeks later loaded out. It was work every day, but one of the most amazing studio experiences I’ve had and very fulfilling.”

Regarding the “From Hell I Rise” album, Mark said: “It’s a beast. It’s a body of work that — from beginning to end, that album is something I’m very proud of, and I know everyone on the record, all of us in the band, are very proud of it. And I think when people hear it, they’re gonna be blown away. Yeah, it’s a beast.”

Kerry told Rolling Stone about Osegueda‘s addition to the band: “With Mark, he was on board early on. I just didn’t pull that trigger. I was like, ‘Let’s see what happens.’ Say for instance, [JUDAS PRIEST‘s] Rob Halford calls me and says, ‘Hey, I would love to be your singer,’ I’d have to go that way.”

King also confirmed that PANTERA‘s Philip Anselmo was “considered” as a possible singer for his new project. “My management, my promoter, my record label all wanted Phil,” Kerry said. “Phil‘s a good friend of mine, but I always thought he’s not the right guy. That has nothing to do with his ability; I just knew he wasn’t the right guy. When you hear Mark on this record, you know that’s the guy.

“I had to do due diligence, because at the end of the day, had Philip been the guy, we’d be in arenas immediately because we could play new stuff, we could play PANTERA, we could play SLAYER, and fans would’ve been happy. It ended when the PANTERA thing came up.

“I saw Mark a few years back singing covers of MINOR THREAT and cameo in THE WEDDING BAND with members of METALLICA,” King added. “It was different from what he does in DEATH ANGEL, and he sounded great. He’s super versatile. He took steps to make this different than DEATH ANGEL. I don’t touch on probably 50 percent of what he can do on the album.

Mark knew how I expected the songs to be performed. On my demos, I sing with very good conviction, but I don’t have pipes; that’s why I don’t sing. With ‘Residue’, he sounded so good I had to ask him, ‘Is this sustainable? I don’t want you to blow your load on this record and then blow your voice out every third show.’ And he swore up and down he could do it. He went on to some of the harder ones and did the same thing on those, so I went, ‘Okay.'”

“From Hell I Rise” track listing:

01. Diablo
02. Where I Reign
03. Residue
04. Idle Hands
05. Trophies Of The Tyrant
06. Crucifixation
07. Tension
08. Everything I Hate About You
09. Toxic
10. Two Fists
11. Rage
12. Shrapnel
13. From Hell I Rise

The LP’s first single, “Idle Hands”, can be streamed below.

KERRY KING will be special guest on the upcoming LAMB OF GOD/MASTODON North American “Ashes Of Leviathan” co-headline tour. The six-week run will launch on July 19 in Grand Prairie, Texas and will wrap on August 31 in Omaha, Nebraska. KERRY KING will make the band’s 2024 concert debut in May, first at the Welcome To Rockville festival (May 9),followed by Sonic Temple Arts & Music Festival (May 16).

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