Major Twist: Chainsaw Man Suggests a Favorite Character is Still Alive

In the popular Japanese manga series Chainsaw Man, a widely loved character that readers thought had permanently died off 150 chapters ago, surprisingly showed up again recently, revealing they had actually survived.

The last few new manga installments have revisited some key figures like Makima’s hybrid devils from the climax of Part One that had not been seen since that story arc ended.

However, this now revived fan-favorite personality was last depicted in the very first chapter, leading fans to assume they were long gone.

But in the latest 150th chapter, as the main character Denji escapes from threatening Devil Hunters with the young girl Nayuta, he tells his constant internal companion Pochita he no longer needs to transform into Chainsaw Man anymore because he finally feels happy and content.

Chainsaw Man Suggests a Favorite Character is Still Alive
Chainsaw Man (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

Pochita then responds back, proving he still exists within Denji’s body and mind. So this beloved character has returned against all odds after over a hundred chapters absent.

Their surprise comeback subverted expectations and thrilled supporters of the series who thought the early chapter one events had permanently erased this role.

Pochita Comes Back to Guide Denji

Just when protagonist Denji convinces himself he’s satisfied and fulfilled, his long lost companion Pochita surprisingly resurfaces, questioning what grand new aspirations Denji will set next.

Initially, Denji clings to the belief that he’s presently content and living his dream. But Pochita’s probing makes Denji reflect more critically on whether that’s genuinely true.

Chainsaw Man Suggests a Favorite Character is Still Alive
Chainsaw Man (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

This then triggers an epiphany for Denji about his core ambition being tied to his Chainsaw Man alter ego ever since Pochita fused with him in that fateful first chapter.

That dramatic incident is when easygoing Pochita forms a mystical contract and effectively becomes Denji’s heart, bestowing phenomenal abilities through this profound bond.

Part of the written or verbal agreement involved Pochita pledging to realize Denji’s dreams, whatever they may be.

So Pochita’s well-timed return and insightful inquiries stirred Denji to confront his innermost aspirations, which may require embracing once more the exhilarating power and purpose of being Chainsaw Man that fulfilled him before.

A Guiding Light in Chainsaw Man

The sudden resurfacing of the gentle Pochita initially came across as ominous when he soberly alluded to the binding pact forged long ago with Denji.

His words seemed to caution Denji about the potential consequences of negating this powerful contract.

However, Pochita later conveys satisfaction when Denji concludes living an ordinary life hasn’t fulfilled him, and he’ll embrace becoming Chainsaw Man again.

Chainsaw Man Suggests a Favorite Character is Still Alive
Chainsaw Man (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

So, rather than a warning, Pochita’s timely remarks served more as helpful guidance to redirect the conflicted Denji toward reconnecting with his true purpose.

Although Pochita’s apparent demise devastated many fans, his return reveals he’s been content quietly observing Denji’s journey from within all along.

Now, with Denji rediscovering his aspirations, Pochita can support his treasured friend’s chosen destiny.

Instead of something to be feared, Pochita’s contract constitutes a meaningful, symbiotic bond that enabled Denji to transform and grow.

Chainsaw Man Suggests a Favorite Character is Still Alive
Chainsaw Man (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

Pochita’s affirming reaction to Denji’s epiphany suggests this positive outcome was his hope from the very start when they first forged their unique alliance.

Catalyst for Denji’s Transformation

Ever since Pochita’s believed demise early on, protagonist Denji has continued confiding in him about the ongoing quest to realize Denji’s ambitions.

Denji would update Pochita on leaving behind his traumatic yakuza past and how much his life has progressed.

As an intimate inner voice, Pochita silently observed but intentionally avoided swaying Denji’s choices until a critical juncture arrived.

Chainsaw Man Suggests a Favorite Character is Still Alive
Chainsaw Man (Credits: Tatsuki Fujimoto)

Now, with Denji rediscovering his purpose to fully embrace becoming Chainsaw Man again, combined with his fresh rage toward the Flamethrower Devil for killing his beloved dogs, circumstances have aligned for Pochita to finally re-emerge. This marks a clear turning point where Denji stops drifting and takes control of his fate.

With Pochita’s strategic guidance, Denji is poised to confront the shadowy Chainsaw Man Church cult that has exploited his name and to avenge those he cares about who have harmed him.

Pochita timed his resurgence to spur Denji toward confronting threats that only the unleashed Chainsaw Man had the power to defeat.

This ushers in a new, bolder phase for Denji, thanks to Pochita’s wisdom about when his involvement was truly essential to spark transformation.

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