Ma$e Dresses Down Shannon Sharpe Over ‘Gangster Pastor’ Jab

Ma$e may have gone from rap to sports broadcasting, but that doesn’t mean he’s left his battling ways behind — just ask Shannon Sharpe.

The back-and-forth between the pair began when the former Bad Boy rapper poked fun at Sharpe for feuding with Mike Epps after the comedian made some jokes about the commentator.

During a previous episode of his sports show with Cam’ron, It Is What It Is, Ma$e said: “N-ggas is too grown to be wrestling. Y’all n-ggas doing all this curling. Go ahead if you want. I see you doing your dips and all that. I know you on set number eight. He did 84 pullups.”

He ended his comments by saying, “it’s satire,” but that apparently wasn’t good enough for Sharpe, who mockingly referring to Ma$e as “a gangster pastor” during a recent episode of Sharpe’s show Nightcap.

Ma$e fired back at the Club Shay Shay host on Monday’s (February 19) episode of It Is What It Is.

“Your boy chose to target me about the sets and the working out and all that. He called me a fake pastor and all that. I want to address it,” he told Cam. “Listen Shannon, I’m not the one to play with.”

Ma$e then laid out what he saw as three issues with Sharpe’s recent behavior. First, he brought up the First Take host’s aggressive back-and-forth with the father of NBA star Ja Morant at a January 2023 game.

“If you are for Black people, this is not the way to carry yourself,” he said.

Second, the “Welcome Back” rapper criticized how Sharpe handled his disagreement with comedian Epps: “You wanted to be tough with Mike Epps, and you settled quicker than Diddy and Cassie.”

Third, Ma$e said that Sharpe had backed down from a confrontation with fellow sports broadcaster Skip Bayless, who is white. Bayless had told Sharpe to “put your glasses back on” in the middle of a heated exchange on Undisputed.

“You showed poise, respect, wherewithal, resolve, compassion, reverence with Skip Bayless,” he said. “Why are you so aggressive anytime anybody Black say something?

“The man said, ‘Put your glasses on,’ and you put your glasses back on. Don’t play with me. Put your glasses back on, Shannon. I respect you and I do not want to go there with you.”

HHDX YouTube Video Player - Play ButtonYoutube Video - Ma$e Dresses Down Shannon Sharpe Over 'Gangster Pastor' Jab: 'I'm Not The One To Play With'

Then Ma$e addressed the “gangster pastor” comment directly.

“He said I’m a pastor-gangster or something like that. And I would tell him, for your spiritual comment, that was ignorant because if you know anything about faith, all the people that were apostles and pastors, they died horrific deaths, they went to jail, they were hung upside-down. So it’s as gangster as you could be when it talks about doing for others and being tough.”

See his response in the video above, beginning at the 1:20 mark.

Shannon Sharpe hasn’t been Ma$e’s only recent target. He also went after Larsa Pippen.

Cam'ron Goes In On 'Talentless' Larsa Pippen After She Calls Ma$e A 'Clown'

Cam’ron Goes In On ‘Talentless’ Larsa Pippen After She Calls Ma$e A ‘Clown’

On an episode of It Is What It Is last week, the Harlem native discussed Pippen’s recent short-lived split with Michael Jordan’s son Marcus. The public first became aware the relationship was in trouble when 49-year-old Pippen deleted all photos with Jordan, 33, from her Instagram.

“How dare she have any rebuttal for taking a man 16 years younger than you and acting like he’s the problem,” Ma$e began. “You’re the adult! What are you talking about?

“Ain’t you Scottie’s ex wife? Now you mad with the Pippens and the Jordans? You got no future in Chicago, I can tell you that! You mad with Batman and Robin and now Baby Batman? This is really embarrassing. What was you thinking? Your kids grew up with this boy! Somebody gotta tell people the truth.”

“You were taking advantage of him,” he added. “I really don’t like this situation. And then gon’ delete all his pictures like he’s the problem. Larsa, you’re not 21. You’re not Lori Harvey! You gotta stop this.”

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