Ma$e Alludes To Diddy’s Ties To 2Pac’s Murder Suspect Keefe D

Ma$e may have resolved his long-standing publishing dispute with Diddy, but evidently he hasn’t forgotten about another of Puff’s alleged misdeeds — namely his rumored ties to 2Pac‘s murder suspect Duane “Keefe D” Davis.

Keefe D’s arrest in connection with ‘Pac’s 1996 killing came up as a talking point during Ma$e and Cam’ron‘s sports talk show this week, with special guest, comedian Bubba Dub, calling it the top “trash moment of the week.”

“Wait, where do I know that name from? That name sounds familiar,” the former Bad Boy rapper sarcastically asked, prompting surprised laughter from his Dipset co-host.

After Ma$e doubled down on his faux-ignorance by asking the question again, Bubba Dub played along with the joke by replying: “Yeah, you know!”

“No, for real. I don’t know what you talking about,” the Harlem native pleaded in deadpan fashion, to which Bubba answered: “Baaaad Boyyyy” while hitting Puff’s signature Diddy Bop in his chair, sending Cam’ron into hysterics.

When Bubba Dub explained for viewers that Keefe D has been accused of orchestrating 2Pac’s murder, Ma$e feigned surprise by replying: “Ohhh… that’s crazy.”

The room then fell silent as he said: “I pray 2Pac gets justice whoever is involved,” prompting Cam’ron to throw his hand up and shake his head while laughing.

“I don’t even mean that in no joking way,” Ma$e added.

Diddy’s alleged connection with 2Pac’s murder largely rests on comments made by Keefe D during his police confession in 2008. He claimed that he had discussed a $1 million deal with Puff in the mid ’90s to kill both 2Pac and Suge Knight.

The South Side Compton Crip told detectives that Diddy told him during a meeting at Greenblatt’s Deli in Los Angeles that he wanted to “get ride of them dudes.”

After 2Pac’s murder in September 1996, however, Keefe D said that the South Side Compton Crips never received the alleged $500,000 payment from Puff.

Authorities, it should be noted, believe the drive-by shooting that killed ‘Pac was “retribution” for Keefe D’s nephew Orlando Anderson, who was attacked by the All Eyez On Me rapper and his entourage inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas hours before.

Anderson, a South Side Compton Crip who is believed to have been the gunman, allegedly stole the chain of a Death Row affiliate months earlier.

Diddy has vehemently denied being involved in 2Pac’s murder, telling the L.A. Weekly in 2011 that Keefe D’s story was “pure fiction and completely ridiculous.”

2Pac Murder Suspect Keefe D's Arraignment Delayed After Lawyer No-Show

2Pac Murder Suspect Keefe D’s Arraignment Delayed After Lawyer No-Show

He doubled down on that stance during a Breakfast Club interview in 2016, saying: “We don’t talk about things that are nonsense. We don’t even entertain nonsense, so we not even gonna go there, with all due respect.”

The speculation was recently addressed by 2Pac’s brother Mopreme Shakur, who told The Comedy Hype News Show: “This individual [Keefe D] mentioned [Diddy’s] name. Law enforcement has a job to do. Will they do it?”

He added: “It does feel like ‘Pac is being vindicated because back in them days when things were going down, everybody thought he was crazy. He may not have expressed it properly, but that don’t mean he was wrong. So we’ll see.”

According to Greg Kading, a retired LAPD detective with intimate knowledge of the case, the chances of Diddy being charged in connection with 2Pac’s murder are most likely slim.

“They’re going to need very credible substantiating witnesses,” he said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone. “They would have to say, ‘I was there when I heard him make the solicitation,’ or ‘I was there when the money got paid, and it was very clear that that money was designated for this purpose,’ or ‘I delivered the money.’ Whether those people exist or not, I don’t know.

“I’ve always given a caveat to the whole ‘Puffy’ Combs connection… Puffy’s not built like Suge Knight, and I don’t think Puffy was truly intentionally trying to get either 2Pac or Suge killed. I don’t like Puffy. I don’t think he’s a murderer.”

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