Love Island US Season 5 Episode 35: Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Love Island US Season 5 Episode 35 started with Leo and Kassy going into the Hideaway. Then, we also had a fun challenge where the couples were trying to make and serve food, but they ended up throwing it onto each other.

Fast forwarding through “The Floors is Lava” game or something like that. I was skipped. I didn’t even watch it. There is a text that it’s going to be the family meetings. This time, it’s going to be different from the way that it’s been in the previous seasons.

Actually, it’s been different a few times because Love Island typically brings in your family members. However, when it was COVID times, they had video calls in. This time, it’s just a video, no call, no nothing, and it is in front of everybody instead of just being the couple with the Parents.

Love Island US Season 5 Episode 35 Recap & Review

So, the first set of videos is for Carmen and Kenzo, and they are in full support of their relationship. Carmen’s mom says, “I definitely have teared up every time you talk about mine and your dad’s marriage.” Then Carmen’s dad said, “I think the way he carried himself was confident, but you know, cool and calm.”

Then Kenzo’s mom said something that I didn’t understand. And Kenzo’s brother said, “My girlfriend’s buzzing to meet Carmen. She’s always asking me if we’re going double dates and all that stuff.” All I could do was pay attention to how similar Kenzo’s brother looked like Tyler Posey. Was I the only one? I mean, Kenzo’s brother doesn’t have a crooked nose, but he resembles Tyler Posey.

Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 35 Recap
Carmen and Kenzo

Some people on the internet were also making a comparison between Carmen’s dad and Kenzo and how much they look alike. This is interesting because Carmen always says she wants to emulate the relationship of her parents. She’s really sticking to that, huh?

Hannah And Marco’s families

Hannah and Marco’s family are next, and guys, they’re winning the show. First was Hannah’s sister, and she said, “Marco better have his karaoke song ready for our family karaoke nights because we’re so excited to meet him.” Then Marco’s dad said, “Really happy that you and Hannah have found each other and how she’s been able to get you to open up.”

I have to say, I’ve been fighting it, but as of late, maybe like the last week or two, the redemption of Marco has been impeccable. It’s been good, and I almost forgot why I didn’t know why I didn’t like him. Because even when I didn’t like him, I didn’t have a reason. In the same way, Hannah doesn’t have a reason she loves him. That’ll always blow my mind.

Yeah, Marco’s dad said that he’s really proud of the growth that Marco has had. And I think that’s what it is. I think that he became very immature, and he is now less immature, so there was growth.

Love Island USA Season 5 Episode 35 Recap
Hannah and Marco (Credits: CBS)

Family Disapprovals

Most of the families were supportive, but then there was Bergie’s grandparents. Bergie’s grandparents think that Bergie’s relationship with Taylor is forced and that there is no chemistry. Then we also had Kyle’s mother, who thinks that she is not a fan of Destiny and she is not the right type of girl for him. 

This is random, but this just came to my mind about Zay and Imani. Remember when Zay was trying to get to know Imani? We know she will entertain anything.

I took note that time around because I had noticed it before. I just never wrote it down, but Zay doesn’t have a game. And so when he was talking to Imani, I was thinking to myself, this girl can literally flirt with a wall. And I did not see her flirting with him.

Even Imani’s baby voice was not present, not at all. It was there a little bit at the beginning, but it completely disappeared as the conversation kept going. Zay is just not giving.

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