Lorenzo Luaces Cheating Talks Explained

Lili and Lorenzo announced their divorce after a marriage of 25 years in 2018. For a long time, the Latin community has known Lili Estefan, the beautiful model on the famous variety show Sábado Gigante by Univision.

There are stories that most people have paid paparazzi to run underground, get stuck to their partners from a distance just to get something that will be tangible, and which has to do with cheating. In the case of Lorenzo, that has to do with the paparazzi, too. But what really happened? Below is what you need to know about the cheating scandal.

Lorenzo Luaces Cheating Talks Explained
Lili Estefan at a TV Show (Credits: Facts.net)

Lili Estefan was born on the 20th day of 1967. She grew up in Santiago de Cuba, and her father is José Estefan, born in 1945. When she lost her mother at the young age of ten, Lili migrated to the US with her father and her younger brother, Juan Emilio.


Lili first rose to fame in 1986, when Univision hired her to join as a model for the TV show Sábado Gigante. Soon, she became Don Francisco’s (host) favorite and the audience’s favorite. 

Why Did Lili Estefan Divorce Her Husband, Lorenzo Luaces?

The 53-year-old Lili Estefan described in detail the events that occurred when she found out about Lorenzo’s affair.

Lili revealed that the paparazzi had caught Lorenzo with a woman, and several photos were taken of her show, home, job, and office. Even was sent to Univision and her marital home of 30 years.

According to her, she felt bad and out of her mind with heartbreak and overflowing emotions. She said she felt so humiliated and devastated to be revealed so publicly and embarrassed.

She also added that she has been loyal to Lorenzo for all these years and at all times. Being with him all through his hard times and comforting him in those times, building him up, showing him love.

It’s terrible when the end ends so devastatingly and humiliatingly. And saying that as a wife, she was fired, that she didn’t get a raise or anything, just fired from her role as a wife, his wife.

Why Did Lili Estefan Divorce Her Husband, Lorenzo Luaces?
Lili Estefan and Lorenzo Luaces (Credits: Miami Herald)

What Was The Affair?

Lorenzo Luaces met with his wife, Lili Estefan, just a few weeks after the 25th wedding anniversary, which was on the day Hurricane Irma hit.

Lili recalls the event as Lorenzo walking up to her and saying as bluntly as possible that the paparazzi had caught him cheating on her with another woman who had taken pictures and was demanding $200,000.

According to the facts, she was understandably hurt by the news Lorenzo had just dropped on her, but she still tried to stand by her family and face the incident.

But no sooner than she expected, the story soon hit the news and was announced on air as breaking news internationally. Lili said she was then forced to inform her children of their father’s affair and what had happened between them.

When Lorenzo was confronted about the matter by his wife, he walked out of the house, and since then, Lorenzo hasn’t returned or spoken to their family.

Who Did Lorenzo Cheat on Lili With?

Lorenzo stormed out of Lili and their children and has never come back. He also paid the 200,000 dollars fee to the paparazzi, and he received the pictures, so it is hard to know who exactly he was in the pictures, and they were never uploaded on any social media platform. And also, no one can tell if they are still together.

This has affected Lili and has made her struggle to find closure and peace in her relationship and with her children, as Lorenzo has spoken to them since he left.

Who Did Lorenzo Cheat on Lili With?
Lili Estefan at a TV Show (Credits: HOLA)

The Family is Expecting a Baby

Lili just recently shared spectacular news. Soon, the family will be expecting a baby, including her two gorgeous children, Lina Teresa and Lorenzo Jr., whom Lili says will soon learn how to change baby diapers.

The baby is that of her brother, Juan Estefan, and his beautiful wife, Olina, who got married in 2018. Lili is excited to become an aunt once again. She also revealed the gender of the baby, and the family is excited to find out they are expecting a baby girl.

Lili also said that the baby was a dream of Juan, his wife Olina, and the entire family. Lili’s brother was so excited he collapsed from the excitement. This was when he learned he was the father of a baby girl on the way.

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