Lil Reese Gets Dragged For Humiliating Homeless Person

Lil Reese is facing a lot of backlash on social media after he blatantly went out of his way to humiliate a homeless person while hanging out with a group of his friends.

In a now-deleted Instagram Story, the Chicago drill rapper uploaded a picture of himself walking with a group of people, while holding a drink in his hand. Upon walking, he noticed a homeless man was sleeping in a fetal position on the ground.

Once he was able to flip his camera around, things took a turn for the worse. “Get his ass,” he said repeatedly. Get his ass.”

After one of his friends said, “Wake up unc,” Lil Reese replied, “Put that bitch on his head, fuck him, put that bitch on his head,” and proceeded to pour his entire drink on the man, which made him stand up quickly and reply, “C’mon man! Don’t do that man. That ain’t right man.”

Everyone around him burst out laughing after witnessing the homeless man’s reaction.

Once the video reached social media, fans didn’t hold back on the “300 Shit” artist.

“Only takes a b*tch that shits on himself to do that to the homeless. Lil Reese is forever going to be a loser, Lil Poop stain,” one person said while uploading an old video of Lil Reese using the bathroom on himself in the middle of an alteraction.

Another user said: “Lil Reese so lame for pushin that lil old homeless n-gga around. You gon treat someone like shit who already prolly feels like he ain’t got much worth living for.”

An additional person replied: “Lil Reese is a hoe we don’t prey on the weak lame ass n-gga do that to them n-ggas who shot yo voice out.”

Despite the disgusting act, it appears Lil Reese has been trying to right some of his wrongs as of late, as he recently replaced a stolen bike years after stealing one from someone as a child.

Reese stopped by DJ Univercity’s eponymous podcast in late-August with a children’s bike in tow. Apparently, Reese and “DJ U” go back many years, and the “Show Us Some” rapper stole the DJ’s bike when they were both children.

Rather than brush it off, Lil Reese returned DJ Univercity’s bike. “I ain’t gonna lie — I did some research, and I got your bike back,” he said. “Go’n and get your bike, man.”

The DJ then began laughing, pointing out that the bike in question wasn’t really his old one, but Lil Reese was unfazed. “Fool, I got a bike for you!” he said. “I got somebody’s bike! I got something for you, fool. You got somebody’s bike.”

Ultimately, DJ Univercity conceded that it was a “kind gesture” in between fits of laughter.

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Lil Reese Defends King Von’s Viral ‘Gay’ Jail Video: ‘He Was Playing’

Back in March, Lil Reese addressed the bike theft incident on another podcast. In an interview clip with Cam Capone News, Reese was asked if he was familiar with DJ University, a popular DJ that who interviews drill rappers in Chicago.

After Lil Reese confirmed that he didn’t know him, Cam Capone told Lil Reese about a clip where the DJ stated that the Chicago rapper stole his bike.

Lil Reese then detailed his past mischievous activities while living on the South Side of Chicago. “I probably did take his bike,” Reese said. “I used to take n-ggas bikes back then. I did used to do that shit.

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