Lies of P Jeweled Cryptic Vessel Guide

Lies of P is a brilliant new Soulslike that can rival the very best in the genre. It’s definitely a challenge, but it also includes several features that make it a little more welcoming to those new to the genre as well. That’s not to say that long-time Souls fans won’t enjoy it though. The hauntingly atmospheric gothic-Victorian setting is perfect for the game’s dark retelling of the classic Pinocchio tale.

This story, with its unique lying system, is one of the best in the genre and draws players in with mystery and intrigue. As they explore the world, players can uncover letters, photographs, diary entries or encoded messages, called Cryptic Vessels, that add to the game’s rich lore and background stories. These Cryptic Vessels are especially useful as they’re also clues that lead to valuable secret stashes of loot. After the Crafted Cryptic Vessel, players can next discover the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel. Here’s where to find it, how to complete it and what rewards players get for doing so.

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Where to Find the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel

Lies of P P looks at the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel location

The Jeweled Cryptic Vessel is found in Lies of P‘s sixth chapter. Once players have progressed through both the Rosa Isabelle Street Entrance and the Rosa Isabelle Street Culvert, they’ll eventually reach the Estella Opera House Entrance shortly after defeating the incredibly tough Mad Clown mini-boss. It’s from this point that they’ll be able to find the game’s second Cryptic Vessel.

The Jeweled Cryptic Vessel is found right at the end of this area. First, players need to progress far enough to reach the boss arena, which is on the other side of the large double doors that can be unlocked to lead back to the main front room of the Estella Opera House. The boss arena is across a wooden beam bridge, under the swinging burning chandelier. Rather than crossing this bridge, players should instead drop down into the hole beneath it and follow the path on the opposite side to the Trinity Key door.

Players then need to follow this path until they reach a set of stairs on the left. Following the stairs up leads to a long corridor with a red carpet. There are several tough enemies up here, as well as some more puppets that can cause the deadly Disruption status ailment. They’re best dealt with one at a time, so proceed slowly and draw their attention. Once these enemies have been defeated, players can follow the corridor to a small room at the end.

Inside the room is a hole in the floor, but players should wait to drop down. Instead, turn around to see a ladder leading up to a small ledge in the corner by the door. The Jeweled Cryptic Vessel is inside the chest at the top of the ladder.

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How to Solve the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel

Lies of P view of Hotel Krat from Krat Central Plaza

Before they can see the message hidden inside the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel, players first need to take it to Venigni at Hotel Krat for decryption. The revealed message contains the orders to “check the ground at the end of the cliff of Krat Central Station Street, where there is a good view of the ocean and Krat’s landmarks”.

To reach the right location, players should start out at the Krat Central Station Plaza Stargazer. From there, head straight forward through the square and down the stairs on the far side. Follow them down to the left and continue under the archway. Head down another set of stairs and under another archway to reach the path that runs along a cliff edge. Turn right, past the old riddle phone and continue to the end of the path. Some broken dialog will play over a microphone so players will know they’re headed the right way.

At the end of the path, where players can see Hotel Krat, Gemini will comment on how nice the view is. At this point, players need to equip and use the “Check Ground” gesture. Doing so will complete the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel and earn the player some useful rewards.

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What Rewards Players Get for Completing the Jeweled Cryptic Vessel

Lies of P P stands in front of a fireplace wearing the Atoned's Hunting Apparel

The Jeweled Cryptic Vessel is certainly worth completing as it rewards the player with the more sinister-looking Atoned’s Hunting Attire, as well as a Legion Caliber. This rare item is vital for upgrading P’s various Legion Arms at the Venigni Craft Machine at Hotel Krat. Doing so will improve the arm’s abilities and make it even more useful as players venture further into the game. Of course, completing all the Cryptic Vessels will also earn players a Lies of P trophy or achievement, depending on which platform they’re using.

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