Lies of P: Fast Travel Guide

The few and far between checkpoints of Lies of P allow you to also fast travel to places you’ve been before, allowing you to revisit important spots.

The large areas full of hidden items in Lies of P are easily explored through fast travel, allowing you to revisit locations that might hold another secret to help you in the difficult battles to come. Similar to the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne, the places you can jump between are usually safe zones to rest and recover. Navigating the city of Krat becomes much easier when fast traveling avoids the deranged puppets seen everywhere.

Keep in mind that fast traveling will respawn any defeated enemies, making it difficult to tread through areas again if a particular foe blocked your path before. Be careful as you dart around the various regions of this dark depiction of Pinocchio to not accidentally make your journey any harder. While plenty of weapon mechanics could let you overcome these threats again, it could take a considerable amount of time in Lies of P.

How To Fast Travel in Lies of P

Lies of P Moonphase Pocket Watch that Allows No Cost Fast Travel

There are two ways to fast travel in Lies of P: accessing a fixed Stargazer or activating the Moonphase Pocket Watch given at Hotel Krat. Stargazers are practically the same as Bonfires from the Soulsbourne games: places of rest that replenish your resources and health. From a Stargazer, you can teleport to any other Stargazer you’ve fixed, change your Legion Arm, or talk to certain characters.

Stargazers are repaired when you interact with them for the first time, acting almost as sources of progression that open up more places in an area for you to travel between.

The other fast travel method involves an item you don’t receive until after you defeat the first boss, the Parade Master. This leads to the hub area of Lies of P‘s gothic world, Hotel Krat, where you will meet several characters that will help you along your perilous journey. One of these people is Sophia, who gives you the Moonphase Pocket Watch when you first talk to her as you might be exploring the Hotel.

The Pocket Watch allows you to travel back to Hotel Krator or the nearest Stargazer you interacted with for no cost. This could be an excellent tool for returning to the Hotel for upgrades or level-up opportunities after a particularly tough boss. Those who fast travel using this item will cause all enemies to respawn, encouraging some care when using this powerful item in Lies of P.

  • Lies of P Custom Poster

    Lies of P

    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5


    Round 8 Studios


    Action RPG, Fantasy, Adventure


    Following in the footsteps of games similar to Bloodborne, Lies of P is an action-RPG adventure game with heavy Souls-like influences. Loosely based on the tale of Pinocchio, Lies of P throws players into the shoes of the reimagined wooden boy as a puppet mechanoid as he wakes up in a city devoid of life. Pinocchio has only one clue as to what’s happening to him; a single note telling him to find Mr. Gepetto. Players will battle through the city of Krat free of humans as they struggle against other mechanical and hellish monsters that await them at every turn. To face these threats, players can craft various weapons using devices found throughout the city and gain new attachments to improve traversal. The ending can be significantly affected depending on the player’s narrative and action-based choices. Lies of P will be released on current and next-gen consoles and PC sometime in 2023.

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