Kan Çiçekleri Episode 212: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

Kan Çiçekleri’s new episode will be released very soon, and fans are excitedly awaiting the plot development in this thriller romance drama. Previously, in Kan Çiçekleri, we see how Hasan ruined the Dermirah family completely, which made things hard for Dilan even more. Meanwhile, Sabah decided to give Dilan her helping hand. 

As the drama descends towards its end, the revelation and plot development are at their peak, keeping the viewer more engaged. Sabah, on the other hand, knows the fact that Dilan is her daughter but still can’t reveal it, whereas Dilan just yearns for motherly love day by day. On the other hand, Baran finds out the corruption in the house spreading by Ms. Azade and Hasan. 

Talking about the romance in the drama, the main couple, Baran and Dilan, have become pillars for each other, whereas the new couple, Rose and Firat, are walking on an eggshell since they have hidden the fact of their marriage from the whole family to avoid a feud. Well, a threat is always chasing these two couples, and it’s only a matter of time what ending is written for them. 

A lot of drama and action awaits you, so don’t forget to watch the upcoming episode of Kan Çiçekleri. Further, this blog will guide you on when, where, and how you can stream the latest episode without much hassle.

Kan Çiçekleri
Kan Çiçekleri (Credits: Kanal D)


Previously in Kan Çiçekleri, Sabah reveals to Dilan’s stepmother that she is the real mother who gave birth to Dilan, and a quarrel arises between the both. Sabah warns her not to hurt Dilan anymore. Otherwise, she will take strong action against her. Meanwhile, Dilana and Baran get the last clue in their search. 

They find out the name of Dilan’s real mother from the hospital, Sabhiha, and they become suspicious. When Baran confronts Sabiha about this, she, to protect Dilan, denies the fact. However, both Baran and Dilan noticed that Sabiha was hiding something big from them both.  

Baran tells his father and Cihan about the matter, and the reaction from both is the same. Cihan reminds Baran of how dangerous Sabiha is and that she is hiding something about her real name—the three plan to interrogate Sabiha and her house in secret to go to the real truth. 

Kan Çiçekleri
Kan Çiçekleri (Credits: Kanal D)

On the other hand, Dilan believes that Sabiha is her real mother, but at the same time, she is reluctant about the fact. She reveals the matter to Rose and asks her if she can accept Sabiha as her mother. Dilan is confused with all her thoughts. 

She wants to hug Sabiha and call her mother, but at the same time, when she recalls how Sabiha has caused so much pain to Baran, she can not forgive her. She says she understands Sabhiha’s pain for her daughter, but she also feels bad for Baran, about whom she made false allegations. 

On the other hand, Sabiha is shattered and whines about whether her daughter Dilan will ever get to call her Mom. It is a matter of time to witness if Dilan can forgive Sabiha and give her a warm hug, which she has always wanted to get from her mother. Whereas Baran will still be Dilan after finding out the truth, and Dilan is Sabiha’s daughter?

Release Date and Streaming Guide 

Kan Çiçekleri Episode 212 will be released on 20th December 2023, Wednesday, at 9:30 AM EDT in Turkey. The time of release is different for the other regions due to longitude and latitude. International fans can follow the list provided below:

  • In the United Kingdom at 07:30 AM on 20th December 2023, Wednesday
  • In the United States, at 02:30 AM on 20th December 2023, Wednesday
  • In the Philippines, at 02:30 PM on 20th December 2023, Wednesday
  • In Canada, at 02:30 AM on 20th December 2023, Wednesday
  • In Australia at 04:30 PM on 20th December 2023, Wednesday

Kan Çiçekleri latest episodes are aired on Kanal 7, which is a Turkish Television Channel. Turkish Drama fans who are living outside of Turkey can watch the drama on Kan Çiçekleri’s official YouTube Channel, but the only issue is English subtitles aren’t provided. So they must turn on the auto-translation to enjoy the drama during their free time.

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