Kagurabachi Chapter 12: ‘Soujou’s Dangerous Plan’ Recap, Release Date & Spoilers

In the previous chapter, the urgency of Kagurabachi unfolds as characters stress the need for immediate rest for a recently revived individual in a regular hospital setting. The main character, Roku Hira Kunishige, is confused and curious about the locations of Azami-san and Shiba-san. Apologies are publicized for the unexpected revelation, laying the groundwork for an unexpected series of events.

As the narrative progresses, we learn that Roku Hira Kunishige is receiving first-rate care at an office belonging to Kamunabi. Either way, there’s a sense of danger because there are factions in Kamunabi that are hostile to the main character. Discussions about Soujou’s goal and the mysterious “Datenseki” mineral, a potent but dangerous drive activated during combat, thicken the plot. One exception is Roku Hira Kunishige, who accomplished the unprecedented feat of stabilizing the Datenseki.

Kagurabachi Chapter 12 Release Date
Kagurabachi (Credit: Manga Plus)

The story shifts to Soujou’s arrangement, including the Datenseki and Char-chan, to form an unused weapon. Soujou, having the Kyonagi clan’s cells, plays an essential part, and a puzzling infusion handle with the hero includes a component of risk. The chapter takes perusers on the edge, enthusiastic to unwind the privileged insights encompassing the Datenseki and the perilous way Roku Hira Kunishige is unwittingly setting out.  Let’s see when chapter 12 of Kagurabachi is going to be released, the timings, and where to read it.


Chapter 11 of Kagurabachi starts with a big surprise the main character comes back to life! Everyone tells them to rest and sleep right away. The scene is in a regular hospital, and the characters apologize for giving such shocking news. The main character, Roku Hira Kunishige, is confused and asks about their friends Shiba-san and Azami-san.

Kagurabachi Chapter 12 Release Date
Kagurabachi (Credit: Manga Plus)

But wait, there’s a twist! They’re not in an ordinary hospital; it’s a Kamunabi facility where they get better medical treatment. However, there’s a catch some people in Kamunabi don’t like Roku Hira Kunishige much. The story gets more interesting as they talk about Soujou’s plan and something called “Datenseki.”

The characters discuss Datenseki, an extraordinary mineral activated amid battles. It’s unsafe since the control it discharges gets to be a harm to the client. Roku Hira Kunishige is one of a kind since he oversaw to stabilize Datenseki, something no one else in history has done.

The plot thickens as Soujou needs to utilize Datenseki and Char-chan to form an unused weapon. Soujou, known as “the one with the Kyonagi clan’s cells,” appears imperative for this arrangement. There’s a mysterious infusion handle including the most character, implying an unsafe circumstance.

The character’s interaction with Soujou almost disrupts the community while under strain. The Kamunabi is forming a team similar to the one that faced the Kuregumo and planning to negotiate with Soujou. Since Roku Hira Kunishige is quite knowledgeable about spiritualist swords, he is asked to meet with them to advance the combat style.

Kagurabachi Chapter 12 Release Date
Kagurabachi (Credit: Manga Plus)

The conversation shows doubt and caution among the characters, with Azami’s subordinates being trusted. The story lightens up when they emphasize that they’re in a hospital, and everyone needs to keep their voices down. Tensions rise when the main character wants to be part of the strategy, leading to a heated argument.

As the team attends to Soujou, the chapter closes with a scheme to kidnap a female and save her in secret. The acknowledgment of the protagonist’s resolve and irresponsibility builds suspense for what will happen next. Readers are left eagerly anticipating the next section of the story as the chapter ends with the announcement of what appears to be a flawless plan.

In simpler terms, Chapter 11 of Kagurabachi is like a rollercoaster ride. Imagine you’re watching a movie, and suddenly the main character, who everyone thought was gone, comes back to life. They’re in a fancy hospital, but there’s a catch – some people there don’t like them.

Then, they start talking about this special mineral, Datenseki, which is kind of like a superpower but also dangerous. The main character, Roku Hira Kunishige, is special because they figured out how to control it, something no one else has done.

When they look at Soujou’s setup, things get even more intriguing. To create a potent weapon, he must enlist the help of Datenseki and their friend Char-chan. There’s a covert injection included, and Soujou, who has something special in his cells, might be a major player in this arrangement.

The character’s discussion about Soujou in the midst of all of this generates problems for the town. A group in the story called the Kamunabi is making plans to stop Soujou. Roku Hira Kunishige is requested to help since he has some knowledge of mystic swords and they are forming a group.

The characters have a hint of doubt and caution, but they balance the mood by reminding everyone that they are in a clinic and need to remain composed. When there is some competition and most characters need to be a part of the arrangement, things get heated.

Kagurabachi Chapter 12 Release Date
Kagurabachi (Credit: Manga Plus)

The chapter ends with a cool arrangement – the squad will watch out for Soujou, and furtively, most characters will protect a young lady. It’s like a superhero mission! The chapter wraps up with everybody considering that most characters could be a bit rash but trusting them to get the work done. 

So, in simpler words, Chapter 11 is full of surprises, danger, and teamwork. It’s like watching a superhero movie where the hero comes back to life and gets ready for a big mission with their friends. Readers are left excited to see what happens next in the story.

Release Date & Where to Read

Kagurabachi Chapter 12 is set to release on 30 November 2023. Let’s see the timings of Kagurabachi Chapter 12 for various regions:

  • Canada: at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, November 29, 2023
  • Pacific Time (PST): at 07:00 AM on Wednesday, November 29, 2023
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACST): at 02:00 AM on Thursday, November 30, 2023
  • Greenwich Standard Time (GMT): at 03:00 PM on Wednesday, November 29, 2023
  • Japanese Standard Time (JST): AtmidnightM on Thursday, November 30, 2023
  • Korean Standard Time (KST): AtmidnightM on Thursday, November 30, 2023

Fans can read Kagurabachi Chapter 12 on Manga Plus in English translation.

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