Joe Budden & Gillie Da Kid Tease Interview After Squashing Beef

Joe Budden and Gillie Da Kid have squashed their long-running feud in the most fitting way possible: by recording a podcast together.

On Wednesday (August 16), Million Dollaz Worth of Gameshared a video on YouTube showing Budden pulling up to Gillie’s home to film an episode of his and Wallo’s aforementioned podcast.

“Look at this n-gga. Old n-gga rolled an hour and a half, gotta put his shoes the fuck back on,” Gillie joked while stood on his porch as The Joe Budden Podcast host got out of his car. “We don’t wanna hear none of that proper talking shit; you on n-gga time.”

“I ran a little late,” Budden said with a smile as he approached the duo, hugging them and dapping them warmly.

Wallo then joined in on the banter, saying: “This is what you look like when you’re two rappers and it’s over. We celebrating the 50th year of Hip Hop, these is two ancient dinosaurs of Hip Hop. This n-gga made $3,700 his whole rap career. Joe probably made about $77,000.”

“It fucked me up too,” Budden replied, before telling Wallo: “Get your YouTube hype shit the fuck outta here.”

The video then cuts to a brief clip of the trio sharing a laugh while recording the podcast. The roasting session continued after filming as Gillie Da Kid flamed Joe Budden’s outfit.

“That n-gga wear Off-Whites with no socks,” he said as Wallo panned his camera down to show Budden’s sock-less footwear. “Like he got air conditioning in his sneakers.”

The video’s description further hyped the upcoming episode by hinting at Gillie and Budden ironing out their issues, calling it a “podcast for the ages.”

“In honor of the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop we got two Hip Hop dinosaurs and one Hip Hop historian together for the podcast for the ages,” it reads. “Joe Budden wasn’t about to get off easy for talking bad about Gillie’s small bedroom window [crying face emoji].”

The reconciliation comes after Joe Budden threw shade at Gillie Da Kid for his not-so-high-flying lifestyle, leading to words being exchanged between the pair.

“I don’t wanna hear none of that money talk from you n-ggas!” he barked during a May episode of The Joe Budden Podcast as Rick Ross’ chest-pounding “I’m Not a Star” played in the background.

“Your headboard is covering a very small window in your primary bedroom! I can tell it’s not like that! Stop fucking playing with me.”

Internet detectives linked Budden’s comments to an Instagram video showing a woman asleep in Gillie’s bed, ostensibly after sex, with his headboard covered by a small window in his bedroom.

After catching wind of his apparent sneak diss, Gillie fired back on Twitter by calling Budden a “washed up” rapper and bringing up his past rehab stints and domestic violence allegations.

“After the washed Up Rap career in and out all the rehabs all the beating on Bit$hes Now u Wanna Podcast Beef [crying face emojis],” he wrote. “I’ll beef when u start getting sum Ad money [skull emoji] #GotEm.”

Joe Budden Clowns Gillie Da Kid & Wallo For Sharing Hotel Room

Joe Budden Clowns Gillie Da Kid & Wallo For Sharing Hotel Room

Budden returned fire by warning Gillie to “watch [his] mouth” while mocking him for “selling ass out here for cheap.”

The former rappers’ relationship initially soured back in 2020 when Budden and his then-co-hosts Rory and Mal spoke about producer Devin Wade’s split from Million Dollaz Worth of Game following the show’s lucrative $3 million deal with Barstool Sports.

A pissed-off Gillie put Budden and co. on blast, saying: “Why was y’all n-ggas talking about us on your podcast? We don’t talk about other podcasts on our podcast. It must be dead fred over that muthafucka, huh?

“Stop speaking on business that you n-ggas don’t have no fucking clue what y’all talking about. Because I will catch you n-ggas in traffic, and then what’s gonna happen?”

Months later, Budden aired out Gillie over a video of him speaking down on the Black Lives Matter movement and championing “All Lives Matter.” The clip circulated after the May 2020 death of George Floyd, but Gillie claimed it was filmed four years earlier.

“I’m not caping for this n-gga, man,” Budden said on his podcast. “This n-gga says and does a lotta stupid, doofy, goofball shit and ever since he got that Barstool deal, it’s amplified.

“Anybody who replies to Black Lives Matter with the harm that Blacks do to each other, you not somebody that I’m not gonna have this conversation with again. And I’m gonna question your train of thought, I’m gonna question your cognitive skills. You clearly do not comprehend the magnitude of the conversation we’re having.”

He added: “You can’t give a million dollars worth of game sounding as stupid as you sound.”

Gillie responded by calling the former Slaughterhouse MC “Joe Butthead” and threatening to leak a video of him getting beat up by Raekwon and his crew.

“Raekwon and his man walked in — I seen the tape,” Gillie said on Million Dollaz Worth of Game. “Now, you keep talking shit, n-gga, and in the next episode I’m putting it the fuck out. That n-gga punched you in your fucking face, you fell on the floor and screamed, ‘My eye! My eye!’

“You sat there screaming about your fucking eye. Then that n-gga’s homie picked you up and sat you on the couch while you was still screaming, ‘My eye! Me eye!’”

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