Jim Jones Responds To Dee-1 Criticism: ‘You Don’t Know My Story!’

Jim Jones heard what Dee-1 had to say about him, and other rappers, earlier this week — and he’s not too happy about it.

The Dipset capo stopped by Sway in the Morning on SiriusXM on Friday (November 10), where he shared his thoughts about the New Orleans rapper’s recent criticism of him.

“He could have reached out,” Jones said. “That avenue of talkin’ to me is out. You heard? I would have loved to have had a conversation with that young man to enlighten him on certain things when he was mentioning my name. I had the same conversation with [Louis] Farrakhan.

“He [Farrakhan] summoned me for sayin’ his name. ‘If you know not what you’re talking about, young man, let me school you to what you’re doin’.’ You heard? And he once told me that I said certain things about certain people that I wished I didn’t as I got older.”

Going back to Dee-1, he continued: “But I don’t think he went about it the right way, especially talkin’ about people like Rick Ross and Meek Mill. […] How could you ever talk about about people that’s doing these type of things? […] Okay, yeah. Our music is rough. But we grew up in rough places. So when we talkin’ about these rough places, we talkin’ about these things that we went through. You don’t have to go through it!”

“And if you listen to my music, my music is heavy on the spiritual side from the moment I made my album, On My Way to Church,” he concluded. “And I’ve been battlin’ with my demons, and my sins, from the moment I’ve been born. So how dare you talk about another person that’s trying to help people out here. And help theyself at the same time. And you don’t know my story!”

Check out the full clip below:

A few celebrities jumped in the comments section of the video, including Jemele Hill who seemingly sided with Dee-1 on the matter.

“I don’t agree with everything that @dee1music says, but I appreciate him for being consistent and clear,” she said. “There was nothing wrong with what he said or the manner he chose to say it. Had he not named names or said it publicly, this discourse wouldn’t be happening right now.

They missed his point because he’s talking about evolution, and they feel defensive. There’s a reason Jay Z doesn’t rap about giving baby mommas BMWs anymore, and why 4:44 was about real estate, and being a family man. That being said, the rappers he singled out should just be honest. Rapping about street life and what they once did has given them an incredible lifestyle that they aren’t willing compromise.”

Denaun Porter also weighed in. However, he appeared to sit on Jim Jones’ side of the fence, writing: “Okay so since nobody here wanna keep it a [beans emoji] D went about it like he knew any of them men and they all got they on walk.. they would hVe easily done a record with him and it of made a better impact… but the real truth is … kids ain’t listening to non of these men he took issue with, including him, maybe a few in the grand skeem of things but they listeners are grown men, there main demo are over 20 easily.”

He went on: “He should a directed this to NBA/dirk/or anything in that area they are the true voice of the youth. I mean yall can make it about Dee’s message but truth be told he fumbled that and is only serving his personal fan base also jim not wrong to carry it how he choose to. Talk to me like a grown man first with respect. Don’t make a whole generational curse my sole responsibility in your sermon than call me emo for you not even having the common curtesy to a reach out / sit down.. .. ain’t that how that normally goes.”

Dee-1 has been experiencing a bit of a backlash since he stopped by Sway in the Morning last month, where he called on Meek MillJim Jones, and Rick Ross to consider the impact of their lyrical content.

“Jim Jones, you could do better, brother,” he said. “I love you too much to not be honest with you. Rick Ross, you could do better, brother. Meek Mill, you could do better, brother! I love you too much not to be honest with you. Oh, you the face of prison reform? Or are you sitting here on your new song with Ross talking about getting somebody murked and shot at the red light? Which one is it, bro?”

NOLA Rapper Dee-1 Loses Daytime Emmy Award - To Michelle Obama

NOLA Rapper Dee-1 Loses Daytime Emmy Award – To Michelle Obama

In early November, the Biggest Bawse took to his Instagram Stories to respond to the Grammy nominee.

“Lil’ man, whoever you is, until you feed the kids where you’re from for 20 years straight, don’t question Rozay,” he began. “Wait until you buy 10,000 bikes. […] Don’t question Bawse. You heard me, lil’ man? Get that basket off your head, so you could think clear, lil’ man. […] Since you wanna go viral, I’m gonna show you how to go viral, lil’ man.”

He continued: “Go viral feedin’ them kids in your hood. Go viral givin’ them bikes away. Go viral Christmas time! Don’t be sayin’, ‘Jim Jones.’ Jim Jones just gave away goddamn six figures worth of clothes in his hood. And you a n-gga who talkin’. Lookin’ vegan, knowin’ you eatin’ more goddamn biggly-wiggly bacon than any other n-gga out here. Shut up.”

Prior to Ross’s response, Meek Mill also took to his Instagram Stories to call out Dee-1. “Nah we do everything lol,” he wrote while reposting a fragment of Dee’s interview. “I was rappin’ this way when I became the face of reform…that’s how I got there. Y’all forgot that fast.”

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