Japanese Candy and more Japanese Sweets: Sakura.co September 2023 Box Review

Who doesn’t love sweets? Japanese sweets, to be exact!

We tried the Sakura.co September 2023 box to answer some big questions. Some of our staff members live in Japan, so how authentic is the actual box? How do they hold up while being shipped directly to your door? Are they tasty? And most importantly: Is it worth the money?

sakuraco september 2023 box thumbnail
sakuraco september 2023 box thumbnail

Let’s take a look!

Big Hitters: The Best of the Bunch

Chocolate Pie, Marshmallow Bunny, Bunny Plate, and Red Bean Cake

The chocolate pie was about as delicious as you’d expect; there’s really no contest there. I only wish there was more of it! The Japanese are known for making sweets like that at convenience stores readily available, so it was nice to see some authentic things in the box! The Chocolate pie in Japan is extremely authentic, but not exactly “gourmet.” Still tasty!

The Marshmallow bunny was extremely fluffy, and when we took a bite, we were pleasantly surprised with a sweet red fruit jam inside! He was so cute we almost felt bad for eating him. Our Japanese staff had only seen these before when they were home-made, so they were pleasantly surprised!

sakuraco september 2023 marshmallow rabbit
Sorry little guy!

What we were extremely shocked to find was a beautiful black plate with Sakura.co’s moon festival design on it. It was so pretty that we don’t even want to use it! You could use it as a decoration or as a practical porcelain plate, if you’d like. On the back, it says “Sakura.co”, just to remind you of the experience! That was a really, really nice touch!

sakuraco september 2023 plate unbox
A beautiful plate!

The last of the big hitters, in my opinion, was the Red Bean cakes that came with it. There’s two smaller, circular sweet cakes with red bean paste inside. Foreigners either like or hate red bean paste, but I have to inform you, it tastes nothing like actual red beans in the way we prepare them in the west. You know the “red beans and rice” staple food? — not like that at all. Japanese red beans are meant to compliment sweets!

sakuraco september 2023 red bean cake
Red Bean Cakes

You bite inside and the cake is soft and moist and the red beans are juuust enough to not be overpowering!

Small Hitters: Good, but not Focused

Moon Cracker, Mochi, Peach Jelly, White Chocolate Strawberries

The Moon Cracker was probably my favorite of the Small Hitters! It was a sweet cracker with an absolutely adorable rabbit and moon design; this is what I mean when I say the box’s theme was so well done! The cracker was very yummy, I could honestly eat 4 of these! It’s a shame only 2 come in the box!

sakuraco september 2023 crackers
Really nice Moon Cracker!

Mochi and Peach Jelly

I love mochi, but I have to say, this mochi I did not like. It was not sweet. The outside was sooo soft, as to be expected of mochi; but the inside taste was bitter. It’s noted though that I should’ve read the little booklet that comes along with the mochi, but it clearly says it’s not supposed to be sweet! Not everybody who likes sweets like overly sweet things, so I understand! The peach jelly, however, was deliciously sweet!

sakuraco september 2023 mochi
The inside of the mochi is black in color!

White Chocolate Strawberries

The strawberries sort of tasted what you’d expect strawberries to taste like if they were freeze-dried, like how they make food for astronauts. They were crunchy and crumbly, but it was definitely packed-full of tasting like strawberries! Not so much white chocolate, though.

sakuraco september 2023 items
Other items we didn’t focus on in this review!


Overall it’s a very cohesive, beautiful box! There were a lot of great hitters and honestly I really enjoyed everything in this box. It felt less like candy and more like sweets and baked goods; something that I can really, really get behind!

If you’re looking to buy these for your job, or get a businessplace to sponsor getting the boxes to share with the office and with your coworkers, I’d recommend getting them to buy more than one — there’s a few sweets that only have 1 or 2 in the box, so if you want everybody to try, you’d need a few more!

If you’re looking to try Sakuraco’s sweets for yourself, check out their website through our affiliate link here and use code “LAN” at checkout for $5 off your first order!

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