Is The Demon Slayer Manga Finished?

Demon Slayer is one of the biggest action manga franchises thanks to its great art and beautiful animations by UFOtable. However, it is also the series that the fans can’t wonder but ask if there will be more of it in the future. The Demon Slayer Manga’s author didn’t expect the series to get as big as she had thought. More on that below.

Demon Slayer, or Kimitsi no Yaiba, started Tanjiro and his demon-transformed sister on a journey to fix her. But what happened that led to the demonification of Tanjiro’s sister? It all happened on the day when Tanjiro was coming back, only to find all of his family members killed by a demon of unknown nature.

From the ruthless incident, it was only his sister that survived the event, but she suffered a fate worse than death. She had been turned into a bloodthirsty demon who would kill anyone in sight, and her nearest prey was Tanjiro. Tanjiro, hardly overcoming the death of his mother and siblings members, now has to survive from his last family member.

Things become even more complicated when a demon slayer shows up at their doorstep to kill Nezuko due to her demonification. This demon slayer was adamant about killing Nezuko, but his advances were stopped by Tanjiro, who didn’t want his last family member to die. The demon slayer didn’t stop until he saw a shred of humanity left in Nezuko despite her demonification.

Is the Demon Slayer Manga Finished?
Demon Slayer (Credits: Manga Plus)

Demon Slayer Manga: Why is it big?

What made Demon Slayer Manga different from its contemporaries is the Main character and the time it was released. The series did well in Japan, and it was the overseas market where it flourished the most. Kimitsu no Yaiba, at one point, outsold the entire comic industry at one point, a fact that is brought up to this day.

But outselling the comic industry wasn’t its only feet, and the biggest feet came from the anime. UFOtable is known for the beautiful anime adaptation of the Fate franchise, along with doing the animation for the Genshin Impact game. Their adaptation of Kimitsu no Yaiba manga was a sight that could not be found in any other anime.

It is also the fact that many influencers also found the anime to be appealing and shared it with their audience, which had a cascade effect of then being shared with many more people and boom! We got ourselves an anime that rightfully became part of the big three and made the medium more popular than ever.

However, despite all the jazz and fame, the manga author had different plans in mind, and unlike the original Big Three, things were different. But this is something that the anime-only fans were not privy to and may not even come to know even during the anime’s run because it is highly suspected that the anime will follow a different ending than the anime.

Is the Demon Slayer Manga Finished?
Demon Slayer (Credits: Manga Plus)

Demon Slayer Manga: What became of it?

The Demon Slayer Manga, despite its international popularity, came to an end just after a year’s run. This left many fans puzzling as many plot points still needed to be resolved before the dark fantasy story wrapped up. But we didn’t get to see any of it, and the publishers weren’t against the manga stopping despite its history to push a series as much as possible.

The reason for Kimitsu no Yaiba manga ending early was due to the author having some personal issues. The details of these were not made public, but we do know that they were severe, and the author had to put an abrupt end to the series. Though to this day, fans are puzzled as to why the series couldn’t have gone into indefinite Hiatus like Hunter x Hunter.

However, the fact remains that the Demon Slayer manga came to an end on 18 May 2022. There has been no news of the continuation of the series after the end of the series or the start of a new one. The author has, however, stated that she will return with a sci-fi manga in the future.

Demon Slayer Manga is available to read on Manga Plus.

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