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Omniscient Reader is an action manhwa, by the author Sing N. Song and illustrator Sleepy-C. The fantasy manhwa was released on May 26, 2020.

In 2022, Omniscient Reader was released as a web novel. The manhwa was originally serialized in Naver Webtoon; the webtoon was later published in book format by A.Tempo Media.

Omniscient Reader is one of the most-read novels among international readers. The web novel is getting a Korean drama adaptation in 2025 with a star-studded list of actors and actresses.

So if you are planning to start reading the manhwa, then this is a good time to get started. Readers have described Omniscient Reader as a fast-paced manhwa.

Is Omniscient Reader finished?
Omniscient Reader (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

So everyone who has read the manhwa finds it very interesting and has only good things to say about the manhwa. Kim Dokja, the main character, was reading a web novel that no other person was reading. The web novel was called “Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse.”

But he was not sure why anybody was not reading such a masterpiece. However, since the novel had too many chapters, Kim Dokja was the only reader of the novel. It took him ten years to complete the web novel, but back then he was clueless.

On the day he would finish the web novel, the story he had been reading for ten years would turn into reality. Eventually, he became the only person who knew how the world was going to end.

About the Omniscient Reader

Kim Dokja found out after reading a web novel that there were three ways to survive the apocalypse, but one thing was certain: whoever read that novel would survive. Dokja often got misunderstood by people for his name since it meant only child, reader, or individualist in Korean.

Whenever he introduced himself to others, nine times out of ten, people misunderstood him. Dokja’s father gave him the name because he wanted him to grow up as a strong and independent person.

But he considered that he was cursed because of his name since he had been single his entire life. Kim Dokja graduated from a third-rate college and was employed as a contractor at a subsidiary of a large corporation.

He had only one hobby, which was to read serialized web novels on the subway on his way home from work. But one day, on his way back on the subway, he had a conversation with his HR, Sangah Yu.

Is Omniscient Reader finished?
Omniscient Reader (Credits: Naver Webtoon)

She was the most popular girl at their work, and both of them lived a completely different life. But Sangah was not the reason why his subway ride was different that way. Dokja was excited to read the last chapter of his favorite novel, which he had been reading for the past ten years.

The story was special to him, and he had been reading that series since he was in eighth grade. The web novel was a way for him to escape reality, and it provided him comfort during the time he used to get bullied.

He failed his entrance exam and got into a third-rate college. He did not have a single happy memory, and he ended up getting stationed on the front line during his military service. He did not feel good about his current job as well, because he was an unstable contract worker getting transferred from company to company.

Is it Finished?

If you are wondering if Omniscient Reader Manhwa has finished, then let’s inform you that Manhwa still has not finished. Even though it was released back in 2020, the manhwa is still ongoing, so readers are curious to find out how it will end.

The manhwa has recently been picked for a drama adaptation, which is currently piquing everyone’s interest to start reading the manhwa.

Where to Read?

All the chapters of Omniscient Reader are available on Webtoon with an English translation. Readers can find raw chapters of Omniscient Reader on Naver Webtoon in Korea.

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