Is Molly & Kelly’s Relationship Too Irreparable For 90 Day Fiancé: The Last Resort?


  • Molly still maintains hope for her relationship with Kelly despite their turbulent past, admitting that she loves him and believes there is still a chance for them.
  • Despite Kelly’s alleged physical altercation with Molly’s daughter, Molly is open to the possibility of working on their relationship and bringing “life back into it.”
  • While Molly and Kelly show potential for reconciliation during the filming of 90 Day: The Last Resort, their relationship ultimately fails to survive in the real world, leading to a warrant being issued for Kelly’s arrest.

90 Day: The Last Resort features Molly Hopkins and Kelly Brown, whose relationship has been in the news only for the wrong reasons lately. Molly married Luis Mendez from the Dominican Republic in 90 Day Fiancé season 5. When she got divorced, she found love again. Molly was making frequent appearances on Pillow Talk by then with Cynthia Decker. But now, it was time for the 46-year-old to romance her 41-year-old police officer boyfriend Kelly from New York on 90 Day: The Single Life season 1.

Molly and Kelly had a successful storyline that ended with him deciding to move to Georgia to be close to her after his retirement. Kelly had also won the approval of Molly’s daughters. But eventually, it was Molly’s daughter Olivia’s involvement that caused the relationship’s demise. The 22 year-old claimed she was allegedly involved in a physical altercation with Kelly on November 21, 2022, before Molly and Kelly split in the same month. The couple wasn’t together when they filmed 90 Day: The Last Resort.

Molly Still Has Hope For Her Relationship With Kelly

90 Day Fiancé Molly and Kelly talking on couch with phone

When Molly arrived at the Isla Bella Beach Resort filming location, she was a “little nervous” to see Kelly. She admitted that she and Kelly were “not on the same page.” However, she added, “But I do love Kelly, and I believe that there’s still hope for us, I do.” Molly confessed she needed both the retreat and reconciliation with Kelly “so bad.” She wanted to take a “break” from her kids, from her shop, and “from this crazy turmoil.” Molly seemed to be referring to the alleged altercation between Kelly and her daughter Olivia, which happened at her shop, along with her falling out with Cynthia.

Molly & Kelly Should End Their Relationship For Good

Despite Kelly having allegedly choke slammed her daughter, Molly admitted she had “stayed in touch” with Kelly and still had some love for him. She wondered if they could work on their relationship at the resort, and could maybe “bring some life back into it.” Molly and Kelly participated in a therapy obstacle course, which they completed in record time outdoing all other couples. Molly realized that when given the opportunity, Kelly was doing all the things she wanted in the relationship, and they hugged it out during group therapy. Molly claimed all she wants is for Kelly to step up and take the lead.

As a couple, we can work, we can communicate, we have something, that we…,” Kelly said. Molly continued, “can work on” and completed his sentence. Molly and Kelly make it look like they’re a couple that could get over their past if they really wanted to. But their past is so dark and twisted that it’s not an option.

Molly had stood by her daughter Olivia since she filed a police report about the alleged incident on February 2, 2023, after Molly and Kelly finished filming 90 Day: The Last Resort in January 2023. It won’t be surprising if Molly and Kelly end the show on a happy note by getting back together, but the real world is where their relationship failed to survive, and a warrant was issued for Kelly in July 2023.

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