Is Jessica Mauboy Married? Who is Her Husband?

Did you know Jessica Mauboy, the Aussie singing sensation, was born on August 4, 1989, in Darwin, Australia? She’s 33 now. Guess where she found her singing mojo? In the local church choir with her grandma, we talk about starting young!

So, she went to Sanderson High School in Darwin, but schooling wasn’t her jam, and she left the academic scene at just 11. Fast forward to 2007, she rocked the stage on Australian Idol and dropped her first album, “The Journey,” which snagged the fourth spot on the ARIA Albums Chart. Oh, and it went Gold – no biggie.

But Jessica isn’t just a music sensation; she dipped her toes into acting, making her debut in the film “Bran Nue Dae” in 1990. And get this – in 2020, she became a judge on The Voice Australia. She is not just a voice; she’s a versatile talent!

Is Jessica Mauboy Married? Who is Her Husband?
Jessica Mauboy (Credits: @jessicamauboy/Instagram)

Standing at a whopping 5 feet 3 inches and also weighing 57 kg, she’s not just a vocal powerhouse but a petite charmer. Now, about her roots – her parents, Fredy and Therese Mauboy, are quite the combo.

Fredy is from West Timor, Indonesia, and Therese reps the Kuku Yalanji people from Far North Queensland. A diverse mix, right? No wonder Jessica’s got that extra flair on stage and screen!

Who is Jessica Mauboy?

Meet Jessica Mauboy – the Aussie sensation born on August 4, 1989, in Darwin, Australia. She’s the daughter of Ferdy and Therese and grew up with three older sisters – Sandra, Jenny, and Catherine – and a younger sister, Sophia. Jessica kicked it in Wulagi Primary School and Sanderson High School but decided to part ways with formal education in Grade 11.

Now, let’s rewind a bit to 2004. At just 14, Jessica showcased her talents at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Guess what she did next? She dropped her own country-inspired version of Cyndi Lauper’s ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.’ Talk about making a statement!

Fast forward to 2006, and Jessica auditions for the 4th season of Australian Idol in Alice Springs, belting out Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing.’ The result? She snagged the runner-up spot, losing out to another talented contestant. And that’s just the beginning of Jessica Mauboy’s journey! Stay tuned for more awesomeness from this Aussie powerhouse.

Early Life

Jessica Mauboy is this amazing Aussie singer, born in Darwin in ’89. She’s 33 now. But let’s rewind a bit. So, she grew up in this mix of Indonesian and Indigenous Aussie cultures. Her dad’s from West Timor, Indonesia, and her mom’s part of the Kuku Yalanji people from Far North Queensland—quite the cultural blend.

Now, she’s the third of five siblings – three older sisters and a younger one. Music was the heartbeat of their home. They were the noisiest house on the block, with mom singing, dad playing the guitar, and everyone just vibing with music. Jessica got into singing early and joined the church choir with her grandma, and that’s where her musical journey kicked off.

School-wise, she did Wulagi Primary and Sanderson High in Darwin, but she dropped out in year 11 to chase her music dreams. In 2004, she won the Telstra Road to Tamworth comp at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. That win opened doors, and she found herself in Sydney with a deal from Sony Music Australia. And that’s how her real music adventure began.

She even did a country-style take on Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” It didn’t explode, but that setback didn’t stop her. She went back to Darwin, wiser and ready for the next chapter.

So, Jessica Mauboy’s early life was a cool mix of cultures, a home filled with music, and a young girl determined to turn her singing passion into something big. And boy, did she succeed!

Is Jessica Mauboy Married? 

Can you guess what? Jessica Mauboy spilled the beans about being happily married! Yep, she has got herself a hubby named Themeli Magripilis, the guy she first crossed paths with when she was just 18. And get this: they decided to make it official about a year ago.

Now, what is pretty cool is Jessica’s take on marriage. She is like, “Hey, being married does not slap a label on me!” She sees herself as a strong, independent woman, and her marital status does not define who she is. It is like breaking away from those old-school kind of norms and getting stuck with a more modern view of love.

Is Jessica Mauboy Married? 
Jessica Mauboy and Themeli Magripilis (Credits: @jessicamauboy/Instagram)

Even with all the fame, Jessica’s keeping her love life with Themeli very private. She is all about keeping those personal moments truly personal. You can tell she is juggling her public image with the need for some cozy, private time in her marriage.

Their journey to “I do” began with a pinch – yep, Jessica pinched Themeli in a club! Bold move, right? Then, she went all out and asked for his number. Fast forward, and here they are, sharing their lives together.

Jessica’s not just singing about love; she is living it. Her openness about marriage and her choice to keep her love story under wraps just shows how real and determined she is. Married life suits her, and her ability to mix personal values with her public career is pretty inspiring.

So, Jessica Mauboy is happily hitched to Themeli Magripilis, doing life her way and showing that love and success can totally go hand in hand.

Where Was Jessica Mauboy Married?

Guess what? After seven years of rocking the whole long-distance thing, Themeli Magripilis packed his bags, said goodbye to Darwin, and set up shop in Sydney in September 2016.

He didn’t just move to Sydney; he moved in with the one and only Jessica Mauboy. Now, here’s the kicker – these two lovebirds tied the knot in a sweet ceremony in Darwin on July 9, 2022.

Okay, rewind a bit. While Themeli was still soaking up the Darwin vibes, Jessica was doing her thing in Sydney. Long-distance, you know? But don’t think for a second that distance kept them apart. Nope, they were all about those twice-daily phone calls and Skype sessions to stay connected.

Then came the big move. In 2016, Themeli made the leap and joined Jessica in Sydney. But hold up, the real magic happened during a getaway to the Greek Islands.

You know, where Themeli’s family hangs out. It was on this dreamy holiday that Jessica got hit with the realization that Themeli was The One.

So, there you have it. Seven years of doing the distance, a relocation to Sydney, and a picture-perfect wedding in Darwin. It’s like their love story just keeps getting better. Cheers to Jessica and Themeli, the real MVPs of making it work against the odds!

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