Is 30 Coins Only in Spanish?

30 Coins is an intriguing horror television series for HBO Europe but can, of course, be enjoyed by anyone. 

The movie was written and written by De la Iglesia, assisted by Jorge Guerricaechevarriia. The TV series is a product of Poughkeepsie films for Europe HBO with actions from HBO Latin America. Roque Banos composed the musical score used in the movie.

The main plot in the movie was in a province in Segovia called Pedraza, Sepulveda, and AldeadavilaDam, a province of Salamanca. Other short scenes were in New York, Alcala de Henares, Geneva, Jerusalem, Paris, Rome, Campo Real, and Madrid.

The HBO MAX officially affirmed the coming back to over television, the new series of the second season, at the 9th Feroz Awards. This was after months of rumors and the social media announcement of Najwa Nimri as a new cast addition in the coming series.

Is 30 Coins Only in Spanish?
30 Coins TV Series 2020 (Credits: IMDb)

Is 30 Coins Only in Spanish?

The movie was written originally in Spanish. To enjoy with friends and family, set the language mode to English with Spanish subtitles or set the audio to Spanish with English subtitles. 

The movie has two seasons and about eight episodes in each season. Season one is about Father Vergara, an exorcist banished to the isolated Spanish village of Pedraza. He is plagued by his past and unleashes terrible evil on the inhabitants. 

What is 30 Coins About?

The movie is mainly about one silver coin that found its way to a little town in Spain called Pedraza. The ancient coin is regarded to be one of the 30 shekels of silver paid to Judas for selling Jesus.

A certain man called Cainaits, who was a candlestick sect, worshipped Judas Iscariot and believed that the best way to serve god was by doing evil, trying hard to collect the coin so that they could gain power to usher in a kind of reign that comes with terror.

The first episode begins with a terrifying and violent scene where a zombie-looking creature breaks into a bank in Geneva, Switzerland, killing almost everyone in the bank and takes one coin while defending itself from bullets shot at it. This creature seemed not killable.

As the first season came to an end, Vergara gave his life to stop the cult leader from gathering the coins, which caused them to scatter.

 In Season 2, Merche, Paco’s wife, embraces evil abilities as an enigmatic billionaire who aims to collect the coins. Vergara, on the other hand, is determined to stop them at all costs, even if it means leaving Hell.

What is 30 Coins About?
30 Coins Film Cover (Credits: HBO)

How Terrific is 30 Coin?

Thirty Coins is full of murder, most of it meant to frighten, shock, or unnerve.

The scenes contained in the movie that are violent include murder, assault, stabbing, and other types of attacks, as well as suicide, mass shootings, and abuse of children.

Additionally, there is a great deal of graphic religious imagery, such as crucifixion, etc.

The episodes of 30 Coins create an incredibly creepy atmosphere.

This is a really scary series. Beyond that, though, it is an interesting adventure story contained within a monster-of-the-week pattern that maintains the narrative’s realism and accessibility.

Where to Watch the 30 Coins Season 1?

you can watch the complete season on HBO Max, which is the same for a lot of other movies you might like to watch, and it is just $9.99 a month, without adverts. 

How Many Episodes are in the Season 1?

The complete season one has eight episodes, and it is terrifying, without a doubt. The second season will be released soon and has a total time of 78 minutes per watch time. The complete episodes are listed below;

  • Cobwebs / Telarañas
  • Ouija / Ouija
  • The Mirror / El Espejo
  • Memories / Recuerdos
  • The Double / El Doble
  • Holy War / Guerra Santa
  • The Glass Box / La Caja de Cristal
  • Sacrifice / Sacrificio
How Many Episodes are in the Season 1?
30 Coins Trailer (Credits: Bloddy Disgusting)

Is it Worth it to Watch?

Without a single doubt. Yes, the movie is worth it. It’s terrifying, it’s horrific, it chills your bones, it makes your heart jump out of your mouth into your hands, and then you have no choice but to swallow it back. 

If you’ve been searching for a horror movie to watch, well, this is it. It’s an epic show of the catholic church and evil awakening, and what a fantastic blend that will make you glued to your screen and not stand up till it’s over. 

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