Hunter x Hunter: Every Nen Form Explained

Hunter X Hunter is one of the most influential anime of all time, and a big part of that is its power system. Modern shonen anime like Hell’s Paradise and Jujutsu Kaisen are known for their complex and coherent power systems which draw heavily from the groundwork that Hunter X Hunter laid with its system of Nen.

In Hunter X Hunter, Nen Users are born with an affinity for one of six main categories of Nen, referred to as Nen Types or Forms. These Forms are what dictate the method with which they use Nen to increase their combat abilities. The Forms are simple enough to understand, but how they work in tandem and overlap with one another can become increasingly complex, especially when Forms are combined to create interesting new abilities that lie outside the user’s own specialized category.

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What are Nen Forms?

Gon learns how to use Nen using a wine glass in Hunter x Hunter

Nen is energy or aura that can be manipulated and formed to create powerful combat techniques. The word Nen can be translated to either mean “sense” or “mind force,” and both of these terms are pretty accurate in describing what Nen is. Nen users set out to develop a unique understanding of their aura which can allow them to control it in order to accomplish super-human feats of physical strength, mental prowess, and other supernatural powers.

There are six Forms or Categories of Nen in total that correspond to the kind of Nen abilities a person is proficient in: Enhancement, Transmutation, Emission, Conjuration, Manipulation, and Specialization. Each Form gives the user a unique potentiality to create their own moves and abilities to suit their fighting style. While every person is born with a specific class of Nen proficiency, a Nen user born proficient in one form can still utilize others to varying degrees. Often, proficiency with one type of Nen aura means that the User can also be skilled in others that are similar to their basic Form. A Nen user will ordinarily utilize multiple categories of Nen in developing their own personal combat technique.

In order to determine a person’s Nen Form proficiency, the User undergoes a basic test known as Water Divination. This is a simple test that requires the Nen user to float a leaf on top of a glass of water, and then – holding their hands near the glass – focus their Nen energy into their hands. Depending on how the water reacts in the glass, a person can tell which of the six Nen Types they are most naturally predisposed to use.


Compatibilities: 80% Transmutation, 80% Emission, 60% Manipulation, 60% Conjuration, 0% Specialization

Gon Freecss levelling up in Hunter X Hunter

If the Nen user causes the amount of water in the glass to increase during Water Divination, they are declared an Enhancer. Enhancement lets users strengthen their physical bodies or an object they come into contact with. Due to the nature of their ability, most enhancers are known for one thing: brute strength. That’s because many Enhancers tend to focus their Nen on increasing their physical abilities to superhuman levels. This can have the effect of boosting pure attack power, or even healing their body. Enhancers aren’t just limited to enhancing their physical body though, they can also apply this principle to objects or weapons in their possession as well.

The use of Enhancement is what lets Gon pack such a powerful punch behind his signature Rock ability. It also partially explains how he is ability to age several years in a matter of moments in his fight with Neferpitou. After placing an extreme limit on his ability, Gon Enhances his body to the point where he is in his peek physical form, giving him ridiculous strength beyond anything he could have previously had access to; though it’s at the cost of every last ounce of his Nen.

Notable Enhancers: Gon Freecss, Isaac Netero, Uvogin, Nobunaga Hazama

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Compatibilities: 80% Enhancement, 80% Conjuration, 60% Emission, 40% Manipulation, 0% Specialization

Killua using hIs Nen ability in Hunter x Hunter.

If the Nen user changes the taste of the water in the glass during Water Divination, they are officially a Transmuter. As the name suggests, Transmutation allows the Nen user to transform their Aura into another element with distinct properties that can make for interesting uses in battle.

In Killua’s case, he can Transmute his Aura into electricity that surges throughout his body, allowing him to move at lightening speeds. Another popular Transmuter is Hisoka, whose Nen ability, Bungee Gum, alters his aura in a strange-yet-useful way. Put simply, Hisoka’s Bungee Gum possesses the properties of both rubber and gum. Gon’s Scissors ability is also a form of Transmutation, as he creates a long aura blade that emanates from his extended fingers.

Notable Transmuters: Hisoka, Machi Komachine, Killua Zoldyck, Hanzo


Compatibilities: 80% Enhancement, 80% Manipulation, 60% Transmutation, 40% Conjuration, 0% Specialization

Meruem activates his full power in Hunter x Hunter

During the Water Divination test, if the person changes the color of the water, they are definitely an Emitter. Emission allows the Nen user to detach their aura from their own body. This has various implications, the most obvious of which being that they can fire powerful Nen projectiles. However, there are other applications. Adept Emitters can maintain the form and control of their Aura for long periods after it has been separated from their body, giving them a whole host of possibilities to work with.

An interesting use of Emission is Meruem’s Photon ability which lets him separate tiny portions of his Aura and send them out into the air, detecting information about everything they touch. The accuracy and precision of this ability is said to be so great that he can even detect whether someone is lying. Gon’s Paper ability also uses the Emission principle in a more simplistic sense to fire an Aura projectile from his hand.

Notable Emmiters: Leorio Paradinight, Meruem, Razor, Silva Zoldyck

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Compatibilities: 80% Transmutation, 60% Manipulation, 60% Enhancement, 40% Emission, 0% Specialization

Shizuku Hunter X Hunter Vacuum

During the Water Divination test, if the Nen user creates impurities in the water, they are henceforth considered a Conjurer. Conjuration is the ability to create objects out of Aura. The objects conjured vary greatly between the user, and placing a limit on the Conjuration can potentially make it even more powerful than whatever object it is meant to mimic in real life.

A great example of this is Kurapika’s Chain Jail. The reason his chains are able to contain a powerful enhancer like Uvogin is because Kurapika placed a limit on his Conjuration which only allows him to use it in extremely specific circumstances. Two other notable examples of Conjurers are Kite and Shizuku. Kite’s Conjuration focuses on his Crazy Slots ability, letting him call up whatever random weapon it might be that the wheel lands on. For Shizuku, her famous vacuum weapon Blinky can be conjured up at will and used to suck up an apparently infinite number of non-living entities.

Notable Conjurers: Kurapika, Shizuku Murasaki, Kite, Genthru


Compatibilities: 80% Emission, 60% Enhancement, 60% Conjuration, 40% Transmutation, 0% Specialization

Illumi Zoldyck gesturing to something off screen in Hunter x Hunter.

During the Water Manipulation test, if the Nen user moves the leaf on top of the water, they are a Manipulator. Nen Manipulation gives its user the power to gain control over other people and objects. In some cases, the Manipulator can even take over the mind of other living beings as though in a state of hypnosis, while other times they will only take over the physical body, leaving their free will intact.

A good example of Manipulation is Illumi Zoldyck’s Corpse Control which lets him take control of a dead body by inserting his Nen-infused needles into their head. Illumi’s control over the corpse is so potent that he can force them to complete complex actions such as speaking and driving. Illumi’s needles aren’t only effective on the deceased though. Implanting one into the brain of a living person can trigger his Hypnotic Spell, forcing the victim to react to a given stimulus in a way that is predetermined by Illumi. The most obvious example of this was with Killua, who was forced into a paralyzing state of fear whenever confronted by his older brother.

Notable Manipulators: Illumi Zoldyck, Morel Mackernasey, Shaiapouf, Shalnark

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Compatibilities: 80% Conjuration, 80% Manipulation, 60% Transmutation, 60% Emission, 40% Enhancement

Kurapika with glowing scarlet eyes in Hunter x Hunter.

If the Nen user creates a unique effect during Water Diviniation that does not apply to any other category, they are considered a Specialist. Specialization has the potential to be the most broken of all Nen forms as it allows the user to bypass the boundaries placed on all others. In some cases, the Specialist uses a Nen Form that just doesn’t fit into any of the other categories; in other cases, the Specialist can even tap into all other categories at once.

A prime example of Specialization is Kurapika, who is ordinarily a Conjurer but whose Scarlet Eyes turn him into a Specialist. With his Scarlet Eyes activated, Kurapika has access to 100% proficiency in all Nen Types for a limited period of time. This lets him pull off several moves that would ordinarily require intense skill in any one category. Another character who is an extreme example of someone with an ability that doesn’t fit into any other category is Alukka Zoldyck. While possessed by Nanika, Alukka can grant a person seemingly any wish, as long as three conditions of her choosing are met.

Notable Specialists: Kurapika (with Scarlet Eyes), Chrollo Lucilfer, Alukka Zoldyck, Pakunoda

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