How & Where To Farm Electro Crystals in Genshin Impact

There is no shortage of items to collect in the world of Genshin Impact. Many items can be grabbed as players run by while others need a bit of searching and careful gathering to farm the materials which holds true for Electro Crystals.

Electro Crystals are purple crystals that gather electricity from the air around them. If players get too close to one, they will receive electro damage for a period of time. Due to their nature, players will need to be careful when collecting the Electro Crystals to avoid taking as much damage as possible. These crystals can be found all over Teyvat, making them an easy resource to locate.

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How to Farm Electro Crystals & What to Use Them For in Genshin Impact

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Players should put a heavy-hitting Pyro user in their group to gather the crystals themselves. The Electro Crystals will break with Pyro Elemental ATK skills. Try to hit them from a distance or use a powerful move to avoid taking Electro DMG.

Electro Crystals are used for making three specific items. The first is an Insulation Potion which requires 1x Electro Crystal along with 1x Butterfly Wing and 100x Mora to craft. The Insulation Potion will increase all party members’ Electro RES by 25% for 300 seconds, which will help when farming more Electro Crystals as well as fighting many Electro bosses. Another item Electro Crystals are used for is the Shocking Essential Oil which requires 1x Electro Crystal along with 1x Frog (material) and 100x Mora. This item will increase all party members’ Electro DMG by 25% for 300 seconds.

The last item that requires Electro Crystals is the NRE (Menu 30) gadget. This item requires 50x Electro Crystal, 20x Lizard Tail, and 20x Chaos Circuit. Players will be able to use recovery food and other revival-type food from a hot bar when this item is equipped.

Where to Find Electro Crystals

Electro Crystals are found at the bottom of mountainsides and cliffs. Electro Crystals are mainly found in Mondstadt and Inazuma but there are pockets of them found all over Teyvat. Players can also purchase Electro Cyrstals from Changshun in Liyue and Qiuyue in Inazuma. Changshun will sell a crystal for 1,500 Mora. Her five in stock will be replenished every three days. Qiuyue sells the crystals for 1,000 Mora with the same amount in stock and the same replenish time.

Mondstadt Electro Crystal Location

Mondstadt electro crystals
Image via Genshin Impact Map

Mondstadt has a vast multitude of areas where players will be able to collect Electro Crystals. they can be found at almost any cliff base. However, the best place in Mondstadt is Stormterror’s Lair. This area holds the majority of Mondstadt’s supplies of Electro Crystals, especially on the West side of the area. Two other places in Mondstadt that contain pockets of Electro Crystals are Dadaupa Gorge and Cape Oath. While these places don’t have as many Electro Crystals, they still have decent size pockets of them for farming purposes.

Liyue Electro Crystal Locations

liyue electro crystals
Image via Genshin Impact Map

Liyue has a few small locations scattered throughout the region that contain Electro Crystals. The best places for farming them are Cuijue Slope, the beaches of Luhua Pool, and Wuwang Hill. These areas have little clusters of Electro Crystals instead of just individual crystal chunks that are scattered throughout the area. There are a few locations surrounding Mingyun Village that are notable for Electro Crystals but there is a bit of space that requires travel between them.

Inazuma Electro Crystal Locations

Inazuma electro crystals
Image via Genshin Impact Map

Inazuma, like Mondstadt, is full of Electro Crystal locations. The best islands for farming are Kannazuka, Narutakami Island, and Seirai Islands. Kannazuka has a few areas with pockets of Electro Crystals that players can find. There are some on Nazuchi Beach, a couple of locations north of Tatarasuna near the shore, and on a small island just South of the main island. There is a small island West of Inazuma City that has a good amount of Electro Crystals. Narutakami also has a great farming location in Byakko Plain. Lastly, the best sport in Seirai Island for farming Crystals is West and Southwest of Koseki Village.

Sumeru Electro Crystal Locations

Sumeru electro crystals
Image via Genshin Impact Map

Sumeru has the most Electro Crystal locations out of all the regions, partially because of how big it is. Southwest of Sumeru City and across the water are giant pockets of Electro Crystals that are perfect for farming the material. There are a lot that players can find if they follow the road. Another location is the south part of the Apam Woods. There are a lot of Electro Crystals that can be found near the road around The Sands of Al-Azif and Qusayr Al-Inkhida as well as near the roads around the Sands of Three Canals.

Fontaine Electro Crystal Locations

Fontaine electro crystals
Image via Genshin Impact Map

Fontaine does not have a lot of Electro Crystals, unlike the other regions of Teyvat. However, there is one location where players will be able to farm Electro Crystals. Northwest of the New Fontaine Research Institute, there is an area with a huge amount of Electro Crystals for players to collect. Players will need to swim into the ocean depths of Fontaine to where the Millennial Pearl Seahorse

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