How to Unlock Every Character in Endless Dungeon

Eight different characters can be unlocked in Endless Dungeon, each with different abilities that give a new type of advantage during every run.

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A total of eight unique characters in Endless Dungeon wield different abilities that you can use to change up every run as you unlock each Hero by reaching new areas. Forming a squad with a friend is much easier if you have more options by obtaining hidden characters. Sporting three exclusive perks that define their playstyle, all the Heroes in this game act with plenty of entertaining variety.

The only way to get new characters in Endless Dungeon is to reach new District areas in a run, then talk to certain Heroesback in the Saloon. You can check which figures are available for another adventure by checking your Archives inside the Saloon Hub. If you’re joining a Co-Op run in a friend’s game, remember that you may still only pick from the characters you’ve unlocked, even if the Host has more options.

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How To Get Every Character in Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon Hero Selection Screen to Pick Every Character you Get from Exploring New Districts

There are eight total characters that you can unlock in Endless Dungeon that have some requirements that need to be met. Here’s how you unlock get every character:



How to Unlock


Technician/Crowd Control

Available from the start.



Available from the start.



Available from the start.



Travel to the Labor Colony District at least once.


AoE Damage/Zone Control

Travel to the Procedural Factory District at least once.



Travel to the Devotion Garden District at least once.



Travel to the Transcendence Center District at least once.



Travel to the Headquarters District at least once.

All Hero Perk Abilities in Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon Characters that can be Played in Co-Op Mode Together

Every character has three abilities tied to Perks that define how their class expresses itself in combat throughout Endless Dungeon. These traits are divided into Active, Passive, and Ultimate perks whose effects may be useful depending on what group composition you decide to have on a run. You can also learn more about a character’s background and personality the more you choose them for adventures.






Increases the fire rate of turrets in the same room.

Slows down any monsters in front of the Hero.

Slows a much larger group of enemies while knocking them far away from the character.


Gives Zed more damage every time they kill an enemy for a short period of time.

Deals damage to enemies in front of the Hero.

Creates an Aura that weakens enemies and buffs allies.


As Bunker gets damaged, they deal more damage for a short period of time.

Stuns any enemy in front of the Hero.

Taunt enemies while becoming impervious to damage.


Gives a new attack to the Crystal Bot when in the same room while also boosting the Active skills of other Heroes.

Freezes monsters in front of the Hero.

A large, explosive AoE attack.


Critical Explosions are far more powerful than other characters.

Sets mines that explode if enemies walk over them.

Shoots a volley of missiles that target enemies.


Gains a Soul Charge for every 10 enemies Shroom kills.

Heals a nearby Hero.

Creates a healing aura that protects allies and restores their health.


Shove also repairs Resource Generators.

Deploys a Turret in front of the Hero.

The Hero becomes a Turret that you can control freely.


Gains an amount of Wit for every enemy in the room.

Boosts the attack of a nearby Hero.

Forces enemies to attack one another.

Anyone who decides to unlock every character in Endless Dungeon has a much better opportunity at completing a run using the Heroes of this large roster to help each other in the best ways possible.

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